Odyssey: Make the World a Better Place, Chapter 5

Brigitte invites over one of her classmates that is near to her age.  She is going to try to have a boyfriend, and future spouse lined up before she gets to her birthday in ten days.

Spring is ending tonight at midnight, and the tentacle tree still has not produced a harvest.  It requires 120 hours or five days.  Today is day seven, so they moved the tree into the house to try to keep it active into the summer.  They just need one fruit to be harvestable.

Brigitte plays chess with her friend, and then they are forgotten.  At some point he leaves.

Amelia reaches level 8 in her fourth skill – fitness.

The next day, Brigitte invites Rohan back over so they can continue to get to know each other.  Rohan Halcom.  Rohan makes me think of Lord of the Rings.  Their relationship fizzles when she finds out he is unflirty.  Too much work.

Denim swam around until he reached level 6 in fitness, now all he has to do is master logic.

Denim is the only one home today, and he finds time to complete the seashells collection.  That is 15 complete collections.

The fifth skill that Amelia gets to level 8 is painting.  One more skill to go and then the decision has to be made about what she is going to do for the third career.

Who TF are you?

Amelia talks to the tentacle tree, asking it Why TF won’t it produce harvests.

Denim earned a promotion to level 9 and now he must master logic.  Patchy is trying really hard to weed the tentacle tree, but the weeds are stubborn.

Apparently, Brigitte feels that she is being pushed too hard.  There are only a few days remaining until her birthday, and she isn’t being required to do anything except her homework.

Checking in on Audrey, it turns out that she has had twins.  Savanna and Meaghan and their father is Heath Bjergsen,

Denim finally masters logic.  He is now ready for his last promotion.

With his promotion skills completed, he turns his attention to completing the current aspiration – Nerd Brain.

Brigitte is explaining to Patchy how to scare off the birds in the garden.

Amelia adds another mastered skill to her repertoire. Fitness makes the fourth skill mastered.  She still needs to get one more skill to level 8 and then at some point she will change jobs to complete the aspiration.  But probably not until she is ready to retire, or ready to die.

Denim spends his free time in the water.  He bought scuba and underwater gear and has been exploring the ocean floor and taking underwater pictures.

Tuesday morning, early, Brigitte’s bar is already bubbling.  She blows out the candles and calls it an end to her school career.

Finley is out and about and celebrates with Brigitte.

Brigitte begins her reign by taking a position in the Medical career.  With all of her bonuses, she starts out as a Medical Assistant, level 3.  Since she doesn’t start working until tomorrow, she is going to spend today mastering logic.

When she masters logic, she completes the Nerd Brain aspiration.

Brigitte was looking around the neighborhood and who does she find?  Caleb Vatore.  In Sulani.  Great place for a vampire.

Brigitte has a plan that has had no forethought or planning.

Caleb starts the process, and now Brigitte has to wait for the turning to be complete.

Then they get to know each other better.

Much, much better.

Their relationship improved really fast.  They are dating and they are soulmates, and it only took a couple of in game hours.

Brigitte goes to work on her first day and quickly completes the tasks for her next promotion.

As for her daily work, she only makes it to silver.

That night as Brigitte sleeps, a change happens.

Brigitte makes sure that her dark form looks good and then, now what…

There is garlic by the front door to keep the vampires out.  Garlic immunity is going to be a priority.

Brigitte begins reading her way through the vampire lore books.

She has to run out to get some plasma packs.  It is a good thing she works at a hospital.

She quickly masters all 15 level of the skill, and she becomes a Minor Vampire in the process.  She also needs Sun Immunity, or at least some resistance.

She invites Caleb over for some fun activities.

And where did they come from.  At first I thought they were from the previous Harvestfest and I just missed them.  But no, today is Harvestfest, and it is almost midnight.  Very quickly they each appease a gnome and put up decorations.  That is good enough for Denim and Brigitte, but Amelia is going to be disappointed, because there is no time remaining to make a grand feast.

The stereo has a weird glitch in that it will break, and they will work on it for hours to repair it but it never completes.

This time Brigitte is left to work on repairing it until she masters handiness.  Then the stereo is replaced.

Denim has earned his last promotion – Master of Marine Affairs.  Denim and Amelia are officially done with their generation.  Full control now passes to Brigitte.

She is still trying to increase her skill as a vampire – she needs that sun resistance.  It seems that the computer is faster but at least the option is available on the tablet.  And it is definitely faster on the computer.

With the quick trip to the library to use the forbidden computer, Brigitte is able to level a lot faster than using the tablet.  Once she reaches Master Vampire and unlocks sun resistance, she heads home.  Now she spends her points on Garlic Immunity, Vampire Creation, Supernatural Speed, Perfect Sun Resistance, and the first rank of Child of the Moon.  Her weaknesses are Withered Stomach, Sleep of the Undead, and the first rank of Fitful Sleep.

She chooses Supernatural Speed as her default movement and invites Caleb to spend the night.  She also hides her dark form since Caleb has his hidden.  She still hasn’t asked him to move in, mostly because he would be there for the remainder of the challenge.  But then again, so will she.  Maybe he will move in once Denim and Amelia pass along.





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