Odyssey: Serving the Public, Chapter 1

Elizabeth enrolls in the Distinguished Psychology program at Foxbury and scheduled herself for four classes.  Thankfully, she will be attending only two classes per day.  On Monday-Wednesday-Friday she will have the Brain as a Machine and Beginning Neuropsychology.  On Tuesday-Thursday her classes are Thinky Roots: Psychology I and The Legacy of the Brain: Psychology II.

Elizabeth starts on her homework – four classes means four times the homework.  At least she has company at the table as Kristi and Leo also work on their homework.

Elizabeth begins working on her presentation for one of her classes.

School is hard and she passes out.  This probably won’t be the last time.

She finally finishes the project but it is poorly done.

After refining the project, she improves it to excellent.  Now she is going to get some sleep before starting on her term paper.  Thankfully two of her classes have exams for the final so she only has to complete one presentation and one term paper.

Kristi has the responsibility for the garden, at least until she masters the skill.

Left to her own devices, Brigitte replaces a present from the pile with a prank gift.  It is Summer.

Elizabeth begins working on her term paper.  She is hoping to have it done before the weekend is over.  She hasn’t been to classes yet, they start tomorrow.

Checking in on everyone, Leo is found sleeping in the pile of money in the vault.

Elizabeth finishes editing her term paper and since she thinks it is outstanding, she goes ahead and submits it for grading.

Leo is working on his badges, but Lex keeps getting in the way and trying to clean up the messes before Leo can get to them.

Elizabeth heads off bright and early Monday morning to give a presentation for one of her classes.  Maybe she will get extra credit points for presenting in her bikini.

Elizabeth decides that the bikini is the outfit of the day and doesn’t change before heading off to her classes.

Kristi and Leo are also working on their grades by completing their projects and homework.

I realized that I have been slacking on getting this challenge played, and skyegal has swooped right on past me with her challenge, The Greenwood EPIC. So, I am back to play.

Brigitte and Lex have leftovers for breakfast, because everyone wants to eat bass in the morning.

So. Much. Homework.

Elizabeth goes to class and then comes home with more homework. Eventually she might have time to find a partner and have a baby.

Leo decides to do his homework outside and Elizabeth heads out to join him. Patchy follows them and continues to distract Elizabeth from her studies

I checked to see when Kristi was having a birthday, but forgot to check Brigitte and Lex. Happy birthday, old man.

Who the hell are you?

Elizabeth heard about new blood in the area, so she headed over to meet him before someone else snatched him up.

Once she greets him, she asks him to come back to her house because it is much easier to be at home during the courtship. Courtship?

Tip of the Day: Taking pictures with or of a sim builds their relationship. Fast. This is the difference after taking four pictures and ten in-game minutes,

Inside Elizabeth begins the process of making Arthur fall in love.

First, they become best friends.

Then they move to the first kiss. There were many more kisses after the first one.

Arthur is finding Elizabeth really appealing, but he is starting to wonder what her end goal is going to be.

She convinces him to become her boyfriend. He says yes, but only because his big brain isn’t making the decisions at the moment. It is probably a little blood deprived at the moment.

Elizabeth makes a passionate move and Arthur is lost.

Elizabeth takes the little brain out for a spin and decides he is the one, he is moving in. Now she has to tell Arthur.

Elizabeth didn’t just ask Arthur to move in, she proposed to him.

What is amazing is that he said yes. That little brain is still in control.

Elizabeth will take good care of Arthur, and she decides to strike while the “iron” it hot.

They elope immediately, right there in the hallway. She is not giving him the chance to change his mind.

Arthur Otts

  • Traits: Insider, Foodie, Noncommittal +Responsible and Happy Toddler
  • Aspiration: Successful Lineage

Arthur comes to Elizabeth from the Otts Alphabetcy ISBI by ciyrose.

Kristi is getting close to her birthday and the moving out that she will be allowed to do. “Allowed” Actually she is going to be kicked out the instant the candles stop flaming. Today, Wednesday, she received the notice that it is almost her birthday. She calls into school and tells them that she won’t be back. They remind her that she will have to call in everyday. Whatever. She completed all of her badges, so she is just killing time until moving day.

Arthur checks out all of the jobs available and then he chooses one. The theme of this generation is Serving the Public, and he is going to do just that. Dude is going to become a lawyer. Without going to university. He is starting at the bottom – Process Server, level 1. His first assignment is to File Court Documents. Cool.

Looking at Elizabeth’s aspiration, she needs to attend several guest lectures. So, she heads off to the campus to see about that. She decides, once again, that her swimsuit is the appropriate attire of the day.

Click on university classrooms to attend any guest lecture. Well, poop. Since she is here early – classes start shortly – she is going to sit in on a class for Research and Debate.

Woohoo class. A class to improve her woohoo skill. I don’t know if this is truly from the game or if this is a mod (and I only have MCCC, so…)

Caleb is lost without Lettie. If you haven’t read Livvie’s Ghibli Legacy, you should. Go now. Come back, go after you finish this chapter.

Leo brings home an A and is dodging the rain drops and lightning strikes.

Kristi is really ready to move out.

Brigitte decides to take advantage of the rain to get in her shower for the week. She notices that the garlic still need to be harvested so once she is done with her shower, she takes care of the plants.

The brains are strong with these two. Arthur is reading to Leo. Arthur? Leo is listening. Leo? Elizabeth is ignoring them both and finishing up her homework. She starts her final exams tomorrow.

Apparently Leo can hear the story just fine. He is sitting there laughing and giggling as Arthur reads out loud.

When Arthur reads to Leo the second time, they get a little closer. Arthur is working on Successful Lineage and needs to read to a child for two hours.


Why is there confetti in the bathroom? Elizabeth!!! The pre-marriage woohoo had consequences.

Elizabeth goes to tell Arthur the good news. Generation Nine is cooking.

Arthur is not quite sure this is good news. They just got married. They have only had the woohoo once. It is so soon…!!!


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