Odyssey: Serving the Public, Chapter 10

It has been a few days since I played the EPIC. But now it is time to play some more EPIC. Since it has been a few days, I have to reacquaint myself with the inhabitants of the EPIC household and remember what the hell they were working on when last I was here.

Brigitte is crafting components so that she can finish making one of everything.

Arthur is practicing debate for his career that is losing appeal daily.

Elizabeth must not have anything to do since she is mourning for someone in the back yard.

Marvin is recharging.

Bill is chatting with Hannah.

And Hannah is chatting with Bill. Apparently they need more to do also. They have both reached Llamacorn Scout and they have an A in school. So, they are at loose ends also.

Marvin really doesn’t have a purpose other than to get me some occult points. He is allowed to roam at will, and it is interesting to watch a servo robot try to do yoga.

Arthur is loving his life, and the chunk is beginning to show.

He helps Bill with his homework and is close to completing Successful Lineage. Now he just needs a child to reach the top of a career. So, he will be waiting on Hannah.

He checks on Elizabeth but she is in the middle of a raid, and can he come back later?

I am a little disappointed with the servo. Marvin is always having to recharge or in need of a tuneup. He is definitely moving out with Bill.

Arthur is so very hungry. But he has gained quite a bit of weight and should probably reconsider his recent food choices.

They all meet at the table for breakfast. Amazing as no one was sent to the table, they just all showed up.

I had to stop to sleep, and coming back to the family, we find Bill dancing on the table. He is feeling very flirty at the moment.

Hannah masters mental and begins eyeing motor.

Arthur is still trying to level Research and Debate. It is going very slowly as he tries to figure out the best way to learn the skill. Elizabeth is playing games, because she can.

When Hannah gets home from scouts, she realizes that she doesn’t have time to work on any other skills or aspirations, because she has bubbles and it is time to blow out the candles on her cake.

She rolls Music Lover to join Slob and takes the Chief of Mischief aspiration, since she has to join the Criminal career, she might as well start off with a Deviance aspiration.

Marvin is broken down, again. He spends a lot of time broken or recharging.

Brigitte has finished making the utilil-bots.

While trying to set up the display area for the robotics, Brigitte gets herself trapped behind a lamp.

The robotics display showing all four utili-bots and both toys.

The robo-arm is set out next to the robotics table.

Technically, Brigitte is done with generation 7 and Elizabeth is done with generation 8. Technically, we are waiting on Hannah to become a young adult and take over the challenge. Technically, Bill has completed everything he needs to do before his birthday to Young Adult. Technically, Hannah just needs to improve her grade to an A and she will be done with everything she needs to do.


This is the stage where I normally take a break because everything gets a little slow and boring. Two weeks in game until Hannah takes over. So there is a little more fast forwarding than normal, and a little less to write about.

[speed 3]

This was a surprise. Brigitte and Elizabeth did this of their own free will. Brigitte gives Elizabeth a Lavender Aromatherapy massage.

Marvin actually does something helpful. Of course he breaks down afterwards.

The aliens are back for Brigitte.

Elizabeth wakes up feeling all panicky, for some strange reason.

Brigitte is able to enhance Marvin again, and now he can self-repair. No more making Brigitte lose sleep to get it done.

Oh, look. Arthur had a reason for his weight gain.

Theodore joins the family and is the final occult member needed. Woo! Now he has to work on losing the baby weight.

Arthur takes the day off from work to stay home with Theodore.

Then he heads upstairs to work on the baby weight. Yeah, good luck with that.

Marvin steps up his game and heads over to take care of the baby. No, wait. He shushed him.

Arthur was able to get the baby weight to drop right off. Which is totally not fair.

Winterfest sneaks up on us, and Arthur is the lucky duck that gets to make the grand feast.

Everyone, and I mean everyone else, stood and watched. Arthur had to be the one to put out the fire. After he finished panicking.

His second attempt is much better. And everyone has a good meal.

Since it is Winterfest, everyone is allowed to have a quiet day. Hannah doesn’t appear to be happy with whatever Bill and Patchy are talking about.

She needs to begin working on mischief, so she begins with Bill.

Elizabeth is the one asking for a massage, and she likes the lavender aromatherapy. Brigitte has mastered the wellness skill, so that may be why Elizabeth keeps asking her for one.

Brigitte is bubbling, and she made her own cake, and then we all forgot about it. She had to get up from sleeping to come blow out her candles.

Still looking good, if just a little bit saggy in places.

Huh?!? Elizabeth had this option, and I know I didn’t tell them to woohoo. I can’t even tell you when they had time to woohoo.

It is time for Theodore to become a toddler.

Adorable, so cute, and a whole lot of chunk.

Theodore gets a makeover and more clothes. He won’t be using his disguise but he had to get dressed.

They, meaning someone older, sat out a plate of food for Theodore and then every left for work and for school.

That leaves Theo home with Marvin. Marvin is willing to take the responsibility and he gets Theo to the potty.

One of these days, there will be a happy toddler in this house. Oh, and Theo is Wild.

Theo is so cute. A cute, roly-poly alien toddler.

Hannah invited over cousin Jaron after school. His fashion choices are just a little shaggy-ears.

Arthur comes home from work and checks on Theo. I am dying here.

I was trying to remember about this picture, and it is just showing everyone sitting around the table, eating and doing homework and chatting.

Every time I look for Elizabeth, she is running on the treadmill.

Theo heads out to play on the slide. He is energized and excited about playing outside. Wild, remember.

While Theo heads for the slide, Marvin is heading for the garden.

I am impressed with how happy Theo is all the time. I thought he was going to be a sad sack like most other toddlers, but he has been happy and energized most of the time. Even when he is left behind, his energy masks the sadness.

Bill must have had a rough day at school, and Hannah finally achieved her A. It turns out that she was missing a skill level. Once that was resolved, she brought an A home the same day.

Movement is mastered and Theo is heading for some sitdown time with the potty.

At some point, Arthur gives him a bath. This was just dirt as he didn’t need a diaper change.

Must be time to work on imagination.

Marvin is not impressed with the messes.

Since she is on the treadmill all the time, when it came time to make a resolution, she decided to try to lose some weight. Brigitte is writing a book, Arthur wanted to complete an aspiration tier, and Marvin, Bill, and Hannah want to raise a skill.

Marvin is finally given his own room, down in the basement. It was really the only place remaining. But during the renovations, everyone forgot to countdown to midnight. Oh well.


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