Odyssey: Serving the Public, Chapter 11

Hannah is six days from her birthday. Six days from taking over, and officially starting generation 9. That is the criminal generation and it is the last one before the finale generation of 10 kids. The real question is, can she get there in this update…?

Bill is only one day from his birthday, and then he is moving out. Lucky duck. He is also taking Marvin. With 10 kids looming, it is time to begin emptying the house. For real.

I checked Brigitte’s remaining time, and she is going to be here for several more weeks. That is more than three weeks. 25 days to be exact.

Arthur has accepted that he has gone as high as he is going to go in his career. He can’t seem to improve Research & Debate, and truthfully, we are all tired of trying. That has to be one of the slowest skills to improve if you aren’t in university. This doesn’t upset him as his aspiration is family related. He would be happy to quit working altogether, but at this point he is going to stick it out until he can retire. And truthfully, Gavel Smasher level 8 isn’t shabby.

Elizabeth is living her best life. She has three wonderful kids, she has reached the top of her career, and she has mastered six skills. And she gets Brigitte to give her massages almost every day.

Marvin has had three enhancements and unlocked three behavior modules, so he is not quite as worthless as he was originally. But for me, he is more trouble than he was worth. It will not be often that I am adding a servo to the household in the future.

Then, there is Theodore. Cute little chunk. He has mastered three skills already – Potty, Movement, and Communication. He is one of the happiest toddlers I have had in a while.

Theo gets up and finds a plate of food that was left out. Then he decides to eat it right there on the floor. He doesn’t even pretend to be eating at the table.

Arthur decides to give the wishing well another chance. This is the third time he has wished for a promotion. The last two times he was told that he would get a promotion as soon as he completed the requirements.

This time he is rewarded with an immediate promotion to level 9, Honorable Arbitrator.

Theo finishes eating his food so he watches Bill eat.

It is Sunday, so everyone is having a relaxing day.

Marvin reads Theo several stories.

Hannah completes the first tier of her aspiration. She made two sims dislike her by repeatedly sending them chain letters.

Theo is tired of listening to stories. He wants to play!

Play! Play! Play!

Brigitte isn’t ready to retire, but she does negotiate a bonus and then she takes a vacation day for tomorrow. She has 18 vacation days, so she might as well use them. And she gets paid more than retiring. Elizabeth tried to negotiate a bonus but she was turned down.

Bill’s birthday is on Monday. Theo becomes a child on Thursday. And, Hannah’s birthday is on Saturday. Oh, today is Monday – Happy Birthday, Bill!

Theo is awake and he is happy, despite having to really find a potty soon.

Just as a note, here is an entire platter of spinach frittata that was made for breakfast.

Here is Theo eating Brigitte’s plate of spinach frittata, a plate that he stole away from her while she was eating it.

Bill bakes his own cake, and then he blows out the candles. He rolls Mean to go along with Loner and Lazy. He is going to be the cranky old man yelling at the kids to get off his lawn. His aspiration is Culinary Chef, so he signs up for the Culinary career before moving out.

Bill is moving out and he is taking Marvin with him. Marvin has been enhanced to level 5 and he has a smattering of knowledge in a lot of skills. He has not mastered any skill though. He has unlocked behavior modules for Fix-o-Matic (repairing), Exo-Friendly Tech (gardening), and Parameterize and Sanitize (cleaning).

There are too many stairs for the little man. He has had to all the way from the basement to the second floor to watch Brigitte, because she won’t stay in one place.

He finally tracks her down in the front of the house and asks her a very important question. Apparently he wanted to find out something about the toilet. Brigitte was a little embarrassed. But why, Grandma?

Theo masters thinking while watching Elizabeth dance.

Then she reads him two stories so that he can master imagination.

Theo becomes a top-notch toddler and still has three days until his birthday.

Theo doesn’t know what to do now. He just stands there grinning, waiting for someone to suggest an activity.

Arthur goes to the wishing well one more time, hoping for his last promotion. Oh no! The wishing well gives and then it takes away. Arthur has been demoted back to level 8, Gavel Smasher. Although at least he wasn’t fired outright.

After the disappointment at the well, Arthur goes inside and tucks Theo into bed. Also, this is the time when Brigitte moves into the single bed and Hannah claims the double bed.

Leo comes out to clean, which is appreciated since the rest of the family doesn’t do it often on their own. But, because he is out, speed 3 is not super fast. In fact, it is about the same as speed 1, but jerkier.

Pancakes for breakfast is good. Eating the pancakes on the couch is probably not so good.

I am serious when I say Theo is probably the happiest toddler I have had in a long time.

Brigitte stays home with Theo on Tuesday and he has a lot of fun in the tub. Most of the water is in the floor by the time they are finished.

Brigitte heads out to tend to the garden, leaving Theo inside to dance-dance-dance.

Dancing isn’t all that he does, and there is no one around to scold him for making a mess.

He is happy to see Arthur when he gets home. Arthur is pretty happy to see him also.

I started looking for Brigitte since she was showing to be asleep but wasn’t in her bed.

One thing about being a toddler, is the transit time is generally slow. By the time that Theo gets out to the garden to watch Hannah, she has already finished and is heading back to the house.

Theo found the blocks.

Brigitte found the bar. Again.

Hannah is a good big sister.

She was trying to pull some pranks, but apparently all she does is break the toilet.

Patchy still comes every day to tend to the garden. Apparently, he is not a stranger to Theo.

Hannah takes advantage of Brigitte’s massaging fingers to get a massage before school.

It is Thursday – which means it is time for Theo to blow out his candles.

Theo rolls gloomy and the motor aspiration. He updates his disguise but doesn’t plan on using it. He also puts on real clothes in place of the space suit.

Leo invites himself over just as everyone leaves for work and school. Except for Theo, who is working on his homework.

Leo helps Theo get his homework finished.

Theo enjoys playing outside on the playground.

Dammit – why can’t the aliens leave Brigitte alone.

The kids work on their homework with Patchy keeping them company.

Hannah gets her ten pranks done, using Arthur as her target. He wasn’t even made about that.

Today is the day. It is Hannah’s birthday and almost time to turn over the reigns to generation 9. Just waiting on the bubbles now.

Hannah rolls Dance Machine, but that is switched out for the Self-Assured trait that is required. Generation 9 is officially in control.


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