Odyssey: Serving the Public, Chapter 2

This should be a busy update. Kristi is almost a young adult, Leo has to be coming up on his birthday soon, Elizabeth has finals for four classes as her first semester comes to an end. Oh, and Elizabeth is pregnant with generation nine. I peeked and she will be eating strawberries. Another Oh! It is Harvestfest. Elizabeth is still going to try to go to class for her finals. Not sure how the holidays and days off are going to effect that. [popcorn for breakfast today]

Arthur draws the short straw and he is tapped to make the grand breakfast for the family.

Elizabeth turned off the holiday from school for Harvestfest because she wants to finish the semester this week and not next week. She is off to her first last class – supposedly it is the final.

Arthur chose to work from home today, and once he finished up his career tasks, he disappeared. He loves living next on the beach next to the water.

Kristi is counting down the days remaining until she can move out – one more day.

Well, damn-damn-damn. Apparently having a holiday during the semester screws up the final exam schedule. Even though they turned the holiday off, and completed it before she had to leave. So, instead of completing the first two classes of her semester today, she has been told she has to continue the classes next week. Elizabeth might be the only student for this challenge, or any challenge until they get it fixed. At the same time, dammit, Elizabeth is going to finish university.

Arthur spent the rest of the day in the water. He is loving this life.

Kristi wants to master at least one skill before she moves out. She decides to test the fates and wish for more skills.

She gets lucky – nothing is mastered, but they don’t take away skills either. She was hoping for either a mastered skill or a boost to help learn skills, instead she gets three levels in painting. She is on level 9 gardening, so that will be her focus.

Elizabeth is hoping the baby doesn’t come until after she finishes with classes for this week. A weekend birth would be perfect.

Since they are kind of waiting around, everyone gets to choose their own pleasure today. Elizabeth and Arthur find themselves at the table eating leftovers.

Kristi is bubbling, but she still has to master gardening.

Elizabeth made her a cake and it is sitting there, waiting.

Finally, Kristi has mastered gardening. She is going to pee and then blow out her candles. And then she is moving out. And there is another gnome. I thought for sure they were all back in storage.

Elizabeth is off to her two finals. I was looking back at her classes and she only has to take finals in the two classes today. The classes yesterday did not have finals – one was a presentation and the other was a term paper. So, fingers crossed today is the end of the semester, even if the class schedule shows a class on Tuesday.

Kristi has earned her release. Not only did she master gardening, she also rolled Erratic. That is two times in this challenge for the points.

Yes, she is ready to go. That is excitement! Since she has to wait for everyone to get home before moving out, Kristi gets a job in the Criminal career as a Ringleader, level 3. She spends all her aspiration points on potions to leave with Elizabeth.

Arthur has a good day at work and they promote him to File Clerk.

Despite me worrying about her class schedule, the term does end on Friday evening. Elizabeth received top marks in all of her classes. She immediately signs up for the next semester, and it is another full load.

For her second semester, Elizabeth will be taking four core classes and she still has enough scholarships to pay the full cost of her classes.

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  • Social Networks Online and Off
  • Mental Decision Trees
  • Off Track: The Trolley Problem

Lex looks sad, but apparently he has been over active and his heart is giving him grief. So, he has a glass of wine to chill out.

He is piddling with the different aspirations and is making copies of one of the crystals so that he can send it off to the GeoCouncil.

Finally, everyone is home for the day and it is time for Kristi to find a place of her own. Or at least, somewhere that is not here. They give her §20,000 and off she goes. She finds a small place in Willow Creek and bye-bye.

Elizabeth starts on her homework for her next four classes. Since her approach worked last semester, she is going to do the same thing again. Get ahead on the homework over the weekend before classes start, do her presentation and term paper over the weekend, and then she just has to stay caught up on the homework.

Of course, this time, she will have a new baby also. She has entered her third trimester so the baby will be coming late Saturday evening. And I just realized Elizabeth has not had her strawberries yet.

Pity is taken and Elizabeth is allowed to drink something to improve her mood. Then, since she is in a good mood now, she is set back to work on her homework.

Leo needs to go to the park for his outdoor badge. Unless they have fixed the bug where fishing in Sulani doesn’t count. Either way, they aren’t leaving until Elizabeth has finished her presentation.

Arthur learns that belonging to this family means lots of gardening. He is sent out to sell the harvests, weed, and water alone.

Okay, so maybe Elizabeth should have had a potty break. She takes a shower and gets back to work. Her first attempt is poor so she has to work on refining and organizing it.

Wait, what?!?

Where is the rocket? Who took the rocket for a joyride?

The lovebirds bring the rocket back.

She better not be pregnant – she still has six days until she becomes an elder.

Much better. Elizabeth gets the presentation up to Excellent, so she is done working on it. She can’t present until Monday, so now she will work on her term paper.

In the meantime, Leo heads out to the park to get his fishing done. As soon as he is done with the fishing, it is time for scouts.

Tension hits Arthur while he is working on the garden. It is possible his big brain is reviving because he is beginning to feel a little bit trapped. Marriage, a baby, this stupidly big garden. too bad, so sad – no one gets out alive. Except for the spares – they are the ones that get kicked out.

Lex is back on the family aspiration, so he is chatting with his child. He doesn’t seem to care that she is trying to write her term paper.

That awkward feeling when someone wants to talk to you, but they forgot to get dressed. This is erratic behavior, and it is disturbing. This also might be the reason he wears sunglasses in the house.

Lex has just about finished chatting with Elizabeth, and here comes Brigitte strolling through. She is headed to the treadmill as she is still trying to complete Bodybuilder – she just needs to reach her maximum body potential.

She probably shouldn’t run on the treadmill naked but whatever. She already has a six-pack so maybe the treadmill will finish her off.

Arthur creates the Eiffel Tower out of clay and he is very proud of himself.

Leo is working on the creativity aspiration and then he will pick up his last two badges to become a Llamacorn Scout.

More pictures of naked Brigitte flaunting it for anyone that wants to look.

I am being too nice to Elizabeth. She has been allowed to have several special mood enhancing potions.

But, she finishes and submits her term paper literally minutes before going into labor.

It is baby-time! And oops, she still forgot to eat the strawberries.

Bill, a boy, joins the family. Since this has been a matriarchy, guess what that means.

Bill is named for Bill Watterson, who is an American cartoonist and the author of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.


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