Odyssey: Serving the Public, Chapter 3

I have the goal of finishing this challenge before it reaches its one year anniversary in May. Because Elizabeth forgot to eat her strawberries and Bill is not a girl, she will be having at least one more pregnancy. She is also about to start her second, of three, semesters in university. Arthur, on the other hand, is practicing to be a statue.

Bill has Arthur’s eyes. Hair will be known once he gets a little bigger.

Leo is working through the creativity aspiration, with the goal of finishing up today. Once he plays with three toys then he will be on the last tier.

Brigitte’s erratic behavior pops up and she goes out of her way to insult Lex. He is not impressed and tells her to stop being an ass.

Whatever. Brigitte strips down and heads outside to enjoy the rain. As she gets older, she spends more time naked. I guess everyone needs a hobby.

Speaking of hobbies, they add several new items downstairs – a robotics bench,

a computer archive,

and a practice podium.

Leo masters creativity – now he just needs to create five drawings – and then he quits scouts. He already reached the top, and he is tired of going to meetings on the weekends.

Elizabeth finishes up at the knowledge archive and joins Arthur to practice debating. They both need the skill for their careers – Arthur in Law and Elizabeth whenever she finishes college and gets to Education.

Lex needs to check off a few boxes for his family aspiration – and becoming good friends with four of his children and grandchildren is one of the boxes. Since he is already good friends with all three of his children, he works on becoming good friends with Bill.

Elizabeth and Arthur are finished working on the debate skills for the night, so they grab a plate of whatever this chicken dish is – Saltimonica or something like that. Then they go to bed. There needs to be another pregnancy, but not tonight. I think if she gets pregnant Tuesday night or sometime on Wednesday, the next baby will be born on the weekend. Or at least, after class on Friday evening.

Brigitte was so busy tinkering on the robotics bench that she passed out on the floor beside it. When she woke up, she also grabbed a plate and then went to bed.

Leo is upstairs being productive – he completes the creative aspiration and the timing is good because tomorrow is his birthday.

This hurts every week. They would have so much more money if not for the bills. They have 19 million in the safe, which is part of what is inflating their bills as it makes the house value 19.5 million. But due to the pocketbook limitations where they can only have 9.99 million in the bank, there is no choice. They still need 85 points, give or take, in order to have a high enough score to take first place. 😉

Brigitte loves this time of year – all the rain, and all the reasons to get naked.

Thankfully, she gets dressed before leaving for work.

Lex throws this up – he is nearing the end of his life, so there is probably not a chance this is going to happen.

He invites Kristi over to see if she has found a man or a baby or three. She hasn’t. Yet.

Everyone heads off to work and school, leaving Lex home with Bill. He doesn’t mind because the boy is easy to care for.

I just noticed this and remembered that elopements can be taking place with the arch. I always forget about it.

Lex may not be able to complete Big Happy Family (grandchildren) but he is able to complete Successful Lineage by helping Leo with his homework. Good job, Lex! Elizabeth is working on today’s homework. One day down, four more to go.

Arthur earns another promotion – Legal Secretary, level 3. When he gets home, he just stands outside in the storm, being tense about being out in the storm.

Lex makes the birthday cake for Leo – it is time to blow out some candles.

Leo rolls Good and Materialistic. Good was his childhood trait, now he is adding Materialistic. And, he rolls Mansion Baron. Which is a laugh because it is automatically completed.

Oh yeah, and Leo is a Vampire. I forgot about that.

Leo heads outside to sell the harvests, which should complete the other Fortune aspiration – Fabulously Wealthy. Then he will be taking one of the Vampire aspirations.

While Leo is getting settled in as a teen, Lex helps Bill age up. Bill rolls Fussy. Super. I could have sworn his eyes were brown as a baby, but those are not brown eyes.

Makeovers take place and everyone gets ready for the day. Bill is scared because they are having a thunderstorm. Oh, Leo. Honey, we need to talk.

Leo gets a makeover and he still rocks his wild side, but not in this outfit. Just trust me. He is supposed to be selling the harvests but the storm is scary, so he runs into the house between every tree.

Fussy Bill is out of the bassinet.

Damn thunderstorm.

The defiance starts early in this one. He even throws in the pitiful look to see if it helps him get his way. it doesn’t.

He still has to sit on the potty.

Apparently, Arthur was out in the storm, although I have no idea what he was doing since Leo has garden duty today.

Maybe Leo was right to be scared of the storm. That makes the second lightning strike this morning.

Bill doesn’t quite get the process for the potty down, and he pees on the floor instead.

Lex gets him to try again, and Bill is not sure about it all. Lex is going to put him to sleep after he finishes this attempt. The boy has had a busy morning.

Lex puts Bill to bed, and there is a gap in the storm so he goes down easily.

Being a toddler is a rough life.

It will be nice when winter is over. It seems to rain the most during the winter season, and not so much during the rest of the seasons.

Leo had the day off since he just had his birthday, so he works on the project he brought home his last day of elementary school. Lex has free time since Bill is still sleeping, so he helps out.

Bill is starving and Lex is making dinner. So, Leo distracts him with a story. Bill is not impressed.

Leo tries reading him a story and that goes a little better but the distraction is working so well. Bill wants food!

Bill is heading to the food, which is finally ready. He is still pissed at Leo for delaying his journey.

Elizabeth heads back to school after her classes so that she can sit in on a guest lecture, again. This will be the second of the three she needs.

I keep forgetting about the bicycles. They will have to get some soon.

He smiles!

He asks Lex to help him with the potty. Whining is the only way to go, apparently.

Did it work?

Yay! Whining works!

Elizabeth is working on her homework while Leo is learning about vampires. He needs to improve his knowledge enough that he can get sun protection.

That took way too long, but Brigitte has finally completed the Bodybuilder aspiration. I guess she is going to live for a very long time.

Bill wanted to eat, but Lex is taking too long nuking the chicken nuggets.

Elizabeth didn’t come when he called so now he is trying to get Arthur to come let him out. Lex is still nuking the chicken nuggets.

He finally has his chicken nuggets.

He doesn’t want chicken nuggets. Nothing is wrong with Lex – he was doing pushups.

Elizabeth scolds him about throwing his food on the floor, and she still is not letting him out of the high chair.

Lex gives him a ham and cheese sandwich because he tossed the chicken nuggets before he was done eating.

He eats half of the sandwich and refuses to eat the rest because he wants out of this damn high chair.

He is finally released from the high chair, so he takes the rest of his sandwich to the couch.

Arthur and Elizabeth head to bed to try for another nooboo. Hopefully a girl this time. Or rather, hopefully she remembers to eat her strawberries this time.

Bill really is a cutie-pie. Even if he is fussy. And, communication is mastered. Elizabeth puts him to bed even though it is morning – he was up all night.

Bill is thinking that he is definitely going to poop his diaper while he sleeps. Nope, he is not getting up to potty.

Elizabeth takes a pregnancy test and there is another nooboo incoming.

She tells Arthur the good news.

She gets a fertility massage to see what happens. Nothing is what happens. She might have needed to get it before she got pregnant. She did remember to eat the strawberries. Today, it only took two of them to flip the gender.

Kristi comes over and she is now married and pregnant. Thanks MCCC.

It will be a race to see if she can have her baby before Lex kicks the bucket.

Bill is sent out to work on movement. He is sad for so many reasons, and the slide is one of them.


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