Odyssey: Serving the Public, Chapter 4

Today is Winterfest. Until Elizabeth graduates from university, they don’t get any days off for holidays. That means Lex has to make the grand feast because Leo and Elizabeth went to school and Arthur went to work. Wednesdays are Brigitte’s normal day off so they are taking care of Bill.

Leo brings home an A, which means he is just hanging around until he graduates from high school, and then he is moving out.

Bill reached the end of his patience, not that he had much to begin with. He is starving and exhausted.

Since social services only care that he is fed, he grabs a plate and eats most of it.

Then he passes out.

Elizabeth is definitely pregnant again – she begins peeing on herself once more.

Arthur tries to cheer Bill up with a belly laugh, but that isn’t working.

He also asks Bill if he has been good or bad, and tells him that bad boys don’t get presents. Bill is really sad now.

Father Winter is in the house, but everyone is in bed, because they are all annoying me.

Bill is the only one that hasn’t completed the holiday traditions. He is trying to get out to the pile of presents so that he can open a gift.

He made it! This one looks good.

Except it wasn’t. It was a Charlotte’s Pig, which is not a toy.

Leo is up to pee, so he is selected to get Bill back to bed. That means another story, because Bill needs all the imagination he can get.

If I am going to be awake at 3 AM, then so is everyone else. Leo is working on his homework and Arthur is filing court motions and then taking the lawyer’s exam.

Leo really doesn’t want to burn in the sun, so he is excused from the garden, for now. He takes the day off from school so that he can read, read, read about vampire lore. Why he would want to sit by the very stinky toddler is a whole ‘nother story.

Lex has a disease, and apparently he colored his hair black. Because, I definitely remember him getting old and gray.

Brigitte has already left for work, leaving everyone to their morning routine. Food and tasks for the day.

Bill finds Lex to see about a diaper change. He might not have thought through the consequences of pooping his diaper while he slept. Maybe he should have gotten up to potty after all.

That was one very smelly diaper.

Lex is gray again. Weird.

Bill reaches level 4 movement, and he can run now.

Arthur talks to Lex about becoming his lawyer. Lex tells him he only has a few days left, so there probably won’t be anything for him to do. But all Arthur had to do was talk with a prospective client. Check.

Bill does know how to smile, and does so when it suits him. That is probably my favorite toddler hair.

Leo is still working through vampire lore. He just thinks he is bored now, wait until he is chained to the computer researching online.

Bill masters movement and is ready for his next challenge.

Imagination messes begin.

This week really has gone fast, it seems. Elizabeth just got home from her Thursday classes. She will have two finals on Friday and that will be the second semester done.

Bill decided to stop making messes on the ground and find a potty so that he doesn’t make any messes in his pants.

After using the potty, he really wanted a bath. Since everyone was busy at that exact moment, he took off, running away or maybe just running to the tent.

Arthur tracked him down and gave him a much needed bath.

Then there was a story to be read.

Leo just mastered vampire lore and realized he never has to sleep again. If only he were safe from the sun, but that is still to come.

Bill is tired of this story. It has been really long and Arthur is still reading.

The book is finished, which means another bedtime story to get Pouty McPouty-face to sleep.

This is when they are the cutest. Nah, they are always cute. Pains in the ass for sure, but always cute.

Leo takes a break from researching to fill his tummy and take a shower. Then he takes another vacation day from school and heads back to the computer.

Which he broke, so he repairs first. Then it is back to the research.

They are up way too early once again.

Arthur has the choice to go to the office or work from home. One guess as to which he chose today.

Arthur has to meet another prospective client, and this time he talks with Leo. As a vampire, Leo will live forever and surely he will need a lawyer one day.

Elizabeth is between finals, so she destressed with a quick game.

Lex completed the Big Happy Family aspiration. That must mean that Kristi had her babies – yes, triplets. Two boys, Jaron and Lee, and one girl, Kailani. She also has three step-daughters because her husband, Malcoln Gray, is a tomcat.

Lex shares the great news with Arthur, who is researching a case. Working from home involves actually working sometimes.

Bill masters the potty – Go, Bill!

Elizabeth heads off to her last final of the semester. Go, Elizabeth!

When she gets home from class, she quietly masters cooking. Go, Elizabeth! Again!

While Bill is working on imagination, Elizabeth is wondering why they wanted to get pregnant a second time.

Bill is getting tired, so Elizabeth sits with him in his room.

She reads him a story, hoping it will get him close to mastering imagination. At the least, it is keeping him calm.

Her grades come in, and that silly little A in Off Track was because she didn’t take notes in the last class.

She signs up for her last semester – four more classes. Her scholarships cover the expense once more. Free college, the dream of everyone that wants to go to college, and a lot of teens that don’t have a choice. Maybe she will even get to enjoy her last semester without being pregnant.

  • Talking the Talk: Advanced Negotiation
  • Win, Lose, or Non-Zero-Sum
  • The Feel World
  • Marvelous Mr. Maslow

Leo reaches the pinnacle – he becomes a Grand Master. Now he is released from the chains of the computer, free to walk in the sun, make other vampires, and other stuff too.

Leo needs to participate in vampiric training, and the only vampire known by anyone in the family is Caleb. So, Brigitte calls him and invites him over. He declines. Apparently they don’t like each other any more.

Caleb is summoned by the new Grand Master and he shows up.

Leo gets to know Caleb, but they have to move away from the front door because of the garlic. Which Caleb is not immune.

Training is done, and the next thing Leo needs is to spar with another vampire. As a teen, he can only spare with other teens. So, he is done with working on his aspiration. But he is a Grand Master and immune to the sun, so he will have a nice long life once he leaves the house.

Super speed is engaged.

Bill sneaks awake when no one is looking and gets a bowl of popcorn for breakfast.

Elizabeth and Arthur join him for breakfast, and he is given something more substantial, like chili.

The heiress has joined the family – Hannah. And we are not going to be fooled by her dark skin and eyes.

Hannah is named for Kristin Hannah, an award-winning and bestselling author of more than 20 novels.

She would have been named Kristin but that is too close to Kristi, so Hannah it is.

Elizabeth doesn’t feed her after she is born, so it is Arthur that comes to her with a bottle and a clean diaper.

Hasn’t he mastered imagination yet? Nope, apparently not.

But now he has. All he has remaining is thinking.

While watching someone is faster, for now he needs to take care of himself. So he is given the tablet and told to play a game. Also, I believe he is a spellcaster. He has a strong bloodline but his picture isn’t telling.

Brigitte is just standing in the basement staring into the vault.

They are getting a new logo for the challenge. I love cooltext.com and make all my logos there.

Just a little funny. I was thinking that it would be great for Elizabeth to have twins or triplets so that Lex would get his aspiration. I couldn’t figure out why she kept showing a single. I even changed the lot traits to On Ley Line. Then when Hannah was born, I realized… they have a full house. There was only room for one baby. It is a good thing that Kristi had triplets.

Bill had the idea to go somewhere, but then he changed his mind.

Oh, he heard a rumor there was someone else living in his room.

Bill is not a happy boy. He did not want a sister or a brother.

Lex’s time has come to an end. Kristi had those babies just in time. He completed seven aspirations and mastered two skills. He never had a job that I can remember. Maybe he did, but that was months ago. RIP Lex. (…and Bill can have the plate of food that Lex didn’t have time to eat…)

Bill is headed for the plate, and he goes the long way around to avoid the traffic jam.

He is still circling the perimeter.

It isn’t that they don’t care, but Elizabeth has a lot of homework to get finished and Bill is really hungry.

Realization has struck and Bill is really sad now – but he isn’t starving any more.

Elizabeth kept watching Bill to see if he was going to start crying – he didn’t.

Grim kept talking to Elizabeth but she was just being polite. Bill is having a rough night – a new sister and Lex’s death.

Thankfully, Brigitte has high enough parenting skill to hug away the sad.

That is probably not appropriate, Brigitte. Timing is important, and yeah, it is New Year’s Eve.

Bill is happy once again, and back on the tablet for his thinking skill. Tomorrow he will have to spend the day watching someone.

Elizabeth tries to cheer Brigitte up. She probably should have chosen something other than reassurance that Brigitte will be joining Lex soon. Soonish. Eventually.

Since Lex is gone, everyone else is going to have to pick up the slack with the babies. They all had gotten used to Lex being the primary caregiver, but no more Lex. Also, I just realized/noticed that Hannah isn’t blue.

New Year’s Eve TV countdown. Everyone has made resolutions. Except Bill. He doesn’t resolve to do anything.


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