Odyssey: Serving the Public, Chapter 5

By the time the clock reaches midnight, Brigitte and Leo are the only ones remaining.

As the clock strikes midnight, Brigitte has her birthday. OH-EM-GEE, she is a full age younger than I thought. She is just now becoming an Adult. Plus she has Bodybuilder, which means she is never going to die.

Arthur takes Bill off to bed. He doesn’t need to be up until midnight, and he is getting close to passing out anyways.

Elizabeth is back to her homework. She is only on her third class – still has to do homework the last class, then a presentation, then a term paper. Someone else is going to be doing the heavy lifting regards to taking care of Bill and Hannah. At least for one more week.

Arthur didn’t get Bill to bed – he escaped and was heading to the tent. By the time the night is over, he is going to wish he succeeded in making it to the tent.

Arthur tucks Bill in, and reads him a story.

This is the first time this challenge that there has been a baby and a toddler, and they are in the same room.

Bad decision. While Arthur chases down Bill and puts him back to bed, Elizabeth takes care of the reason Hannah started crying – a nasty diaper.

While everyone else heads to bed to get some sleep, Leo is practicing chess – got to build that skill, which completes his resolution. For the most part, I believe they all chose to build skills for their resolutions.

Surprisingly, Hannah didn’t cry again and Bill was able to sleep until morning. Now he is up and looking for food, while Elizabeth gets her cleaned up for the day.

Chili for breakfast. Their choices are about as bad as mine. Elizabeth is working on her last homework for the weekend and Arthur is working on his chess game.

After eating, Bill is now working on thinking – he will be watching the rest of the household until he gets it mastered.

Just saying – Leo was supposed to give Bill a bath. This was not what he was supposed to do. But, they are working on thinking, so there’s that.

Leo is still trying to get Bill into the tub. His super speed had him getting to their talking point early.

Bill saw him waiting and took a detour into the tent.

Leo finally gets Bill into his arms and super speeds back to the house. Bill got his bath, finally.

Elizabeth finishes her last presentation. Creating it anyways. She still has to present it on Monday.

She is trying to work on her term paper now. Patchy and Brigitte have this sixth sense that she needs to concentrate so they both come over to have a conversation with her.

Brigitte is trying to complete an aspiration tier for her resolution. She is the only one that didn’t pick a skill increase. The problem is that she is so accomplished, there isn’t much remaining that she can do for the amount of effort I am willing to invest. For cooking she can get by with five good meals, two while inspired. She is still sad about Lex, so inspiration is hard to find. She tries one of the celebuserums, although that glass is kind of invisible. That didn’t even work combined with a thoughtful shower. So, she will try again tomorrow after the mourning ends.

Trying to get Bill on a normal day-night schedule, so he is not allowed to sleep all day. Again, Hannah did a great job of not crying while he was sleeping.

He is working on thinking, so he watches.

And he watches.

He really would like something to eat, and he is watching Arthur cook dinner.

That looks yummy.

While he is eating, he begins to ask why. A lot. But his mood is piss poor so the skill is not improving quickly.

Because he was asking why, he was not eating fast enough, and hunger struck him hard. He had to stop asking questions and refocus on eating to get that resolved.

Elizabeth finishes her term paper, edits and all, and she submits it. That was her last term paper.

Even though Bill has two days until his birthday, he is actually pretty close to mastering thinking and becoming a top-notch toddler. He is pushed just a little too hard and collapses on the floor.

He wants to ask Elizabeth a question, but first he wants her to put him in the high chair. Which is really stupid. Elizabeth ignores him.

She was in the middle of making a bunny rabbit out of clay.

So, Bill throws another fit.

Elizabeth goes to scold him and she misses that mark by just a little bit.

Bill watches her a few more times, and finally achieves the pinnacle of success for a toddler. He has mastered thinking and reached top-notch toddler.

Because I am being ornery, and because he needs to sleep without Hannah waking him up, Elizabeth puts him in the high chair and goes to bed.

She leaves him there, trapped for all eternity. Or at least until he gets a good nap. Of course, he could have just slept on the couch, but as I said, ornery.

Bill wakes up from his nap, and everyone else is asleep or off the lot. So he still waits for someone to come get him.

Brigitte is the first one awake, so she wakes him up and removes him from the high chair. In a way, it is like toddler jail.

Of course, she doesn’t let him get down. She puts him in bed, and everyone crosses their fingers that Hannah lets him sleep.

Arthur works the garden, which is where he is when work calls and offers him a promotion – Budding Barrister, level 5.

Bill asks for food and Brigitte puts him in the high chair while she gets the chicken nuggets ready. Leo comes over to keep Bill occupied while he waits. Leo is taking his last vacation day today, and will have to return to school tomorrow to finish out high school. But that means everyone else can go to school/work and he will be the one watching the little ones.

After leaving Bill in the high chair all night, now everyone is swarming around him to check on him. He needs to be left alone to eat his nuggets for breakfast.

How bad is it, that this is making me hungry for McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

A food product McDonald’s tries to pass off as “100% White Chicken Meat”, but in fact should be thought of as “100% Chicken” This is because the process of making a McNugget is as follows:
McDonald’s first finds themselves a live chicken.
They then crush said chicken until all of the parts of the chicken mix completely to form one consistent substance closely resembling rubber.
After this is done, McDonald’s forms this substance into a nugget shape and deep fries it; thus giving the world Chicken McNuggets.

So, as shown above, the term, “100% Chicken” is fitting; since Chicken McNuggets are in fact composed of 100% Chicken–feathers and everything.


Elizabeth is taking care of Hannah before she has to leave for class. And, it is time for Hannah to become a toddler.

Bill even cleaned his plate, the proper way – by eating it all.

Hannah becomes a toddler and rolls Clingy.

There she is, the heiress for generation 9. She will be entering the Criminal career because that is the rules. And her daughter will be bringing in the last generation of ten kids. We are that close, folks.

Interesting… they didn’t stay.

The bathroom is really crowded. Leo is giving Bill a bath, and Elizabeth gets Hannah on the potty before she leaves for school.

After his bath, Bill checks out this sim called sister. By the way, the mess on the floor is from his bath. Hannah hasn’t peed on the floor yet.

Hannah pretends she isn’t checking out her big brother, although he doesn’t look that much bigger. But, why is he watching her pee? Really, dude.

Leo comes in to clean up the bathroom and while Bill moves out of the way, he doesn’t actually leave the bathroom. Hannah does her part to encourage him to leave, but that doesn’t even work.

She is headed to the stuffed animal to work on communication. Bill is not used to having free time and being able to choose his own activity. So, he just stands there for awhile.

Since Hannah is the heiress, it is important that she also becomes a top-notch toddler.

Bill spends hours outside mourning for Coco. Coco, the ghost cat that lives with them. He went through at least three mourning actions, making himself sad.

Coco, the ghost cat, is watching Hannah hug the stuffed one.

He made himself cry because remembering Coco made him sad.

Elizabeth gets home from school and finds a sad-Bill. She comforts him to cheer him up and I am surprised that it worked.

Oh, I see.

Inside Hannah is having a meal and then she needs some sleep. The logistics are going to come into play since there is only one toddler bed, and Bill is using it for another day. Maybe she will get the toddler bed, and he will get the couch. Or, whoever gets there first.

Just for the record, I am not that impressed with the Academic aspiration. It will go on the list of not unless they have to do it. After attending three guest lectures, she has to tutor five students. Thankfully there aren’t restrictions on when that can be done and she gets all five done before leaving for home.

At home, the toddlers are not in good shape. I thought the bug where they are neglected when not in the active state was fixed. Apparently not. She is about to pee herself and she is starving. He feels like he will never be happy again because he never does anything fun. So, Leo comes to take her to potty and then to eat.

Arthur comes to check on Bill.

Bill waits, pouting.

They play several times but it only helps a little.

Oh, Hell to the Power of No. This isn’t happening. Social Services “whisked Hannah away to rescue her from the neglect”. This is actually the first time it has happened. The thing is, Hannah is gone but still in the family list. MCCC to the rescue.

Hannah is summoned and here she comes. She ran away from Social Services.

When she gets in the house, she eats something.

Then she lays down to nap. Leo is watching over them.

It is like the game never actually snuffed her out, so all I did was summon her back. She was still part of the family, and since this is due to a known bug, they cannot have her. Of course, I saved and got out, then back in to make sure she doesn’t disappear. She still had the action in her queue to be rescued and that needs to be cleared out. And of course, everyone is still really sad about having a child removed from the family. Even Bill. They are going to live with the sadness.

With Hannah safe from the evil toddler stealing monsters, she and Bill head over to play with the dolls. Neither one of them is happy and they both need something fun.

Lovely dolls that don’t get stolen by toddler stealing monsters.

Arthur needs to get a client for work. Elizabeth turned him down.

He just couldn’t convince her and then she left for school. He tried Brigitte after that and still he didn’t have any luck. He had to go to work completely unprepared.

Brigitte took the day off to stay home with the toddlers. They will not be left to anyone’s care except for an active sim. And it is Bill’s birthday and he is bubbling, so she is making him a coconut cake. He watches her and Hannah is watching him.

I am so glad Fussy Bill is growing up, and into another, different trait. Hannah is just happy she will have sole ownership of the toddler bed now.

Arthur needs to leave for work as Brigitte helps Bill blow out his candles.


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