Odyssey: Serving the Public, Chapter 6

Bill starts off this update with his birthday. He is now a child. And he rolls Loner and Rambunctious Scamp. Brigitte will be hugging the sadness out of Bill.

Then he is going to do his homework in advance of his first class in elementary school.

Elizabeth’s grades are probably going to suck this semester. She didn’t put in enough effort in class today. That also means I am probably not going to let them ride out the sadness. She, at the least, will be getting a moodlet solver.

Elizabeth takes the moodlet solver into the tub for a soak. She does eventually drink it and then she begins on all her homework. She has four hours until her next class.

Hannah wasn’t sad until Arthur left for work. Now she is sad because she was left behind with all the other sims in the family.

Coco comes in to check on Hannah. She is still sad also, but hopefully the sadness wears off overnight. It was a 24 hour hit.

Hannah needs to go to bed, but first she is going to eat. No more chances.

Elizabeth sucked in both of her classes today, so she probably isn’t going to get A+ across the board. She is working hard to get her homework done for tomorrow. And she still needs to make her presentation, but it is too late tonight.

Leo comes in to work on his homework, and to show his support. On another note, Elizabeth is a spellcaster, but her powers are latent because she has never practiced. I believe she passed this one to both of her children, as they both have a Strong Bloodline.

A close up of Bill.

There are so many dirty and spoiled plates, that he might complete the Civic Responsibility badge in one fell swoop. Yep, he sure did. That is a sad state of affairs.

Brigitte takes a mud bath to try to relax and get over the drama with Hannah. It doesn’t help enough so she heads to bed to sleep it off.

Arthur needs to do things for work, but he broke his computer, so he has to make the repairs. Hopefully he doesn’t electrocute himself and die.

Hannah continues practicing on the potty and by the end of the day, she has mastered it. She was rarely in the house alone. There is only one tub, the rest are showers.

Leo must have a bug, because he has been working on his homework all day. He puts it away and tries to cry in the bed, but as a vampire he can’t even use the bed to cry. And, he has not added space for a coffin.

Hannah needs something fun, after she has her dinner.

Arthur puts her to bed with a story, and they are slowly getting over the traumatic experience and moving on. Tomorrow will be better. right?

Coco is still sad, so Brigitte spends some time with her to cheer her up.

She even has her plop down on the couch to get some special loving.

Normally, when the sims are getting on my nerves I send them all to bed, and let them up one at a time. But, as a vampire without a coffin, Leo can’t be sent to bed. So, he aggravates me the most.

It might cost 3,000 aspiration points, but Great Kisser is the best way to level charisma. Which Arthur needs for his Law career. Elizabeth has to leave exactly at 8am to make her presentation before her first class, so Arthur wants to get as high as possible before she heads out.

Brigitte finally completes her resolution – she completed the first tier of Master Chef. And there is some food in the fridge now for leftovers.

Elizabeth grabs a bowl, but she is not going to have time to finish it before leaving for her presentation.

This looks like an opportunity to gain fame and money. The missing piece is the demotion that he gets as a result. At least it said he was demoted. But he is still a Budding Barrister, level 5. And he is a Notable Newcomer now.

Hannah is ready to work on movement, but she doesn’t want to go outside by herself yet. So, Brigitte plays with her several times, getting her to level 3.

Now, she heads outside to play on the slide. As a note, if you can get them on the slide when they are energetic or very energetic, the leveling goes even faster.

She is still clingy and she doesn’t like being alone.

Arthur is wondering if he truly belongs in the Law career. Maybe he could quit work and become a Beach Bum. Something to think about.

Movement mastered.

Imaginative messes are next. Although she only makes two before she quits for the day.

Bill was told to practice typing on the computer, but he slipped away to the art table. Later, Bill, later.

After finishing his typing practice, he is headed downstairs for food, potty, and bed. At the same time, Hannah is bringing her food upstairs to sit with him while she eats.

Leo is free, so he comes up to sit with Hannah until she is done eating.

Then there is playing to give her some more attention. After that he gives her a bath and then puts her to bed.

Bill is really cute. Arthur and Elizabeth made some good looking children. He is finishing up and heading to bed also.

Leo has an A in high school and four days until his birthday. He plays chess most of the time, unless he is needed to help out with Hannah. He will probably master logic soon, which means he will need another activity to keep him out of trouble.

Bill is working on his badges and as always, a toddler is the best target for Socialability and Good Deeds (friendly and funny). He is able to make Hannah laugh enough to check off the Good Deeds badge before school.

Elizabeth forgot to take notes again today, and at this point I am not sure I want to see her grades. And she is just ready to be done and out of school. Arthur heads off to work – he is short on the requirements for promotion so today he is working on his performance.

Brigitte took another vacation day – she still has 18 days remaining. She reads a story to Hannah, getting her bumped up another level in imagination.

Then Hannah works on her own. When she quits for the day, she is at level 4 imagination and level 2 thinking. The others are already mastered.

Bill picks up his completed badges and then heads upstairs to work on mental.

Leo is kicked out to the telescope to finish logic, and he masters that around midnight. For once, everyone is in bed at midnight. Except Leo, which prevents speed 3 from being effective. He is getting closer to moving out…

Love Day comes and goes and this is the closest anyone gets to having a good day. Best of all, she didn’t get pregnant.

Hannah wakes up with an urgent need for the potty. She runs as fast as she can and she makes it without an accident.

Once again, Brigitte takes the day off to stay home with Hannah. This should be the last day Brigitte needs to take off since Hannah and Leo will be having their birthday on Monday.

Elizabeth has time before her finals start so she reads Hannah a story.

Hannah masters imagination with one more mess and a toy horse.

And she is down to Thinking. Which means a lot of watching.

Elizabeth is done with school. She is just waiting on her grades now.

Bill earns his first A in school. Everyone is having a great day.

For something to do, Leo goes to bowl. He ends his first game with a 92, so he plays a second game.

After completing his homework, Bill makes some health potions to finish up the science badge.

Arthur earns a promotion – I said everyone was having a good day. He is now an Adept Attorney, level 6.

Why? Why? But why?

Elizabeth receives her final grades. I am surprised that she managed to pull A+ in everything, but she did.

Now it is time to get a job – Adjunct Professor, level 8. Oh yeah, she completed the Academic aspiration.

Bowling is thirsty work. His second game he bowled 201. He was just short of mastering bowling, so he bowled a short, 3-frame game. And, bowling – mastered.

Not to be left out, Hannah masters thinking and reaches top-notch toddler. Leo is finished with his bowling, so he puts her to bed. It was a very good day, and everyone is in bed by midnight.


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