Odyssey: Serving the Public, Chapter 7

Some times the choices we make don’t work out the way we want. Leo chose to run on the treadmill. No one forced him. 2 more days, 2 more days.

It is Saturday morning, so everyone gets to sleep in. Although, is it considered sleeping in when it is only 2am?

As they start to get up, tasks are assigned. Brigitte is hungry, so she makes breakfast.

Leo moves from exercising to playing video games on the tablet.

Arthur is playing video games on the computer.

Elizabeth and Brigitte head out to tend to the garden.

Leo reaches a point where he doesn’t want to play video games for awhile, so he begins running space missions.

Bill is working on the motor aspiration.

The last one to wake up is Hannah. She is hungry – no, she has to potty.

Elizabeth receives a notification that is time to attend graduation. She thought she would move on her own pace, but as soon as she said yes, she was automagically transported.

She doesn’t want to run the risk of something happening to Hannah again, so everyone hurries to catch up. They left the house so fast, no one got dressed.

Clothes changed – now they have to find Elizabeth.

Apparently Elizabeth was eating when she was transported to graduation.

The family finds Elizabeth and they are ready for graduation.

So, only the graduates get to attend. The family stands around outside waiting for the ceremony to be finished.

A better look at Leo’s party outfit.

And a look at Brigitte’s.

Hannah was hungry so it is a good thing that someone had a sippy cup of milk for her to drink.

The ceremony is over and everyone heads home. It is Saturday so they are getting a little more of a quiet day than normal.

Since Hannah has already mastered all of her skills, she is hanging out with Elizabeth having a conversation.

Brigitte has started drinking almost every day. She has a hangover almost every day. Her life might be just a little too long at this rate.

Elizabeth receives her diploma and graduation picture on Saturday. That is pretty cool.

Brigitte begins yelling at Elizabeth for whatever reason. You can blame it on the drinks, but in reality Brigitte is insane, or rather, Erratic.

Hannah finally gets to sleep in the tent. She is pretty proud of herself.

Elizabeth begins grading homework. She hasn’t even had her first day of teaching, and already there is homework to be graded. And the rumor is that it is never ending. She will never be caught up on the grading.

Everyone starts trickling off to bed, leaving Arthur the last man standing, and the one to put Hannah to bed.

Saturday morning starts really early. That is probably my fault since I start sending them to bed around 9pm. Hannah is about to wake up starving, so Elizabeth has her plate ready and waiting.

The entire family getting their day started. Most of them are eating breakfast and doing normal things. Brigitte is mixing drinks at 7am.

Hannah isn’t being told what to do, so she goes to sit on her bed for several hours.

Then she seeks out Arthur. I would say her parents, but she is there watching Arthur and trying to chat with Arthur.

She is even mimicking Arthur.

Bill completes the motor aspiration, mastering the motor skill. I just noticed today is New Skill Day, so everyone will be changing skills to find one that they can get credit for improving. Bill did not get credit for mastering motor.

It takes some bouncing around, but eventually everyone has completed a skill improvement that counts for the holiday. In the morning, Leo will that his last vacation day from school – it is his birthday. It is also Hannah’s birthday. And, it is Elizabeth’s first day as a Professor.

Monday begins and Leo is the same place he was on Sunday evening. He is waiting for the bubbles.

Arthur finally convinces Elizabeth to let him represent her interests.

She was a hard sale, and Arthur is rethinking becoming a private lawyer. He thinks he would rather become a judge and make rulings instead. He won’t have to actually talk to prospective clients when he gets to that point.

Elizabeth keeps putting on her graduation robes. She is really excited about graduating.

Leo is ready to blow out some candles, so he makes his own birthday cake. He is just waiting on the bubbles to start.

Still waiting on the bubbles.

The bubbles are here. He blows out the candles and rolls Bro to join Good and Materialistic. He keeps the aspiration for Master Vampire.

Leo is able to blow out his candles early enough in the day, that he is going to move out now. Brigitte takes one more day of vacation to stay home with Hannah until she can blow out her candles. She hasn’t seen a bubble yet. As a teen, Leo completed both Fortune aspirations. He mastered three skills – bowling, logic, and vampire lore. He takes §20,000 from the family funds and moves out. He is marked unplayed and given to the sands of time. Except that he is a vampire and won’t be aging. And he bought the Fertile trait before moving out. And then he moved from one sunny place to another.

When the house loads back up, everyone plus a few strangers are standing out front. That hasn’t happened in awhile.

Hannah is sad because she wants to have fun today. It is her birthday and they let Leo blow out candles but she hasn’t blown out any candles.

Elizabeth is challenged on her first day at work. She isn’t down for a demotion, so she fails the celebrity.

Distractions. Hannah is sent to play with the dolls while she waits for the bubbles.

There are bubbles, and a cake with candles, just for Hannah.

Brigitte helps Hannah blow out the candles, and Hannah gets a little bit taller.

Hannah rolls Slob for her first trait. And social. That is not my favorite aspiration for the children, but I have new knowledge now on making friends, so she will be using that to get her through.

She remembers to join scouts before she starts moving around the house. All activity must count towards the badges.

Elizabeth comes home from a very stressful first day. She has to write a scholarly paper, because someone said so. Hannah is excited to show her how tall she got today.

Then Hannah starts stalking the passers-by. She takes their picture – only one so far – but four sets of pictures and they are good friends.

The one thing I meant to do when Leo moved out, and forgot, was to send Coco with him. It makes sense for the two of them to be together – they are both going to exist forever. He is a vampire, she is a ghost. Besides, with the end of the challenge coming, and that last generation needing ten kids, the house is going to be cramped. Everyone will need to be out by that time – including Brigitte, who could possibly still be around.

Coco was a great cat and added a lot to the family. Wishes for a happy life go with her and Leo.

With Coco gone, and the rest of the ghosts cats moved on to the other realm, it is time to remove the cat items from the house. The biggest change is the placement of the bassinet.


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