Odyssey: Serving the Public, Chapter 8

Hannah is feeling pretty good, so she spends the night drawing pictures. She may regret that by the time she gets home from school, but for now it is what it is.

Bill finishes up the last of the badges, except for outdoor-fishing. He takes a vacation day from school and plans on knocking out the last badge while everyone else is at work or school.

Brigitte is definitely making a habit of the mixed drinks with her meals, and without. But then, she mastered 27 skills, so she can drink anything she wants. Her contributions have been made.

Once everyone has left the house, Bill heads to the park in Willow Creek. As he is walking to the pond, he is hit be a wave of longing to be with his caregiver. He has entered a Clingy phase.

Pushing on, he stops at the pond and does his fishing to earn the outdoors badge.

Returning home immediately, he collects the last badge and is now free to be a child. Except for working on his second aspiration when he has time. He is already on the last tier of creativity, so he might just finish it.

Another random sim in the house. She just wandered by, came in for some water, and wandered out.

Hannah earns an A, on either her first or second day in school. First day – she didn’t go to school on Monday because it was her birthday and this is Tuesday.

That means she has time to make another good friend for her aspiration. Taking pictures to make friends might just make this a much less hated aspiration. Ooh, same with the popularity aspirations. Making friends is never one of their priorities.

I was in a hurry to get to bed last night, and all my sims have to be home and sleeping when I save and exit, preferably. That means I missed several things as everyone was coming home from work. The biggest thing is that Elizabeth was promoted to Tenured Professor, level 9. With her work ethic, she should earn her last promotion by the end of the week. I also sent Hannah to bed without having her complete her homework. So, she has to get up at 1am to get it done before going back to sleep.

After Hannah finished her homework, I realized that Arthur needs to help for his aspiration. So, she gets up and works on extra credit so that he can get that done. Tip – queue up three actions to Help with Homework, then cancel one at a time as it registers. That way they can get all three checked off during on homework session. Mentoring for the aspiration works the same way.

Hannah has a busy morning before school. She takes pictures of, and becomes good friends with everyone in the family. She becomes best friends with Bill. Then, Brigitte invites over those that have moved out. Audrey is still alive, and Kristi and Leo come over. Hannah runs out of time and doesn’t get to meet Kristi before leaving for school. But, she is now good friends with Leo and Audrey.

Kristi spends the morning punching the stuffed animal. She must have a lot of tension from her triplets. Speaking of, they are all now child-age so maybe Bill and Hannah can get to know them.

Making friends with the camera is one thing, but now Hannah actually has to level the social skill, which seems to mean real interactions with other sims.

Bill cuts their chat session short to run over when Arthur gets home. He was promoted again – Promising Prosecutor, level 7. His next promotion is when he will choose between Judge and Private Attorney.

Despite moving to Oasis Springs with Leo, Coco still comes back to haunt the household. That could be because her gravestone is still here.

Normally, when they already know sims, are friends already, the aspiration counts once they have interacted with the sim again after reaching that tier. For some reason, Hannah’s aspiration is not updating with the adults that she is friends from outside the active household.

Hannah takes everyone she knows to the beach to see if traveling will update the counts. It doesn’t.

There are several strangers on the beach, so she introduces herself to two of them, and then she heads off to school.

Bill took the day off from school so that he can finish the drawings to complete the creative aspiration. He is feeling pretty awful – maybe he ate something spoiled for breakfast.

Bill completes Creativity, his second aspiration. That means he has mastered the motor and creativity skills.

Hannah earns her A today, which means she can now focus on finishing her badges and the social aspiration.

She has to make two new adult friends to get the box to check. But that is accomplished. Now she needs three child friends, and she knows just where to find three of them together.

It is time that she meets her cousins. Kailani is the only girl, Lee has the mohawk, and Jaron is in red.

Kailain burps so Hannah has to do one better and farts.

Then she gets several pictures of each cousin and after two pictures they are friends. Now she just has to finish mastering the social skill.

Lee is the only one that she can get a picture of by himself. The others wouldn’t separate from the pack.

Elizabeth is right on schedule and earns her last promotion on Thursday. She is now a Master Educator, level 10.

Arthur is still looking for the next promotion, so that he can move on to becoming a Judge.

Mastering the social skill requires chatting with other sims. So, Hannah spends the evening talking with anyone that will stop long enough to listen.

She finally reaches the top, mastering social and completing the aspiration.

She is probably not going to earn the Good Manners trait. As a slob, she has a head start on Bad Manners, and sometimes it just is what it is.

They are never going to get to see speed 3. Now that Leo has moved out, it is the ghosts, or ghost of Lex.

Arthur tries to summon the aliens, and they do come, but not for him. The hope is for an alien baby, which means they need to abduct him and not Brigitte or Elizabeth.

The kids come home from school, and TGIF, because they both had hard days. Bill had a bad interview and Hannah is tired of school. She wants to do something fun.

Hannah wanted something fun. This is not what she would have chosen, but the kids need to stay out of the house and otherwise occupied for a few minutes.

Arthur comes home without a promotion. His performance has suffered a bit this week and he is struggling for the next promotion. He cranks up the computer and tries to contact aliens again. Maybe tonight they will come for him.

Looking at the life states available, the Servo and the Alien are the two that still need to be added to the family. Since the aliens are out of our control at the moment, Brigitte needs to get busy working on the Servo. Since this is a new skill for me, she will be making each of the items available. Brigitte begins working on components in preparation for making toys and utili-bots and cybernetics.

  • Toys
    • Chatter-Bot, level 1 -check
    • RC Quadcopter, level 2 -check
  • Utili-Bots
    • Cleaner-Bot, level 3
    • Party-Bot, level 4
    • Gardener-Bot, level 5
    • Fixer-Bot, level 6
  • Cybernetics
    • Robo-Arm, level 7
  • Servo, level 8
    • Servo enhancement, Sim Defense Matrix, level 9
    • Servo enhancement, RoboNanny, level 10

Arthur contacts the aliens, again, and then heads out to relax on the water slide.

The aliens came for Arthur tonight.

The next morning, Arthur tells Elizabeth all about his adventure with the aliens.

Brigitte makes it really tough to take G rated pictures. Here is a picture of her naked butt working on the robotics table. I believe this is actually a dangerous thing.

Arthur becomes an Adult. No birthday cake because I was wanting to keep him Young Adult as long as possible.

He contacts the aliens again, and they came back for him. Two nights in a row.

Apparently they were busy tonight because they also took Brigitte a little later.


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