Odyssey: Serving the Public, Chapter 9

Elizabeth is shocked to hear about the alien visitation the night before. She is really shocked when she finds out that both Arthur and Brigitte had been abducted.

Hannah is still working on her last two badges – fitness and outdoors. She will head off to the park for the fishing part as soon as she finishes dancing for the fitness.

So much for dancing. Hannah went out and finished the badge on the monkey bars. She will take Monday off from school and go fishing then.

Arthur signals the aliens again.

Brigitte is going to be chained to the robotics bench. She will also be taking vacation days because creating a servo is going to take a long time.

Elizabeth adds more simoleons to the vault, raising it to §25,000,000. Their bills each week are around §1,200,000 so she keeps just over that in her pocket.

Another abduction for Arthur.

And apparently for Brigitte also. Someone double booked the pickups for this world. They might need to work on their logistics.

Brigitte skips ahead to the Robo-Arm because she heard that would make crafting the rest of the craps, umm pieces and parts, faster.

Brigitte drinks one of Lex’s potions and keeps on working. She has been chained to the bench and is not allowed to leave until the Servo is made.

Elizabeth has been gravitating to the treadmill recently, so she is left to continue.

This could be the reason she needs the treadmill. That is a cauldron of Cioppino.

The kids are home from school, and then I remember Hannah was going to take the day off so she could finish her last badge.

They work on their projects and then on their homework before heading to bed. There generally is no free time on Mondays.

The projects are done and Hannah remembers to call and take tomorrow as a school holiday.

The aliens seem to have given up on Arthur. They don’t come for him tonight. They didn’t come for Brigitte either, which is good since she needs to continue working on the servo. If he doesn’t surprise everyone with an alien baby, then Hannah may be looking for an alien spouse.

Brigitte finally has the pieces and part for the Servo. Once the servo is done, then she will go back to the other items that can be made.

Work on the servo has begun. Brigitte has no idea what is going to happen when she is done.

Arthur decides to give himself some help with his career.

He wishes for a promotion.

And is promised a promotion when he goes to work again.

Brigitte almost forgets to take a vacation day, but gets the request in at the last minute.

Oh shoot, missed, or forgot, or ignored Bill’s birthday. It seems I might remember seeing something about it, and never thought about it again. Bill rolls Lazy to go with Loner and chooses the Master Chef aspiration. And he definitely needs some help with his choice in fashion.

Much better. Bill heads inside to work on his new homework, he is done with school today.

Hannah goes to the park to get her fishing done for the outdoor badge.

Hannah receives her promotion to Llamacorn Scout. She is now done as a child and just waiting for her birthday. Five days until her birthday.

Arthur does receive his promotion to Gavel Smasher. He is on his way up the Judge career path.

Brigitte is getting close to finishing the servo.

Bill is sent out to the garden to begin learning to take care of the plants. He is Lazy so this is not making him happy.

Arthur spends the afternoon making rulings, Guilty and Not Guilty as so determined.


Not Guilty

I am not sure where Hannah was, but she came running from the beach when Elizabeth got home from work.

The servo is complete and it is time for Brigitte to activate him.

[bells and whistles]

Marvin comes to life and joins the household. {+3 points]

Brigitte is glad to escape the basement, but she leave Marvin down there alone.

Marvin finds his way upstairs and joins Brigitte and Bill at the table.

Marvin Odyssey, servo

  • Traits: Art Lover, Materialistic, Geek
  • Aspiration: Super Parent
    • -yeah this is probably not going to happen

Since he is materialistic, he switches over to the Fortune aspiration of Fabulously Wealthy.

Marvin plays with his appearance, finally settling on black and blue.

It is Elizabeth’s birthday, and she just remembered. The cake is set out with candles blazing.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth didn’t remember in time, and she aged up before she could get to the cake.

Oh look, Arthur has been abducted once again.

Marvin relieves Brigitte at the robotics bench – he will now spend the time to master the skill. I am still trying to figure out the enhancements.

There was a promise of money and fame. He got the fame but never received the money.

Brigitte performs a tuneup on Marvin. Then she is able to perform an enhancement to level 1. I still haven’t figured this out.

Marvin’s battery runs down so he heads inside to recharge.

Bill brings home an A in high school, so the kids are both on free range now.

While Marvin should be leveling robotics, Brigitte wants to get one of each of the bots made first. So, she is making stashes or mechanisms and computer chips.

While Marvin waits for his turn on the robotics bench, he finds other things to do around the house.

Marvin begins downloading enhancement data. Just a little underwhelming since it barely changed his enhancement progress and he was out of commission for hours.

Arthur says no to the bribe.

The aliens really like Arthur. They are skipping nights, but he has been abducted a lot. They also stopped abducting Brigitte.

Brigitte is back in the basement, working on the components for the utili-bots. There are four that need to be made to finish up the robotics. She really is losing her mind – she forgot her pants today.

The first utili-bot she builds is the gardener-bot.

It is complete and ready for activation.

  • Toys
    • ✔ Chatter-Bot, level 1 -check ✔
    • ✔ RC Quadcopter, level 2 -check ✔
  • Cybernetics
    • ✔ Robo-Arm, level 7 -check ✔
  • Utili-Bots
    • Cleaner-Bot, level 3
    • Party-Bot, level 4
    • ✔ Gardener-Bot, level 5 -check ✔
    • Fixer-Bot, level 6
  • Servo, level 8 -check
    • Servo enhancement, Sim Defense Matrix, level 9
    • Servo enhancement, RoboNanny, level 10

Arthur is not doing well as a judge. His decisions always seem to be the wrong one. But he keeps trying.

Marvin is very lonely, and constantly needing to be recharged. He will probably be moving out with Bill, just because it is a struggle to keep him running.

Hannah surprised everyone when she mastered creativity. She wasn’t trying, it just happened.


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