Odyssey: Sound of Music, Chapter 1

Generation 2:

  • Heir must choose between Music or Painting careers.
  • Spouse may work in the other career or Culinary or Gardening.
  • Once painting skill is mastered, the walls and floors can be any material.
  • Once the heir reaches the top of her career, radios are unlocked.

Gen 2 Mini Challenge:

  • Make at least §1,000 by busking. +3 points

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.” ~Albert Schweitzer

Teresa rolled Neat, Creative, and Ambitious.  She also has Top-Notch Toddler, Creatively and Mentally Gifted, Scouting Aptitude, Good Manners, Emotional Control, Compassionate, and Responsible.  Her aspiration is Painter Extraordinaire and she has completed the first tier and most of the second tier.  She takes the Painting career and will leave the Music career to her spouse.

The first thing, or rather, the next thing that Teresa does is to head out to find her mate.  Maybe she could have waited until after she took a bath, or even until morning.  But MCCC has a tendency to play fast and loose with the newly available sims and Teresa knows there isn’t any time to lose.  Besides he just moved into town, so surely he is still awake.

Howl Ghibli is from Livvielove’s Ghibli Legacy.  He is the first born spare of the second generation and I am so excited to have him join the family.  I get one kid from these two and it will either be pink or red.

That is assuming he and Teresa can work through their initial disconnect.  They are both neat and they are both more tired than I thought.  Teresa’s odor and lack of hygiene is causing Howl’s resistance to her advances.

But I am persistent.  He decided to go to sleep, so she went to take a shower.  He woke up and went to tell her off so she only got half a shower.  It wasn’t enough, so they are still stuck.

Teresa doesn’t have to go to work for several days and Howl doesn’t have a job yet, so they have enough time for Teresa to get cleaned up and smelling a little fresher.  Back at Howl’s house and trying again.

Things are going much better now.  Even though they are still tired, not having a green cloud surrounding her improves the process of them getting to know each other tremendously.

She is even able to get to her first kiss, and Howl isn’t tossing up any red flags.

She asks if he wants to be her boyfriend and he says yes.  Since they are both exhausted she decides not to press her luck with a proposal just yet.

She does ask if he wants to have fun, and of course that is a yes.  Afterwards, they both get some well-earned sleep.

After a bit of sleep, Howl is the first one awake.  He stops to pee and then gets something to eat.  Once he has taken care of his needs, Teresa believes it is time to take the next step.  She checks his temperature, and he is still hot.

Then she pops the question and asks Howl to join her on this crazy challenge.  Howl accepts her proposal without any hesitation.  He even looks excited.

They elope immediately, because let’s get this party started.

Once they get back to Teresa’s house, it is time for a proper wedding celebration.  Upstairs, privately, of course.

Jake is out checking on Cleopatra and she is still alive and doing well.  It will be only a matter of time before they forget to feed her and she becomes just a skeleton of her former self.  Hopefully no one dies before that happens.  Also, since the gardening portion of the challenge is over, Jake removed the big sage garden and now they only have the smaller garden.  They will keep that for as long as Jake and Marilyn need it.  Now that I think about it, they should have kept the Sage garden and took out everything else.  Hmmm.

Howl needs to begin practicing music, so the first question was what instrument is he going to play.  I can’t see him playing the violin, and the small piano is electronic, and I don’t want to squeeze in the big piano – although I do get to add another room.  Oh yeah, Howl is going to start with the guitar.  Okay, this is looking way to down-home-country for Howl.

This one, I like much better,  Teresa is working on her painting and Howl is working on practicing music.  At least they get to be near each other while they do their things.  Although, that might not be a good thing because Howl is embarrassed at the badly played music and Teresa has frayed nerves from the badly played music.  But marriage is all-in.

One thing about the cowplant – everyone has to play with the cowplant all the damn time.

Marilyn has a lot of spare parts in her inventory so she is going to upgrade the nada-plumbing while she can.  Maybe it will stop breaking so often, especially as there are more people using it now.

She only gets two upgrades done before she is shooed away from the area so that Howl can take a bath.

While Teresa takes a bath later, Marilyn and Jake get to know their new son-in-law.  Marilyn is telling him jokes and he is politely laughing at them.  Finally, everyone goes to bed.

Howl heads off to his first day of work as an Amateur Entertainer.  He doesn’t quite get enough performance for his first promotion but he is close.

When he gets home, he decides to see if he can start getting any money from his playing.  Although at this early level, no one is willing to give him anything.

Then I forgot about him, until the message that he was freezing to death popped up.  Sorry about that, come on home.  There were distractions at home.

The next morning everyone is up early and Howl is the first one to begin cleaning up.  That is probably because Jake had already staked a claim on the tub.

What?!?  Someone has been eaten, and it is not Teresa.  She just found Cleopatra with a full milk sac when she went out to feed her.

Teresa collects Jake’s Essence of Playfulness.  Truthfully, I am surprised Cleopatra’s is still alive, but then again, someone is always playing with her and trying to feed her.

With four sims in the house needing to share the single tub, there is no sleeping in the tub allowed.  She wasn’t even that sleepy.

This took for-freaking-ever, but Coco has finally joined the household.  After several days of trying to get a kitten through adoption, they finally gave up and adopted one from the gallery.  Coco was originally Chihiro, created by TheSimPhoenix, and is a Mixed Breed who is Affectionate, Friendly, and Lazy.  The main reason the kittens in game weren’t working is that they were all coming with Territorial as a trait and I just went through five generations of that with Ravenclaw in my DyNasty.

Jake holds up cuteness as they are happy to welcome their newest member to the family.  Now the biggest question is going to be who will be cleaning her litter box, because the auto cleaners are off limits, as are the auto feeders.


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  1. Who got eaten, did you ever find out? I got a cow plant seed fairly early, then forgot about the cowplant and it died, a skeleton of itself. 😀

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