Odyssey: Sound of Music, Chapter 11

Jake comes to visit, effectively destroying the option to speed 3 through the night.

At least he is still cleaning up and taking out the trash when he comes out to visit.  I don’t know why he is sad.  He went up to cry in Grace’s room after cleaning up the trash.

The cats all got stuck.  After resetsim popped them all into t-poses, it was time to exit and reload to see if that would fix them.  Traveling probably would have worked also, but I only went to manage worlds and that fixed the problem.

Grace asked for advice and this time Teresa went for emotional control at the expense of conflict resolution.  Teresa’s parenting skill isn’t high enough to know both sides that will be affected, only the positive side.  But at this point, Grace’s emotional control is out of the red, even if conflict resolution dropped a little.  She is not working too hard for the extra character traits – as long as she has Responsibility, which she does.

Teresa switches to her third aspiration, Mansion Baron.  This is one that will be interesting if they can complete, since there are limits to what they can add to the house.  She is on the second tier and needs to add landscaping.

Grace tries jogging for emotional control, which does help that but it isn’t helping her need for fun.  That took a bath which got her bumped up enough to agree to play some chess.  The chess was fun once she started and that got her back into the green.

Then she started working on her school project for this week, but she didn’t finish it.

Golden poop.  Someone is sick and let’s check Coco first.

Of course, it is Coco.

This is their reaction if you choose to “Take them to the Vet Clinic” vs regular travel to the community lot.  This is the first time I have chosen that option so the first time I have seen the reaction.  And then, she hissed at Howl.

I believe this cat has been to the vet more than any pet I have had in the game so far.  Maybe that isn’t the case, but it feels like it.  This time she has Gilded Guts Disorder.

Teresa is very appreciative to Howl for taking Coco to the vet in the middle of the night.

Howl is appreciative to Teresa for appreciating him.  Their appreciation led them to the tent for some private mutual appreciation.

But then, with cats, nothing is that private.

Afterwards, they sat with Grace while she played chess to try to top off her fun to get her through school the next day.

Teresa and Howl are both off of work today, so it is time to work on his last three gold dates.

By the time they are finished with the three gold dates, Howl has also racked up the 50 romantic gestures and he has completed the Soulmate aspiration.  This is the second for him as he initially completed Musical Genius.  He also switches to Mansion Baron, but as with Teresa, I don’t expect either to complete it.

The day comes when Coco can’t go any longer.

As Coco is breathing her last, Howl comes home from work with a promotion to Instrumental Wonder, level 9.  He is also extremely flirty.

Howl is so sad to find Coco in the kitchen.

Mata has been sad since Coco died.  Howl tries his best to comfort her, but he is also still sad, so they just are sad together.

When cleaning out the inventory, Teresa finds several piles of ash.  She puts it out so they can clean it up, and the cats play in it first.

Teresa does what she can to help Howl with the sadness.  It must work because he isn’t sad any more and they both get busy making Love Day a happy holiday.

If only Teresa could cheer up Mata as easily.  It has been awhile since I have seen one of the pets remain blue for so long afterwards.

On Saturday, everyone is left to their own devices.  Mostly because I was distracted and just let it go.  Howl spent the day dancing, at least until he went to work.

Before he went to work he had to find Teresa first.  Grace was there to witness that since she had just finished tending to the garden.

Grace is extra sad because the day before was Love Day and while Teresa and Howl had a good holiday, Grace did not.

Louis and Mata are just hanging out on the toddler bed.  Not doing anything, just sitting there like cats do.

Sunday morning is another quiet morning – and it is Grace’s birthday.

She tends to the garden but is running a fever by the time she is done.  She doesn’t have any medicine to take so she drinks some orange juice to see if that will help.

And then it is time to blow out the candles.

Grace rolls Goofball to add to Romantic and Neat.  She keeps Nerd Brain as it is the right aspiration for what she is going to be doing with her generation.  Additionally, she has Mentally Gifted, Physically Gifted, Top-Notch Toddler, and Scouting Aptitude.  She purchases Steel Bladder and Connections, and earns Good Manners and Responsible.  Grace gives herself a makeover for her birthday, and she really changes her look with it.

She takes a position as a Scientist and because of her grades and her Connections, she starts as a Serum Sequencer, level 4.  She needs eight breakthroughs for her first promotion and she reports for her first day at work in 21 hours.

Teresa paints a lot – the paintings she has left for today include one masterpiece.  Amazingly, it is the one of the green fish.  Because, yeah.  On this note, generation two is completed and generation three is taking over.

I am still adjusting to her new look – I wanted her to have the combination pink and red hair but it didn’t feel like it fit her face well.  There was a third hairstyle that was another option but it also didn’t feel like it worked and I kept coming back to the short style.  I should have changed her hair as a teen so I would be used to it now, but I didn’t.  There is also her original red style that she has had already, that she could continue to wear, but she won’t.  The shorter style is growing on me, I just need to get used to seeing her looking like that.  Anyways, here are the looks she tested out.

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  1. I really liked the short hair on her, it’s edgy and fun. 🙂 Great job with the generation, Grace did great and so did her parents. Hard to believe you are already on generation 3. Gen 3 is born in my game, and technically I’ve played her almost all the way through child, but it isn’t all blogged yet. 🙂

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