Odyssey: Sound of Music, Chapter 2

It is Winterfest, and I just figured out how to decorate selectively using the Attic Stock Decoration Box.  I have always done the all-or-nothing decorating, or the rummage for decorations.

Now I get to figure out how to selectively decorate the tree.  Again, all-or-nothing, pre-decorated tree in the past.  You got to love challenges that make you try new and different things.  Everyone has a task and they work together to decorate the tree.

Jake has to try all of the toppers, but in the end…

There will be no topper since they are all lighted and the house still doesn’t have electricity.  But the tree is really pretty as it is.

Marilyn adds the presents under the tree and then they all have a nice breakfast of veggie burgers to start the day.

Damn!, who this time?  Jake collects Howl’s Essence of Energy.

They begin opening gifts and Marilyn starts off with a future cube.  They always hate receiving the future cube.  Howl receives a digital camera which is off limits.  Once again, most of the gifts will have to be sold because they are not allowed yet.

Say good night Gracie.  At this point, Cleopatra is placed into their inventory because she is too distracting and they feed her so often on their own that she hasn’t died yet.

Jake doesn’t notice Teresa is already using the outhouse and when barges in through the nada-door to take a bath.

Teresa has exciting news for Howl – they are going to have a baby!  Merry, Happy WinterFest!

Howl is thinking about the fact that there is going to be another person sharing the single toilet now.  And, he really has to pee.

Jake is still taking a bath, and Coco is heading back to the house after making the long trek out to check on him.  And it is raining.

Howl is really excited about the baby – he still has to pee, but he is getting used to that feeling.  They are making each other laugh by doing Belly Laughs.

Because this is a matriarchy, Teresa eats a handful of strawberries.  Howl is looking at the bag of trash she dropped on the floor in order to eat the strawberries.  He is not impressed.

Nope, not impressed at all.  Teresa is still eating those strawberries.  Howl is showing her how to put the trash in the can, which is right next to where she put the trash on the floor.

This is the look of an oops, didn’t mean to throw those away…  Teresa accidentally threw away Marilyn’s veggie burgers instead of putting them away in the fridge.  The look Marilyn is giving her says that she doesn’t think it was an accident.

Father Winter shows up and gives everyone a gift plus leaves more gifts under the tree.

Then everyone goes to bed, leaving Father Winter sitting at the table once again.  At least this time, there aren’t a lot of dirty dishes, but there still aren’t any cookies and milk either.

Finally, Father Winter pets Coco and heads off to the next house.  Maybe they left him some cookies and milk.

Cleopatra was named for the Queen of Egypt, 69-30 BCE

Coco was named for Coco Chanel, French fashion designer

Teresa wakes up in the morning with that feeling that she isn’t going to make it to the toilet, and she is right.  Having completed two aspirations as a child and most of her painting aspiration, she decides it is time to spend some of the aspiration points on traits.  She buys Shameless, Marketable, Entrepreneurial, and Creative Visionary.

Winterfest is over and all of the disallowed gifts have been sold.  Teresa made out alright, receiving two more easels so she can now paint and paint and paint.  Howl had to sell a camera and a karaoke machine and Jake had to sell another microscope.  Jake and Marilyn head to work but Teresa and Howl have the day off so they start it off with some skills-building.  But there are other things that need to be done.  They have some traveling to do.

Coco loves to listen to Howl practice the guitar.  She can even sleep while he is playing – lazy cats can sleep through anything.

When Marilyn gets home from work, it is time to head to town.  first, Teresa needs to stop at the museum to view some paintings.  Then she heads back home.

Marilyn and Howl head over to the library so Marilyn can sneak an order in on the library.  Hmm, must be winter.  Except she can’t order seeds through the computer unless she is on her home lot.  That means she doesn’t have access to complete the plants collection which she needs to be able to buy the rare seeds online.  So that is a bust and she also heads home.

Howl takes himself next door to the nightclub for his aspiration task to listen to music for two hours.  Once that is completed, he heads home, where he sells the contraband earbuds that he sneaked into his inventory.

Running back to the warmth of Oasis Springs in the winter, where blizzards are just a myth told to the little kids to scare them.

Oh Jake, it was your birthday.  So sorry.  Crap, that means it is Marilyn’s birthday also.

Literally, as I had the thought and went to look at her age bar, she got out of bed and sparkled.

Jake has primary responsibility for tending the gardens these days.  He and Marilyn are still working and his daily task is always related to the garden while Marilyn’s is always related to crafting an arrangement, so it works out.  They will probably both retire when the grandbaby is born though.

Marilyn has finished all three upgrades on the toilet and the tub.  Hopefully that helps with the breakage and the cleaning after she is gone. {sniff}

She is only able to complete one upgrade on the stove and fridge because she is either missing parts or she doesn’t have a high enough skill level.  I didn’t look because she can’t do anything about either one at the moment.  She did the repairs she could and left it at that.

Coco became an adult and spent the first day sitting on the counters.  She refused to listen to Howl telling her to get down so Jake has to teach her not to get on the counters.  It took several lectures, but she finally learned not to get on the counters.

Marilyn had some free time and decided to play in the mud puddle.  After she had her fun, she cleaned out the litter box.  I really miss the self-cleaning litter box.

Coco is definitely Marilyn and Jake’s cat.  She is always somewhere near them.

It is New Year’s Eve and they are trying to get gold without the option of watching the countdown until midnight.  They realize that they have never officially declared each other best friends – so that is done.

There is toasting and singing and lots of sharing of good feelings and everyone remembered to make resolutions.  Hopefully they will remember to complete their resolutions – but at least the holiday was successful for all.

One of them tracked the other down in the garden and Coco followed.

Somehow Howl was able to get Coco to play.  Lazy cat doesn’t put much effort into it and their playing it ended early.

Teresa comes home from work in labor and Howl panics as she walks by him.

She is going to sleep through the labor.  Now what is he supposed to do.

He is going to practice his guitar in the new musical alcove outside of their bedroom, that’s what.

Teresa wakes up with an urgent need to pee and she insists that Marilyn cut short her bath.

After taking care of the urgent need to pee, she decides the bath looks like a really good idea.

They are back in the garden again – they are out here all the time.  And, they are about to become grandparents +cat.

It is time and Howl meets Teresa in the nursery.  This would be really sweet, if only…

This is not really the time for that.

And, it is not really the generation for that.

Teresa gives birth to Grace Ghibli, generation three, with daddy Howl watching.

Grace was named for Grace Kelly, an American actress who married a Prince, Prince Rainer of Monaco in 1956.

Before she can even feed her daughter for the first time, Jake and Howl are both there fighting to see who can get Grace first.  It was Howl and he gives Grace her first bottle, while Teresa says whatever and goes upstairs to get some sleep.


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  1. Nicely done. I realized, after reading this update, I did use a tree topper…whoops. It had lights too, but I’m going to call them “candles” since people put those on trees back in the day. 🙂 The family is doing really well, excited to see Grace grow up. 🙂

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