Odyssey: Sound of Music, Chapter 3

Howl is a good daddy and spends a long time getting to know Grace.  He was going to go to work but ended up missing his shift because he was playing with her.  It is a good thing it was technically a holiday so he didn’t get into trouble and he still got paid.

Howl tries practicing in front of the house again but still no tips.  He will probably have to go to the city but I have seen them give tips before without having a specific setup so it may still happen.  Maybe his skill needs to be higher.

Marilyn and Jake come over to watch him play, or practice.  But it doesn’t really count when your only audience is your in-laws.

He quits playing when he realizes that Marilyn and Jake are just flirting with each other and they aren’t even paying attention to him any more.

Back at the house, he decides to try something different.  Maybe this thing they call chess.

Or, maybe he can help in the garden.  Look at the big power tool.  The bigger, the better, amirite?

Everyone makes sure to get time with Grace.  The instant she cries someone is heading into the nursery to take care of her.  They never actually fix her problem on their own, but they get credit for trying.

Teresa comes home with a promotion.  She is now an Imaginative Imagist, level 6.  She is also very close to mastering painting – which will allow them to redecorate the walls and floors with anything they want.

Teresa’s promotion completed Jake’s aspiration, so not real sure about how that works.  Whatever.  I was just thinking she won’t reach level 10 before his time is up, and then she came home and {boom} there it was.  That is two aspirations completed.

Also having a good and productive day – Marilyn made another run around the neighborhood, and she completed the MySims trophies collection. She is trying to complete the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration and she has about a week to earn §90,000.  {start snickering now, but she might do it}

That makes two complete collections on the lot.

I missed the picture of Howl coming home, but he can’t be left out.  He also earned a promotion to C-Lister, level 3.  Everyone was on the ball today.

Teresa masters painting and unlocks the ability to redo the floors and walls.  She will get to that shortly.

Coco is in heat and everyone is doing their best to ignore that.  Jake still is her favorite person.

Howl needs to work on his comedy skill so he spends a little bit of time making Teresa laugh.  Coco is still begging and they are still ignoring it.

Marilyn comes home and she remembers that she was going to retire, so she does.  Officially retired.

Jake made sure to retire also as soon as he got home from work the same day.  Now there are two retired elders hanging around the house.  So far, Teresa and Howl haven’t had an overlap on their jobs – Howl leaves as Teresa is getting home, but having Jake and Marilyn at home will make everyone feel comfortable that Grace will always have someone home with her.

Three guesses where Jake is at, and the first two don’t count.

Today happens to be Rebate Day, and it happens to be the day that Teresa mastered painting, so it is time to do some remodeling.  Today they are only recovering the walls and refinishing the floors.  The outside got a little bit of a facelift.  It is still wood and stone, but it is a little nicer than before.  It is spring but they still haven’t taken down the Winterfest decorations.

The top floor has three rooms – Jake and Marilyn’s room, Teresa and Howl’s room, and the creative room +hallway.

The bottom floor has two rooms – the nursery +toddler room and the main room.  This is probably the limit of the house since Jake and Marilyn are nearing the end of their time.  According to the rules, the rooms don’t have to be deleted when someone passes, but no more rooms can be added until the family count exceeds five in the future.

The little ones grow up so fast, and soon it is time for Grace to become a toddler.  Get used to this face because she is fussy.

Teresa helps her find her footing and then it is off to the races.

Teresa takes a moment to marvel at the redheaded wonder (I was really hoping she would have Howl’s pink hair, but red it is going to be).

Then they head out to the outhouse where Grace will begin potty training before bedtime.  Grace is already sad because Howl went to work and left her at home.

Grace’s first time on the potty goes pretty well at first although it is kind of boring.

Coco comes out to watch and to let everyone know she is still in heat.  Every time she meows, my cat perks up.  Grace really wants to go play with Coco instead of sitting on the potty.

Teresa tells her she needs to sit on the potty again, and she says no she would rather play with Coco.

She needs to sit on the potty a third time before she can go to bed, and she still doesn’t want to sit on the potty.  Now she is getting tired and she is not having any fun.  Coco left because Howl came home and she went to the front to greet him.  Everyone has gone to bed and so will Grace and Teresa as soon as Grace finishes her potty training for the night.

Grace is not a happy camper.  No one will let her do what she wants to do.

Howl was at work when Grace became a toddler the night before and then he came home and went straight to bed.  He tells her that he is proud to see her sitting in a chair like a big girl eating her breakfast without making a mess.

Howl decides he wants to learn the violin also, but he is going to need more practice.  A lot more practice.  Then he realizes he needs to get to where he can write songs, which means he needs to focus on the guitar since that is where his skill is the highest.  He has to get to level 8, though, so he still has a little over a level to go.

Jake comes up to listen to Howl practice the guitar.  He is getting pretty good, and actually pleasant to hear.

Marilyn joins Jake, although they are chatting and flirting more than actually listening it seems.

Downstairs, Grace is working on communication, where she remains until she has it mastered.

After mastering communication, before starting on movement, it is time for a potty break.  That potty chair is a long, long way out there for a little toddler.

The number one rule is never potty alone, according to cats, dogs, and toddlers.

After the potty is completed, then there is another long, long walk back to the house.  Grace’s generation will be the generation to develop indoor plumbing – once she reaches the top of her career.

Teresa is on the last tier of her aspiration and just needs to paint some masterpieces.  She has two painted and needs three more.

Grace is getting tired by the time she gets back to her room from the long, long trip to the potty.  It doesn’t help when she comes down the slide awkwardly.

In fact, it is the last straw – and it doesn’t take much to set off a fussy toddler.

She watches the door to see if anyone is going to come to check on her while she throws her fit – they don’t.

But once she is finished screaming and crying, Jake comes in and puts her to bed with a story.

Jake and Marilyn are always checking on the plants.  Always.  Then they laugh.


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  1. Awww….Grace is a cutie! The fussy trait seems very similar to the clingy trait in that they get sad the moment a parent leaves. I was dealing with that in my EPIC. 🙂

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