Odyssey: Sound of Music, Chapter 4

Marilyn and Jake really do enjoy talking to their plants.

Howl is trying to collect some money for her playing again, but he is probably -no, he really needs to find somewhere else to play.  He can collect money without needing the official performance station, but he needs somewhere where the sims will stop and watch him play and aren’t just walking by.  Maybe one of the parks.  But, still there is time.  He still needs to master guitar, learn piano, and write four songs.

Grace wakes up and really needs to potty.  So instead of getting her ass out of bed and making the hike out to the potty, she calls for Teresa to come get her.  Teresa was already outside about to go potty.

When I canceled Teresa’s walk back to the house, and told Grace to go potty, she decided to use her diaper instead of walk to the potty.  Yep, just going to stand there and poop, and nothing you can do about it.

After filling her diaper, then she went to ask Jake to change it.  Teresa listened to her question to Jake and then turned and left the house and went back to take a bath.

Jake had the pleasure of changing the diaper.

I almost sent Grace to spam the potty until she had it mastered but her hunger was great so she was allowed to eat instead.  Marilyn sat with her and made faces at her while she ate.

Howl finally gave up on busking and came home.  He is eating some dinner and heading to bed.  Everyone in the house is on different schedules as is normal for my families.  Grace is headed to the slide since she won’t need to potty for a little while, she might as well work on movement so that she can run to the potty next time.

Coco checks on Grace as she continues to play on the slide.  That is way too much activity for a lazy cat though.  She needs somewhere to sleep.

Grace is able to master movement before too long, and now she will head out to the potty because she needs to get that mastered next.

While Grace is getting all of the pictures, everyone else is sleeping except for Teresa who is painting, well trying to paint, masterpieces to complete her aspiration.  By the time Grace has the potty mastered, Marilyn and Jake have tag-teamed the collections around the neighborhood – they are still working on the metals and crystals collection.  Jake is awake and practicing the guitar – still trying to get to level 8 so he can begin writing songs.  And, Teresa has gone to work.

Grace takes a few minutes to pet and talk to Coco and then she is off on her next mission.

Imagination – she asks Marilyn to read to her.  What she doesn’t know yet, is that Marilyn is going to read to her until it makes her angry, or at least until level 3.  Because that is how we roll.

Grace makes it through four stories (and gets to level 3) and while she is still happy on the outside due to the Sunny Aspect of the lot, she is angry on the inside, experiencing a page rage from too many stories and a need for sleep.  Marilyn gives her a break and puts her to bed.

Howl has finally started to write his own songs.  He was given a break to take a bath, but he was so excited about writing songs that he didn’t even bother.  Of course, song writing is not a quick process and he will need to take a break soon for other reasons.

Jake makes a salad for dinner while Marilyn cleans up.  Teresa and Howl have already gone to bed but Jake knows that Grace went to bed early (in the middle of the afternoon) which means she will be waking up in the middle of the night wanting to eat, so he is going to leave it sitting out for her.

And he wasn’t wrong.  Grace wakes up pissed because she has to potty and she is starving.  She chooses to potty first, running all the way outside.

But then, instead of just running back inside to get something to eat, she throws a tantrum first.  Then once she gets that out of the way, she heads back to the house to find something to eat.  Then because I am feeling arbitrary, I send her back to bed because it is only 1 AM.

Peace and quiet.

And it is over.  Although Grace is in a good mood – she woke up without having any red needs, which makes sense since she took care of those and then was sent back to bed even though she wasn’t sleepy just because she was irritating me.  But now she is up and she is off to watch the adults in her life.  Maybe she can learn to not be a fussy brat.  She is trying to look sweet and innocent, but that face…  oh whatever, she is cute.

She watches Jake play chess.

She watches Teresa eat breakfast while Howl plays with Coco.

She watches Howl work on writing his new song.  Still his first song.

She watches Teresa try to paint her last masterpiece.  Still waiting.

Then it is time to track down Marilyn.  It isn’t a surprise to find her messing with the plants.

Grace has saved up the hard questions for Marilyn.

The first question is why she doesn’t eat hamburgers and french fries.  Marilyn gets this question a lot, or maybe it is always the first question the toddlers asked – I never noticed before.

Jake joins them, so Grace includes him in the conversation.  It helps keep them from getting irritated with her many questions of why.


And more questions…  She keeps asking Jake about a red car.

And she has mastered thinking.  Now she has to run for the potty.

As Grace makes it to the potty on time, I end the TV Season Premier holiday early because they still don’t have a TV to participate.  Oh well.  Grace’s daughter/heiress (generation 4) will be the one to unlock the TV.

Sunny Aspect helps a lot with their moods – Grace has been energized and happy for most of the time despite her needs – “most of the time”.  If the Sunny Aspect mood doesn’t trigger than her fussy shows.  Jake offers her a bubble bath and she is excited to say yes.

After the bath, it is time for food.  While Jake is taking care of Grace, Marilyn is going to talk to her plants again.  Or, she is going to research them.  Grace had to ask twice.  Jake said yes the first time and then got distracted by the trash, so Grace asked a second time and he remembered long enough to get her some applesauce.

With only imagination remaining, it is time for lots of reading.  She could also play with toys or the dollhouse, but for now Jake is going to read to her.  Howl is taking a break from writing his first song because he is about to go to work and he needed to take care of his needs before he left.

Marilyn comes over to complain about something to Howl.  I missed what it was but Howl was appropriately dismayed, and then he finished his meal.  Marilyn went to take a nap in the tent and Howl went to work.

After their fourth book, Jake asks Grace what she wants to do and she wants to play.  He agrees even though he is 152 days old.  Thankfully he survives.

Teresa comes home with a promotion and a fever.  But she isn’t really sick, she just doesn’t feel good, so she is sent right up to the painting – she still needs one more masterpiece.

Howl has finished his first song, but he can’t license it until he is at level 9 on the guitar.

Jake decides Grace needs to time to play by herself so he gives her a toy and leaves her to play.  She is midway though level 4 imagination and still has 4 days until her birthday, so plenty of time to become a top-notch toddler.

I don’t know how they make so much trash but they are always taking out the trash.  Many, many times a day.

Teresa has finally painted her last masterpiece and completed her aspiration.  Since I don’t think Marilyn is going to complete Fabulously Wealthy, Teresa switches to that for her second aspiration and immediately jumps to the third tier.

Jake gives Coco some loving.

He has been trying to give her the ball to play with but has been running into a pathing error.  Or so I thought.  He called her into the living room, petted and then brushed her.  The instant he brought out the ball, Coco left and Jake got the nope.  I guess lazy cats don’t want to play with no stinking balls.

What Sunny Aspect?  It is time for Grace’s exhausted butt to go to bed and Marilyn is about to put it there, before the tantrums can begin.

I swear that when Marilyn puts Grace into the toddler bed that she calls her an amoeba.

Howl also comes home with a promotion to Opening Act.  He isn’t promoting as fast as Teresa – no, wait.  Teresa started out several levels higher so she has an edge.  Teresa is at level 7 and How is at level 4. Howl spends some of his aspiration points on Entrepreneurial since he hasn’t bought any traits yet.  Teresa goes ahead and picks up Frugal since Marilyn and Jake won’t be around much longer.  She also buys Steel Bladder, Night Owl, and Morning Sim in case she needs to level more skills – she will need logic for her career.


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