Odyssey: Sound of Music, Chapter 5

There might be too many neat sims in this family. They are still constantly taking out the trash. It is literally their hobby and it increases their fun.

Grace is awake and her first action is a temper tantrum.

Once she is finished with the tantrum, she runs into the other room to watch Teresa eat breakfast.

While Teresa had camper’s stew for breakfast, Grace gets applesauce. That doesn’t seem very fair.

The near-constant gathering out in the garden of the adults that are awake, and Coco takes place while Grace is eating. Howl is awake but he decided that he wanted to take a bath first.

Grace is finished eating but no one is around to let her out of the high chair.


She spends her day watching and playing with the dolls. Since she only has to finish up imagination and she has several days to do so, she is being given a fair amount of freedom today to make her own choices.

It is also Love Day and the two couples start off by gifting each other roses. Everyone likes giving them but no one likes receiving them.

Grace wants to play with Coco, but Coco is sleeping. Marilyn is crying because Jake gave her a rose. A rose he handpicked from their own garden.

Since there are two couples, I don’t want to mess with taking them one dates, so they are trying to have a successful holiday without the dates. That means woohoo. Hopefully woohoo without killing Jake or Marilyn from exhaustion.

In between rounds, to give Jake and Marilyn a chance to recover, Jake reads to Grace.

Jake and Marilyn are golden after two woohoos and the unsuccessful rose exchange. Jake heads back out to commune with the trees and Grace joins him.

It takes Teresa a third woohoo and several romantic interactions but she and Howl are golden – and the holiday is ended early.

Everyone is done with Love Day and heading back to their regular activities. Grace is heading inside to play with her dolls and Jake is going to prune the bonsai into a playful shape again.

And, Grace has mastered imagination and become a top-notch toddler.

Howl needs to increase his comedy skill so he begins telling jokes to Teresa and Marilyn. The next thing I know is he is hysterical. He is so funny that he cracks himself up. Dude, you are not dying young. There are also no mirrors in the house and he has to go to work in less than an hour.

With the quick addition of a mirror next to where he was a standing and a half-hearted attempt to calm himself down, Howl is able to leave for work in just a Very Playful mood. And he still didn’t get this comedy skill up for his promotion.

Howl comes home from an embarrassing night at work, but with an improvement in performance. He might get a promotion soon, so he just needs to get the comedy skill improved. Since Grace woke up when he got home, he tells her a funny story and makes some funny faces and gets the bump up on comedy.

Then he puts her back in bed – it is only midnight so hopefully she will stay in bed awhile longer. He heads up to bed. Everyone else is trying to get up, but I want everyone to be in bed at the same time, so I keep sending them all back to bed until finally at 130 AM I can say that everyone is in bed and asleep at the same time.

Everyone gets up for breakfast, which is pancakes that Marilyn made. Jake and Marilyn are having one conversation while Howl and Teresa are flirting in their own conversation. Grace is joining in also, which makes it awkward sometimes.

Howl has an interesting opportunity at work, and of course he takes the encore.

It paid off and Howl received a promotion immediately. He is now an official Musician, not just an Entertainer – Jingle Jammer, level 5.

When Teresa gets home she sits with Grace and tells her some funny stories while she eats. But she needs to get back to painting so soon they are off in different directions.

Jake and Marilyn are quietly talking because they know their time is almost up. There have been warning signs that the time will soon come that they will pass on.

Grace comes looking for Jake. She wants a bath but Jake and Marilyn are still talking. Surprisingly, she stands quietly and doesn’t interrupt.

Finally, she asks Jake for a bubble bath and he takes her outside to give her one.

After the bath, Marilyn claims the bedtime story and heads inside to put Grace to sleep.

Howl finally comes home from work and he gets right to work on the piano. He is really tired, but he needs to improve his piano skills now that he is an official musician. Once his piano skill is good enough for another promotion, he finally allows himself to get some sleep.

Grace wakes up dreaming of spiders. While I would wake up traumatized, Grace wakes up in a happy mood.

She decides she is going to wake up Jake. But, wait. There goes Jake – he is already awake.

When Grace gets to the bedroom, only Marilyn is still there asleep. Grace has to wake someone up.

She winds up the pitch and lets it go – time for Marilyn to wake up.

Then, because she thinks she is a little rooster, she heads next door to wake up Teresa.

For a toddler reason, she leaves Howl alone to sleep.

He doesn’t get to sleep though. Today is the first day of summer and there are things to do. Everyone is up and getting ready.

They start off at the lounge where Howl is going to play for tips.

He attracts a little crowd, including Grace who wants to watch her daddy.

For an unknown reason, Grace decides to throw a fit. Truly unknown because all of her needs are in the green and she had all energetic moodlets.

Oh the torture of being a toddler. Maybe she doesn’t like sharing her daddy with other people.

Teresa distracts her with some playing and Howl continues to play.

Jake and Marilyn head straight to the bar. They listen to his play all the time – they want booze.

Grace has to sit down for awhile to calm down but she doesn’t want to calm down. There is too much excitement around her.

This dude from when Teresa was a teen has called her every day of her life.  He aged up days before she did and immediately got married.  He is looking at her like, why don’t you ever want to go out with me?

Jake decides he wants to go home and he will take Grace with him.

The long walk back to the portal where he will put Grace down and leave without her. She will join him momentarily though.

Howl finishes playing when it is time to go to work. Each of his tips is §18 at this point at his skill level, and he received fourteen tips. 14 x §18 = §252, and his goal is §1,000, so he has completed a quarter of the mini challenge goal.

While Howl heads off to work, Teresa is looking for frogs.  She is close to completing the collection Marilyn and Jake have been working on.

Coco is still keeping her company because there is no way to send Coco home.

Marilyn heads home also leaving Teresa to head over to the park and do some pond fishing.  Frogging?

She thought she had gone from the lounge to to the park alone, but Coco followed her again.

By the time she finished at the second park she is so over looking for frogs.  But she is only missing two from the collection.

When Teresa gets home, Grace is standing outside and a strange toddler.  She waves and Elsa is not sure about that.

Grace keeps trying because Elsa is her first friend outside of the family.  Elsa is still not sure about Grace.  Grace waves and then cries.

They finally talk long enough that Grace can give Elsa a hug and then Elsa disappears.

Inside Jake and Marilyn have received their second notice to get their affairs in order.  It is hard to believe it is almost time for them to go.

Marilyn has completed one more collection for the challenge.  She bought the rare seed packs (must have gardening level 10) and spent a lot of money doing so, but the magic seeds are completed.  That makes three collections that are complete and displayed on the lot.

She also added more plants to the garden.  At this point they have one of each, of most plants plus seven death flower plants.  I don’t know how long they will keep the garden alive, but Marilyn is leaving them a good one.  The only plant she is missing from completing the plants collection (for the household collections, not every single plant in game) is the UFO Plant.  But there are still several (8-9) generations remaining in this challenge.  Marilyn and Jake have completed Gardening 31/32 +12 according to the Household Collections.

Everyone is just hanging out today.  It is Grace’s birthday but she hasn’t started bubbling yet.  Howl is practicing the guitar so they are all watching him, except Grace.  She is chattering with Jake.  And, the feels.

Just a happy family, enjoying being together.


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  1. Awww, they are going to get to see Grace grow up, that’s good! I keep wanting to call her Gracie for some reason. 🙂 Mine made it to see their granddaughter become a toddler, but weren’t lucky enough to make it to child. Belle did take a little bit to find a guy and get a high enough relationship to get married though, so that might be part of it. Also, they were’t really fit! You are doing great on those collections!

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