Odyssey: Sound of Music, Chapter 7

Mata looks a lot like Coco but she has different eyes – those are more like Louis.

Marilyn comes out to visit after a few days, but Jake hasn’t been out yet.

She was happy at first and then she was angry.  She started pruning the bonsai and that helped her mood a lot.  I am hoping that she and Jake will help with tending the garden when they come out to visit.

Mata gets plenty of attention from her parents.  Coco plays with her in a rare show of activity.

Later Louis plays with her also.  She definitely has Louis’ eyes.

After playing there are loving head butts.

Damn electricity – power surge caused me to lose 45 minutes of play which was a full day in their lives.  Sometimes the replay results in the same things happening, but not this time.  No one came home with a promotion and Howl brought home a scowl.  He and Teresa took a quick tumble to get him into a good enough mood to work on his last song – hopefully he can complete it tonight.

Grace is working on her mental skill and Teresa is playing chess for logic, hoping to get her two remaining promotions quickly.  Grace had to call the cats over because Louis was getting into the food that Howl made and she kept clicking on the wrong cat and ended up with all three.  Looks like she is making something that smells appealing to the cats.

Jake has finally decided to come visit and he watered one plant.  Then he took out the trash and complained about the mess.

Teresa asked him to mentor her so she would level up her logic faster, and it seemed to work.  She only needs level 6 in logic and she has already mastered painting, so she almost has all of the skills she will need to finish up her career.

Howl has finally completed the fourth song and all he needs to do to complete his aspiration is to mentor someone else on the guitar for three hours.  Once Teresa has finished what she needs on logic, she will be Howl’s student.

Teresa thanks Jake for his help in improving her logic skill enough for her career – she shouldn’t have to do anything else for her last promotions except show up in a good mood.

Now it is time to help Howl finish his aspiration.  She begins to play the guitar and Howl is already thinking that maybe he doesn’t need to complete the aspiration, because this three hours is going to be torture.

It is over, and he has a headache, but it is over.  Did he mention that it is over?  Howl has completed his aspiration – Musical Genius.  Teresa needs to put the guitar down and please, never pick it up again.  Actually, in the three hours that Howl was mentoring her, she went from have no skill to level 4 + 69%, so almost level 5 – and she still sounds horrible.

With one aspiration completed, Howl changes to Soulmate, and then heads over to work on the piano skill which he needs for his career.  He will work on the Soulmate aspiration after he has his career skills in order.

Mata has grown up and looks at lot like Coco.

Somehow Louis managed to get under the covers with Howl and Teresa while Coco and Mata are still sleeping on the floor.  I don’t think they are supposed to be able to do that, but it is cool at the same time.

Louis is just sitting there.

Okay, let’s try to compare Coco…

And Mata…  Obviously the eyes are different.  And I think Mata’s ears are bigger.  But Mata’s coat pattern is identical.

With three adult cats, they decided they needed more than one food bowl and one litter box.  The cats were happy to see three food bowls so now they can eat more often.  Thankfully none of the cats are gluttons.

Even though Louis is spoiled and basically untrainable, Mata is not.  She is mischievous and prone to chose to misbehave more often, but she can be trained out of bad behaviors.  Teresa is trying to train her not to get on the counters.  She doesn’t learn this as fast as Coco did, but that could be because she likes getting on the counters.

Elsa is finally big enough to come over and play big games with Grace.  She is hoping that Elsa will be her best friend throughout the years.

Grace gives Elsa one of her emotion potions and then before she can give her more gifts, she has to leave for the scouting meeting.  She is slowly picking at the badges, but she keeps forgetting about them.  On the other hand, she is close to completing her aspiration.

Howl reached level 4 piano, which is what he needs for his next promotion.  Then he realizes that he needs to master piano for his career.

Teresa comes home with another promotion and they are now one promotion away from unlocking radios.

Teresa came home to a bright, sunny day.  She began tending to the plants – weeding and spraying for bugs and watering where needed.  Before she was done, the weather turned dark and a thunderstorm rolled in.  It is time to get inside.

Grace decided that she needed a bath bad enough that she was willing to risk the lightning.  This makes me wonder – walls are not allowed, but would putting a roof over the tub and toilet be allowed.  For safety’s sake.

While Howl and Grace go to bed, Teresa is finishing up some paintings for the day.  Her goal is three paintings daily.  She keeps any masterpieces to hang around the house and sells everything else.  The cats all congregate in Grace’s room, and after waking her up several times, they finally settle down and play with each other.  Since the coloring is no longer definitive – this is Louis and Coco.  Mata is on the dresser watching.

Monday morning starts off early but with the family having a breakfast of beans and farts.  Howl is romantic so he needs to have a lot of romantic actions, which Teresa doesn’t mind at all.  Grace just ignores them as much as possible.

After breakfast, Teresa tries to breed her frogs for the last missing frog she needs for her collection and she gets the right match.  Collection Completed!  That makes four completed collections.

Grace continues the chain of success by mastering the mental skill soon after, and before school.  All she needs now is an A in school to complete her aspiration, and she still has about a week remaining until her birthday.

She still needs to finish the charity or gift-giving badge, so she gives the rest of the emotion potions and several strawberries to Teresa.  That moves her up to 5/9 badges completed.

Then she gets the pleasure of cleaning the litter box, again.  I really miss the auto-cleaning litter boxes.

Oh yeah, they had lightning, This is the only treasure that was left, but it is rare.  They probably already had it because Teresa didn’t get the special music when she picked it up, but if it is a duplicate it will be sent off for the elements.

The tent was the only damage from the storm, although this is not the first time the tent has had to be replaced because of lightning.

Damn!  That litter box was just cleaned!

Teresa and Grace both had roughs days and then came home in the middle of the storm and just stood outside complaining about the storm.  Sometimes the temptation to let them stand out there is strong.

But there is homework and projects to be completed.

Mata has decided to go into heat, and the answer is NO.  There are enough cats in the household at the moment.

Howl comes home looking at proud of himself, but he didn’t get a promotion.

Nope, still no promotion.  His performance is as good as it can get without getting a promotion.

That’s what I said – no promotion today.  Go practice the piano and go to bed.  Try again tomorrow.


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  1. The cats are cuties. You are doing so well with maxing skills and completing aspirations. I haven’t even gotten through the first part of the music aspiration for my heir because of the radio thing. I’m making it hard on myself now by not letting them use anything no allowed though, so they can’t go listen to the radio somewhere else. Hopefully I’ll get through it eventually. 🙂

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