Odyssey: Sound of Music, Chapter 8

Jake stops by to take out the trash, because that is the family hobby.

Then he checks out the completed collections.  He seemed bored at first but then he got happy.

Coco is sick and will have to go to the vet today.  Thankfully, Teresa has the day off so she will be taking her as soon as she has greened up her needs.

Louis is a pain in the everything.

Teresa starts off with having Coco treated for her sickness, which is an Overheated Sniffer.  She opts for the expensive treatment to get her well now.

Then she has each of the cats altered.  They are not happy about the cones of shame.

Grace meets a boy from school on the same day that she finally gets an A and completes her aspiration.  She hasn’t decided if she is going to try to complete a second aspiration as a child, or not.

Coco is finding that the cone of shame makes it difficult to sleep comfortably.  Although for a cat, what is comfortable.

Now, Howl earns that promotion to Professional Pianist, level 7.  And, that means he needs to practice the piano some more.

Howl went to take a bath when he got home from work, and I lost track of him.  A lot later, when I was checking up on everyone, I realized he was asleep but didn’t remember sending him to bed.  That is when I found him in the tub and realized he never made it past taking a bath.

And then after the bath, he had to repair the tub.

Teresa watches Howl practice before she leaves for work.  She is hoping for her last promotion today, there is a possibility.

While Howl is home alone, he continues to practice without interruption.  Even though all of the cats congregate at his feet.

Teresa missed her promotion by the smallest margin imaginable.  And she is off tomorrow plus it is a holiday.  So she won’t get her last promotion until Friday.  Grace, on the other hand, really needs a bath.

I really miss the auto-feeder. {sigh}

And I really am getting irritated with the baths.  I already prefer the showers because they are faster, but there is no reason for her to be asleep in the tub.  She was not even the slightest bit tired when she got into the tub.  And when they fall asleep, they don’t get clean, they just waste time.  I am ready for the generation that unlocks indoor plumbing and showers.

Louis and Mata are fighting over the food dish.  There are three dishes of food but Louis wanted to eat out of the one Mata was eating out of, so he attacked her.  Later they kissed and made up, but still.  And, because he is spoiled, it doesn’t do a hill of beans to scold him for attacking her.

So, apparently somehow, I missed Howl’s birthday.  His sad moodlet is already several hours old, so I missed it several hours ago.  (game hours)  So sorry Howl.

Howl celebrates his birthday, belatedly, with a new piano.  Apparently, I also missed the fact that he received a piano as one of his promotion rewards.  Very nice, and it has an inspiring motive buff.

Louis decides to run away after he and Mata get into another food over the food bowls.  Grace puts out a notice so that their neighbors will be watching out for him, and eventually, I am sure he comes back.

An update to the rules has been made where beginning with generation 2, once handiness is mastered the thermostat is unlocked.  In the other two versions of the game, maxing handiness unlocks cars and carpools, neither of which is currently in Sims 4.  There was some discussion and it seemed like thermostats was a reasonable replacement.  So, that is what I am going with.  Now, Teresa needs to get working on mastering handiness.

But first, Grace switches her aspiration to Rambunctious Scamp.  She is going to struggle a little with this one because of several of the tasks, but she is going to do her best.  The first thing she needs to do is play on a playground while playful.  Done.  Now, she needs to practice typing for 4 hours.  That one is a little stickier.  For now, she heads home – she won’t worry about the typing until she has leveled motor to the point where it is a problem.

Grace spends the rest of the day playing on her monkey bars.  Her plan is to master motor and then worry about the typing practice and the typing game.  Since the adults are allowed to use the computer at the library for their career requirements, it might be necessary to let the children do the same for the motor aspiration.  I am still thinking about it, which is why she will master the skill first, and I will deal with it later.

Yep, he came back.  Everyone will be so happy.

Welcome back, dumbass.  First thing he did was scarf down the food and throw it up on the floor.  Just like a cat.

Howl looks like he is tired.  Maybe he should get some sleep.

I am in shock.  Louis actually learned to not wake up sims.  Maybe they can all sleep through the night now.  And, he is spoiled so I am doubly and triply shocked.

After Grace goes back to bed, Teresa is woken up by Mata.  Apparently there is still another cat in the house that needs to learn to not wake up the sims.  Teresa heads downstairs to get something to eat and runs into Marilyn.  They both complain about Louis being on the counter but neither feel moved to actually try to do anything about it.

Later Marilyn is caught mourning for either herself or for Jake.  Not sure which since I can’t actually see her queue.

Oh, Coco.  Howl has the latest start time, so he will take her to the vet today.

By the time they get to the vet, only her nose is glowing.  But the diagnosis today is Magmafied Organs.  Always the expensive treatment if they have the money because it is an instant cure without the cone.

Howl picks up some wellness treats to see if that will help keep the sickness to a minimum and they head home.  He gives each cat a treat and then gets ready for work.

When they got home from the vet, Teresa had already left for work.  But when she came home, she had great news.  She had earned her last promotion – level 10, Master of the Real.

They have unlocked radios, and they finally are bringing out the stereo that Howl received early in his career that has been sitting in their inventory staring at them.  Music, then can have music.  Teresa needs to continue working on handiness and Howl needs to head out to the hard to do some busking in order to finish up their tasks for the second generation.

After working all afternoon and evening with woodworking and still at level 6 – she doesn’t have anything electronic and virtually no plumbing – Teresa has decided to call it a night.  But on a positive note, she made lots of statues to sell.


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  1. Nice job on completing the job. I’m currently at a level 7 in music right now too. She’s working her way up and I’m excited to get radios. I would also like to max handiness, but no one is even close yet. We’ll see.

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