Odyssey: Sound of Music, Chapter 9

Coco has now learned to not wake up sims – that just leaves Mata that still needs to learn.  Grace is going to stay up even though it is only 4 am, because she got all the sleep and she wants to use the toilet and tub before anyone else wakes up.

Yes, Coco is a good kitty.

The family gathers for Saturday morning breakfast and then they split off to work their various skills.  Howl is still practicing the piano (level 7), Teresa tends the garden and then settles in to build handiness (level 6), and Grace is working on motor skills ( level 7).

She isn’t sure why she has to work on her motor skills – she is going to be a scientist and they use their brains.

When Grace masters the motor skill, it is time to make a decision on how she is going to complete the aspiration.  She needs to practice typing and then earn a high score on the typing game.  Since I am allowing the adults to use the computer at the library for work related reasons, then the children can use it only to complete the Motor aspiration, and only once they have mastered the motor skill.

The cats are having a meeting, or a gathering, out by the graves.  It is a pretty place, you have to admit.

As Grace quits playing on the monkey bars, she finds out that she has completed the fitness badge – she is now a Llamacorn scout.

And then Grace continued her magical powers by training Louis to not jump on counters any more.  I wish I could see what each cat was trained and what they still needed to learn.

I have been waiting for them to give me a good comparison, and this will work.  Their coats are identical.  As best I can tell, the only differences are their eyes and ears.

Damn, missed another birthday.

Grace settles in to practice her typing.

While Grace is doing what she needs, Teresa is looking for things to upgrade.  She is running out of upgrade parts – she has all of the common parts but not many of the others, and she can’t buy them at the library.

Teresa heads home when there is nothing left for her to upgrade, and Grace follows once she has completed the two parts of her aspiration.

Grace heads out to the monkey bars and promptly completes the motor aspiration.  That makes two for her – and just in time because tomorrow is her birthday.

Teresa surprises me with her mastery of cooking, and then I remember it is New Skill Day.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t make her holiday gold, so she needs to find another skill to level quickly because the day is almost over.

Pulling Howl and Teresa off of their regularly scheduled activities, Howl completes the holiday with a level in gardening.

Teresa completes the holiday by leveling fitness.  Now they can all go to back to what they were doing.  Or, maybe they can just go to bed.

Yes! Teresa uses the last few hours of New Skill Day to master handiness.  With the mastery of handiness, she has unlocked the thermostat and they can now have climate control inside the house.

Howl runs out of time, but is able to get his piano skill up to level 9 by the time the holiday ends.  I also realized that Howl needed to spend some of his aspiration points, so he picked up several new traits: Steel Bladder, Shameless, and Night Owl.  While I was at it, Teresa picked up Carefree to add to her collection of traits.

They move the arts and crafts table upstairs into the inspired area so that Grace can take advantage of the inspired aura.  She won’t finish the creative aspiration because it is already time for her birthday cake, but she is trying to pick up some more points.

She is playing with three toys while Howl makes her birthday cake.  Teresa slipped out of the house to work when I wasn’t looking, but Grace took a vacation day from school.

I think it is silly that they can only license one song at a time.

One of the few birthdays that hasn’t been missed, Grace is ready to blow out her candles.

Grace rolls Romantic to go with Neat.  She also has Physically Gifted and Mentally Gifted along with Scouting Aptitude and Top-Notch Toddler.  She spends the aspiration points on Connections.  Her character traits are in pretty good shape also, except for Emotional Control.

She also rolled Nerd Brain – scientist in the making.  Her spouse will be taking the Astronaut career that was offered in generation 1.  I thought about having him do the archaeology, but for now the plan is astronaut.

After taking  quick bath, Grace begins helping out with the garden.  While she is weeding by hand, Teresa comes home and finishes up with the weed sucker.

That gives Grace a little freedom to play in the rain before heading inside to do her homework and get ready for her first day of school.

Howl and Teresa are still close and randomly romantic whenever they have a chance.

Deciding it is time to finish the mini challenge of collecting §1,000 in tips by busking, Howl heads out to find a good spot.  He dabbles with the guitar in a bar and receives §20 per tip there.  But he is still needing to master piano so he decides to head to one of the lounges that has a piano so he can work on both at the same time.  At first his only audience is Teresa.  But she is calling everyone she knows to come to the lounge.

But that changes as he continues to play.

Although Teresa wanders in and out over the course of the day – he plays for 12 hours straight – she is there with him until the end.

His crowd grows as more sims come in after work and school.  Each tip for his piano playing is only §18, so it takes awhile to accumulate the full §1,000.

But Grace’s friend, Cortez makes the last tip to put him over the line: §1,002 total tips, that I saw.  I believe there were two I missed but, whatever.

Howl is headed home, miserable.  He needs a bath and some food.  And maybe some celebration woohoo for completing all of their goals for the generation.

Yeah, there is definitely going to be some woohoo when they get home.

Howl is almost happy just to have the bubble bath.  But he still gets to woohoo too.  The only thing left that they need to complete, but isn’t required is for Howl to reach the top of his career.  He is currently level 7, so he has a few promotions remaining.  As for the actual goals – Teresa has mastered handiness and painting, unlocking the thermostat and allowing the floors and walls to be made from any materials.  She has reached the top of the painting career, unlocking radios.  Howl has earned §1,000 in tips by busking for +3 points.  That is everything that they had to do, now it is cleaning up loose ends and prepping to turn over the challenge to Grace when she becomes a young adult.


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  1. Wow, it’s crazy to see how successful these guys have been. Grace is only in high school. Great job! I don’t think I’ll get nearly as many points, but hey, it’s a fun challenge all the same, and I’m getting better at the game as I go. 🙂 The family is super sweet! Excited to see Grace take over.

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