Odyssey: Sports & Entertainment, Chapter 1

Generation 4:

  • Heir must choose between the Acting, Entertainment, and Athletic career.
  • Spouse may work in the field the heir did not choose, or any other previously unlocked profession.
  • Once the heir(ess) has reached the top of the entertainment or athletic career – televisions, cameras, and arcade games are able to be purchased and used, as are workout machines.

Sports is the only entertainment where, no matter how many times you go back, you never know the ending. ~Neil Simon

Joanne is excited to start her career as an Actress and she chooses a gig to audition for: Wild Flames.  They are casting for the next goofy but loveable romantic interest, and Joanne wants the part.

She works on her comedy skill in preparation for her audition and quickly gets it to what they are asking for in the audition.

Zane begins working on fitness as he will need it for both his career and his aspiration.  Zane is Active, Self-Assured, and a Bookworm.  His aspiration is Bodybuilder so he also has High Metabolism.

Zanemoves back and forth between jogging and boxing.  It will be nice when they unlock the workout machines.

Matthew finally masters archaeology.  Now he needs to write a book and give a lecture.

While Matthew is working on his artifacts, Joanne is performing a musical scene out front.  There was no one to watch her but she still got credit for a street performance.

Matthew has two tasks remaining on the Archaeology aspiration, so he makes Joanne listen to a lecture on the subject.

Finally, Matthew heads to the library to use the computer so that he can write the archaeology skill book to complete the aspiration.  Hopefully it writes quickly because he isn’t going home until he is done.

Matthew works hard on his book.

But he finishes it in one sitting and completes the archaeology aspiration.

Then he drags his ass home.  Now that he has mastered the skill he can begin to receive artifacts through the mail for income.

Back at the house, Matthew and Grace head to bed while Joanne and Zane are having dinner.  Of course they stood outside by the grill while they ate and tonight it is Zane that almost freezes to death.  One he warms up, they have some fun before falling asleep.

Zane heads down to the gym to see how a real workout machine works.  He can’t wait to get one of his own.

Back at the house, Joanne is working on comedy but trying to not die from laughter at the same time.

After checking off the comedy requirement, Joanne asks Zane to help her practice some romantic scenes.

It takes two scenes to check of the daily task.  And about this point I realize that she needs a commercial for her aspiration so that will be her next gig.

Joanne realizes that she can invite over her director and co-stars so she does.  She doesn’t know if it will help her when she shows up for her gig, but maybe.

Joanne gets Ethan to practice an action scene with her.

She even uses a sim-ray to electrify Ethan, although that looks more like fire.

Afterwards, they relax with some dancing.  Matthew is running space missions, Grace is tending the garden, and Zane is eating.

While everyone sleeps, Angelica decides to repair the shower.  Looking back through the notifications, there is one that Matthew brought back an UFO plant from one of his missions.  This technically completes the gardening collection but there are still some plants missing from the expansions.  They need all of the plants from Outdoor Retreat, the vampire plants, StrangerVille mystery plant, the Fang Flower from Sixam, and one last plant that I have no idea what it is.

Zane chugs an energy drink, although he doesn’t need any help getting energized.  He seems to stay in that emotion.

It is Spring Fling so everyone begins hunting for eggs and they complete the collection to add to their list.

Joanne kills a little more time by practicing the guitar, and then it is time to head to work.

Joanne heads into hair and makeup, curious as to what she will look like when she is done.

The makeup isn’t bad and she got it right on the first try.

Once hair is done, I can honestly say that this look doesn’t work for Joanne.  Thankfully, it isn’t permanent.

After getting into her costume for the scene, she practices a scene with her costar and then tells a funny story.

She grabs a piece of pizza and lets the director know that she is ready.

She has two scenes with Ethan, a talking scene and then a kissing scene.  She kept the pizza with her for both scenes.

Then she has two solo scenes where she  has to tell jokes.  At least she finished pizza before she started the last two scenes.

When she is done with her performance, she has achieved gold, earning both money and fame.

Every time anyone comes home, someone is grilling food.  After they finish the food, they place it on the ground and never eat it.

Joanne is spreading her skill-building around.  She already has her acting skill up to level 7, so she spends time working on the skills she needs for her gigs.  She wants to be prepared for any audition that comes up.

Since it is now spring, Joanne heads to Sixam to see if the Tentacle Tree has started to grow again.  She makes a collection run while she is there and just before she leaves, the tree has sprouted.  They will go back in a few days to see if the tree is ready to be harvested or have a cutting taken.

Grace masters dancing.  She likes being left to do her own thing, although she mostly just spends her time dancing.

Everyone heads to work, leaving Joanne home alone.  Her audition is this evening, so she has some time to play.

Joanne is enjoying the new water slide – she was on it almost the minute it was placed.  The good thing about it is that it builds fitness.

Dude!  Matthew comes home with a promotion to Sheriff of the Stars, level 9.  And, then, apparently, he had a birthday.  I didn’t even realize it was his birthday.  He doesn’t get to retire since he still needs one more promotion, but at least he already has mastered fitness so he doesn’t have to workout and risk dying from exhaustion.

Ethan comes over and invites himself in.  After talking to him for a few minutes, Joanne asks him to leave.

As she is eating leftover cake, she develops a quirk: Refined Palate.  She is only going to be happy eating Excellent meals from now on.  While she is thinking about it, she picks up the Noticeable perk.  I missed the notification that she had become a one-star celebrity previously..  She is also building a Good reputation.

Then Zane comes home with a promotion to Locker Room Attendant, level 2.  Now he needs to work on charisma.  He decides to take the easy way out and purchases Great Kisser and then Entrepreneurial.  He is going to kiss his way to mastered charisma.

He has been trying to push the limits while energized for two days, but he keeps not completing it to count for the aspiration.  Finally, he buys a second punching bag which is placed outside.  He needed two pieces of qorkout equipment so took care of that, and finally allowed him to push the limits.

Joanne comes home from her audition with the part.  She will be striving for gold in a commercial on Wednesday morning.


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