Odyssey: Sports & Entertainment, Chapter 2

Grace looks sad, but there isn’t a reason for it.  I kept waiting for her to smile, but she never did.  Finally, I just left her alone.

Since everyone is awake, Zane begins kissing Joanne so that he can increase his charisma skill.  Grace is excited to see them getting all frisky, but that could just be her desire for a grand-baby.

Since he can’t just kiss-kiss-kiss her, he has to alternate the kissing with other romantic actions.

It is time for Zane to head to work, and he has gone from 0-6 in a few hours of kisses.  Great Kisser is a good trait, but once he masters charisma it loses some of its potency.

Joanne spends the day working on various skills – mostly the guitar though.

When Matthew gets home, he heads up for a space mission.  He needs it for his daily task and he is hoping to get more space rocks.

Today, I made a list of all of the collections available in game and what they need to do to begin collecting them.  Grace heads out to offer a sugar skull to one of the graves.

It worked!  This is the first time I have actually found the Day of the Dead Celebrator.

Everyone heads over to ask for a sugar skull, and they are only allowed one per household.  I believe the cool-down is 24 hours, so they will need to do this over time.  I was really hoping they could each ask for a skull, but oh well.

Joanne heads off to work on the commercial.  She needs to get gold for her aspiration, and more than that, she wants the promotion.

Hair and makeup look pretty good this time, and are way more flattering than when she was on the last show.

Joanne does a really good job on the commercial, and she takes a lot of risks.  They all pay off and she has gold before she ever finishes the commercial.

After they finish shooting the commercial, Joanne takes a nap before heading home.

When she gets home, she is happy to find out that she had earned her promotion.  She is now a Supporting Actress, level 5.

There is no time like the present – Joanne immediately calls to see gigs are available.  Next she needs gold in a TV show.  She signs up for the auditions for a TV show called Dignity & Decorum.  Now she has to work on her charisma in preparation of the audition.

Zane brings home a promotion to Team Mascot, level 3 – and he heads straight to bed.

Grace catches her age bar bubbling and makes herself a birthday cake.

She blows out her candles and then puts the cake in the fridge for leftovers.  She is exhausted and heading to bed now.

I am just going to leave this here.

Joanne and Zane wake up in the middle of the night and find themselves feeling a little frisky, so they head back to bed.  Teresa looks shocked but she was actually sniffing the air.

Grace leaves a sugar skull offering in hopes of getting another sugar skull.

A different celebrator shows up tonight but he is willing to give her a sugar skull.

While waiting for time to leave for work, Zane begins learning out to garden.

Joanne heads back to Sixam to see if the tentacle tree has grown and finds that it has not changed one bit since the last time they were on the planet.  It is still a sprout.  She heads home to get ready for her audition.

Matthew realizes he has the option to leave a sugar skull offering, but he never could find the celebrator.

Joanne gets the gig for Dignity & Decorum.  Before she goes to shoot her scenes, she will need to practice romantic scenes, work on charisma, and become friends with her co-star.  But first, she needs to play with her toys.

Zane and Joanne spend a lot of time in bed.

I have no idea why she is dressed in that suit.  I guess they are getting into role-play these days.

Joanne gives Zane some good news.  They were going to wait a little longer before bringing in the next generation but things happen, and Joanne is now pregnant.

She prepares for her gig by practicing romantic scenes with Zane.  After practicing her scenes, she works on charisma and then everyone finds their way to bed.  It is late and time to sleep.

Grace decides that she is going to retire since there is a grandbaby coming.  I will still try to send her to work for another two days.

Joanne begins her strawberry eating because she wants to make sure it is a girl.  It is a matriarchy after all.

I am watching Thor: Dark World so everyone is getting free time as I lose track of what is happening.  I check on them and they are having a music appreciation session.

For the record, Joanne is really big.  She is still in the first trimester – she won’t enter the second trimester until midnight.

It is Friday and the tree is still no more than a sprout.  While the tree is a spring plant, it has a very long growth time – 120 hours or 5 days.

Zane brings home another promotion – Dance Team Captain, level 4.

Joanne is making friends with her costars and director in advance of her gig in the morning.

Zane and Matthew decide not to go into the house while Joanne has everyone over, and they stood out on the sidewalk and chatted until the sun went down.

Grace goes for another sugar skull and she is successful this time.  They now have three of the skulls towards their collection.  She took the time to meet the Celebrator this time and he is a regular sim with a wife.  She was hoping that she would be able to call him up directly in the future, but it seems that the Celebrator is randomly chosen from the sims in game already, and is not a NPC sim.

Zane and Joanne head to bed – Joanne has finally entered the second trimester, but just barely.  She still has two full days to go before the baby makes an appearance.


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