Odyssey: Sports & Entertainment, Chapter 3

Jake is out tonight and has been cleaning up around the house.  It is good to see the ghosts but they stop speed 3 from being very fast.

Matthew gets up very early and is authenticating the last artifact of his side career as a self-employed archaeologist.  He has told them not to send him any more artifacts by mail.

They have to sell the coffee maker because it was stuck in a spoiled state and could not be empties because it was “still brewing”.  So, they get rid of it and move the microwave to that side counter.

Grace is enjoying her retirement because she gets to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants.  Now she just needs a grandbaby to arrive so she can be the doting grandma.

Joanne heads to her gig and, as always, the first stop is for hair and makeup.

Then she heads over to get into costume.  Thankfully, they don’t care that she is pregnant and huge.

The set for this show is pieces of a very nice house.

Joanne takes her plate with her as she begins her scenes.

She chose all of the risky options and had gold locked up about halfway through.  After she finished her scenes, she received three fame stars, a lot of money, and a promotion to Sitcom Star, level 6.

When she gets home, she checks out the new auditions that are open to her and their timing.  The auditions will be Sunday at 7 pm with the gig on Tuesday at 9 am.  She expects to give birth around midnight Sunday night, so she might be able to complete the audition before going into labor.  She decides to take the chance, and schedules an audition for a western called Last Town in the West.  It looks like this one is a movie.  After she schedules the audition she realizes it is at the same time as the Starlight Accolades.  She needs to receive an award for her aspiration, but she hasn’t been told she is up for an award yet.

Apparently, when I switched from Grace on Sixam to Joanne so she could go to her acting gig, it left Grace on the other world without any options to bring her home.  So, I had to go get her.

Matthew is running a lot of space missions trying to find the last alien that is needed for their collection.  He mastered rocket science recently so adds that to his list of mastered skills: Archaeology, Fitness, Logic, and Rocket Science.

Joanne spends the afternoon working on her acting skill.  She is now at level 8.

She decides to reschedule her audition for Monday morning at 9 am with the gig moving to Tuesday at noon.  That will allow her to check out the award ceremony at 6 pm on Sunday.  All of this is still dependent on when she goes into labor as the timing is going to be tight.

Zane comes home from work and gets his workout done before heading to bed.

While everyone sleeps, Howl plays the violin.

The family enjoys a quiet Sunday at home.  Matthew is going to run a few space missions and Zane is working on fitness.  Grace and Joanne are just relaxing.

Joanne decided to play with a toy but she is now angry at the toy.  She decided to teach the toy a lesson by hiding it in the bottom of the toy box.

Zane continues his workouts and gains another level for fitness.

Joanne heads to the awards ceremony, hoping that she will win something.

She doesn’t.  Maybe next week.

As she gets home, she goes into labor.  She has a little bit of time, so she heads in to take a nap while she waits for the birth of her baby.

Grace, on the other hand, goes for an interstellar journey with the aliens.  Again.  I think this is the fifth abduction, but I lost count and I am not going backwards to check.

Joanne is not having a good labor and she is ready to get that baby out of there.

She has a little girl that they name Rosa.  The matriarchy is still alive.

Rosa is named for Rosa Parks, an American civil rights activist.

Zane wakes up and has a delayed panic attack.  Then he runs to workout.  He will meet his daughter later, once she wakes up.

It isn’t long before Rosa wakes up and Zane gets to spend time with her.

Zane has the day off so he spends it tending the garden and building his gardening skill.

Joanne nails the audition and comes home with the gig.  She has a lot of work to do between now and then building both fitness and guitar.

Grace jumps in and begins taking care of Rosa.  This gives Joanne a chance to build her skills for her upcoming gig.

I could have sworn that her skirt was black, but it doesn’t look black in the daylight.

Matthew is so close to his last promotion and he should bring it home tomorrow.  After that he will be allowed to retire also.

Grace tries for the sugar skulls but the last few times have fallen on deaf ears.

The ghosts have been active since they started working on the sugar skulls.  There are at least two of them out every night, and they don’t always leave when the sun comes up.

Matthew has finally reached the top – he is a Space Ranger, level 10.  And he promptly retired as soon as he got home.

Joanne went to the gig by herself today, so I could see how it would do without a ridealong.  She made the base amount and barely kept her celebrity star.  She definitely will need someone to go with her.  She still needs four promotions to reach the top of the career and unlock the things.

Matthew cleans out his inventory and fuses the relics and totems that he has.  Someone else will need to make a trip to Selvadorada, most likely.  I am not sure if they are going to return in Matthew’s lifetime.  Maybe once Rosa is a child.

It is soon time for Rosa to become a toddler, and she is a wild thing with blonde hair.  I do have a mod in so that they can inherit the unnatural colors, but so far they haven’t passed on the unnatural coloring. {sigh}

Joanne gives Rosa a quick lesson on walking and she is mobile now.

The defiance comes out quickly – and she is acting silly when she rejects the idea of potty training.  But she was definitely being defiant.

It looks like she is dancing, but this was still the defiance for the potty training.  Needless to say, she was introduced to the potty anyways.


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