Odyssey: Sports & Entertainment, Chapter 4

Rosa is not quite sure about the potty.  What is that?

While she is learning how the potty works, Zane comes in to take his own turn on the potty.

When Rosa knows enough about the potty to do it on her own, she heads off to the stuffed bear and Joanne gets to clean up the mess.

As I watch Rosa I realize I would like for them to have more than one child.  Rosa will be the one that makes the decision whether to go Law Enforcement or Criminal and her decision will determine when the restriction on more than one child is lifted.  Criminal = 5th generation or Secret Agent = 6th generation.  Of course, it won’t be unlocked until the career is maxed, so it will be the generation after that benefits from the unlock.  Computers are unlocked the generation after the child limit, which would be either 6th generation or 7th generation.

Rosa alternates hugging and hitting the stuffed bear.  She is sad about the mess she made trying to potty and her mood hasn’t improved yet.

Such a big decision for a little girl – good or bad?  {I am Groot!  I love Guardians of the Galaxy – random comment alert.}

Every time I look for these two, if they haven’t been instructed to do something else, they are romancing each other.

Rosa masters communication – now everyone will know exactly what she is saying.

With communication mastered, Rosa heads outside to work on movement.

It literally took her an hour to walk from her room to the slide outside.

Grace made dinner and left it out so that Rosa could get something to eat.  Joanne keeps her company while she eats, but she is not a happy girl at the moment.

While everyone is getting ready for bed, Grace gets to put Rosa to bed.  It is her first night sleeping in the bed and she looks unimpressed.

It doesn’t look like she likes the new bed, but she is just tired.  Grace reads her to sleep and everyone is in bed by midnight.

Rosa doesn’t sleep through the night.  Instead she wakes up at 2 am and heads outside to play on the slide.

Joanne decides to work on her skills with the goal to get the ones that are needed for her auditions to level 5.  Grace is also up already so she begins making meals to stock the fridge.  The menfolk are all still sleeping.

As the men starting waking up, Matthew heads out to run some space missions.  He is still looking for the last space rock and last alien.

Rosa masters movement and is ready for her next skill.

But first, she has to potty real bad, and she is starving so there better be some food sitting out.

Zane is the last one awake.  He settles in to do some boxing, while Joanne has started working on plumbing upgrades to build her handiness skill.

Apparently, Zane really loves the punching bag.  Or, he just wants to hip bump the bag.  Either way, that is something new.

Rosa is sad about a recent potty accident, so Zane tries to cheer her up with some wrestling.  It doesn’t work.

After trying to wrestle her into a better mood, Zane sits and tells her jokes.  She tells him jokes also and soon they are both feeling Very Playful so it is time to stop with jokes and do something else.

They decide to go to the potty but while they are in there, Grace comes in to clean up the mess from the last potty attempt.  Rosa stays with the potty until she has it mastered.

Joanne had another successful audition and will shoot her next show Friday at noon.  She is going to be on the TV show “Detective Law”.

Rosa is still sad, but she has mastered the potty.

Zane takes her into her room for a story and some quiet time.

Rosa listens to the story but she doesn’t like it.  Nothing is cheering her up.

Zane decides she just needs to take a nap and he puts her to sleep with a third story.  Maybe when she wakes up she will be in a better mood.

Finally, she is asleep and Zane is relieved for some peace and quiet.

Grace and Matthew are also enjoying some quiet time together.

And, she is awake.  She was only allowed to sleep until the sadness wore off otherwise she won’t sleep tonight.

She heads into the bedroom to ask Zane for a bath.

Maybe she will ask later – Zane and Joanne are a little busy at the moment.

Instead of a real bath, she strips down and heads outside.  Turns out there is a thunderstorm and now she is sad again.

She puts her clothes back on and looks around for a place to hide from the storm and cry.

She ran through the house to the tent.  She should be safe in there and have plenty of time to cry.

Oh but the draw of the mud puddle – that is so much more fun.  She is having a muddy good time.

Rosa runs back to the house to ask Zane for some food.

He gives her a sandwich and she eats half of it.  Then she decides she doesn’t want the rest.

And there it goes.  Hello floor.

Zane scolds her for making a mess.

Joanne also scolded her because one scolding isn’t enough sometimes.

Rosa begins telling jokes so that they won’t be mad at her anymore.

Then, she asks for another sandwich.

She finishes the sandwich but now she is stuck in the high chair.  Damn, life sucks sometimes.

She calls for Joanne to get her out of the high chair and Joanne puts her to bed.

Rosa needs to work on imagination and thinking, so she spends the morning following the others around.

No matter how much watching she is doing, there is always time for a hug.

Joanne invites over her costars for her last task in preparation of her gig today.  Once she has developed her friendship a little more, she is ready to go.

Grace and Zane watch Ali play the violin, badly.  Ali must also be one of her costars, or maybe the director – yes, Ali is the director for the upcoming show.

Rosa celebrates a successful trip to the potty.

Joanne is waiting to leave for her gig so she plays dolls with Rosa.

Joanne and Zane are flirting once again.  Maybe she will play with Zane before work.

Rosa wants something to eat so she is right behind them as they head into the bedroom.

With Zane and Joanne otherwise occupied, Rosa heads out to ask if Grace would give her some food instead.

Rosa eats all of her sandwich while Zane and Joanne continue to flirt with each other.


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