Odyssey: Sports & Entertainment, Chapter 5

Everyone loves to take a few minutes to hug Rosa.  Grace has received her first warning to wind up her affairs, so it looks like her time is running out.

Joanne has a good day on the set.  She earns three fame stars and a lot of money.  And, she is promoted to Rising Star and she earns her fame back – she is a Notable Newcomer once again.

When she gets home, Rosa is still pouting about being left behind.  Not only did Joanne go to work, but so did Zane.

Rosa runs out to see Joanne and begs for hugs.

Joanne givers her a tight snuggle.

Then she gives her a bubble bath.  Palmer has come to visit and gets a bath also.

Rosa makes a huge mess during the bath.  She goes to play with the dolls while Joanne cleans up the water.

After the bath, Joanne spends time reading to Rosa.

Then they work on flash cards for awhile.

Now, Rosa is angry.  Actually she is exhausted but toddlers are either happy, sad, or angry.  {angry toddler spam coming up}

That look is more than just angry – Rosa is giving Joanne the evil eye.

She maintains her anger while she is getting changed for bed.

Still angry and working it hard.

Joanne puts her in bed and agrees to read her a story.

Finally, she is going to sleep.  {angry toddler spam is finished}

Rosa is the first one up and she is starving.  Thankfully there are several plates sitting out for her to finish eating.

Today it is Matthew and Zane that are up before the women.  Matthew heads out for a day of space missions.  He thinks about how he retired from being an astronaut but has been continually running space missions.

Zane has breakfast with Rosa, although she is just playing with her food now.

She heads out to watch Matthew.

The rotation at the table continues with Joanne now joining Zane.  Grace is grabbing a plate also and will join them shortly.

Matthew is coming back and Rosa is right there to greet him.  She is standing just a little too close.

Matthew leaves again and Rosa is right there watching.  She needs to find someone else to watch for now.  It seems like since Matthew quit the astronaut career, he is just getting the basic missions.  He might have to rejoin the career until he finds the missing space rock and missing alien.

Joanne needs to work on handiness because it is one of the skills that is required for her auditions.  However, she can’t ever get to the broken objects first.  She sorts through the trash after Grace repairs the sink, then she begins to upgrade the sink.  That should help her build the handiness skill.

Rosa is now watching Zane.  He works out for a little while but there is something else he wants to do.

Rosa follows him out to the water slide and watches him have fun.  If only she were big enough to play on the slide also.  And, they need to get the kiddie pool for her.

And just like magic, there is a small kiddie pool for Rosa.  But she has to master thinking first.

She was that close and has now mastered thinking.

But she needs to take a nap so she can’t play in the pool yet.

Rosa doesn’t want to go to bed, she wants to play in the kiddie pool.

Zane takes her inside and puts her to bed with a story.  Her last skill to master will be imagination.

Grace needs one thing to complete the Renaissance Sim aspiration.  She needs to take a third job.  So, she chooses Gardener and gets a position as Leaf-Cutter, level 4.  Aspiration is complete.

Matthew calls to take a position in the Astronaut career again and he can’t find it on the list.  It takes me a few minutes to realize it is not Astronaut anymore for him, He can only take the Space Ranger path now.  He gets a position as Planet Patrol, level 8.  He isn’t going to worry about promotions – he is just doing it for the extra missions.

Zane is getting ready for a run, so he combines orange juice and an energy drink. {yuck}

Joanne is building her acting skill, going on level 9 now.

Grace is spending her day in the garden.

Rosa is awake again and is sent to read quietly until dinner is ready.  Ignore the plants coming through the wall – I wish they didn’t clip but oh well.

While cleaning out their inventory, Grace finds the rocket kit that Matthew earned when he reached the top of his career.  She sets it up and begins building the rocket.

Matthew brings home a promotion – he is now a Rookie, level 6

Matthew and Joanne have a celebration and Rosa is once again following them around.  They send her out of the room to find something else to do for now.

Matthew decides he wants to complete the Mansion Baron and the only thing missing are the columns.  He adds an underground basement and puts in the twenty columns that he needs and the aspiration is complete.

Rosa is the first one awake on Sunday morning and she goes in to wake up Zane.

As soon as she wakes up Zane, she is off to the potty.  She didn’t feel the need to wake up everyone else, although they all woke up pretty quick anyways.

While everyone else begins working on tasks for the morning, Joanne and Rosa play with some toys.

Too bad, so sad – Rosa will not be able to play in the kiddie pool since it is now Fall and it is too cold.

Rosa masters imagination and becomes a top-notch toddler.  She is ready for her birthday but that is still three days away.

Rosa stands around and eventually goes over to eat from the plate sitting out.  She waited just long enough for the plate to spoil.

Joanne picks up Vain Street as her quirk of the day.  She will keep it until her fame drops again.  She gains and loses the first star regularly – this is her third time to be a Notable Newcomer and she gets a different quirk each time.

The temperature increases enough that Zane is able to take Rosa out to the kiddie pool.  She gets to play for a long time.

Literally hours.  Zane finally takes her out of the pool when it was time for him to get ready for work.

Joanne takes a break from working on her skills to admire her fine self.

Rosa is caught hitting the stuffed bunny, probably because she wanted to play dolls with Zane but he left for work instead.  She has just been standing around and not choosing anything to do unless someone is free to play with her.  When he left for work, the dollhouse canceled out and she heads straight for the bunny to hit it.

Matthew finds the missing space rock so that collection is now complete.


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