Odyssey: Sports & Entertainment, Chapter 6

Joanne is working on her preparations for her next gig.  She has to perform two action scenes as practice.  She also had to build her guitar and fitness skills.

Rosa slept too long during the afternoon and probably won’t sleep all night now.  But, she is up now and trying to find something to do.  She watches Grace work on the new rocket for awhile.

Then she strips down and goes for a run.

Joanne heads to Sixam to see if the tentacle tree has grown (nope).  While she is there she collects aliens.

The alien collection is completed now.  Matthew can stop running space missions now.

Grace has lived a long life and her time is over.  She completed three aspirations: Fabulously Wealthy, Nerd Brain, and Renaissance Sim.  She mastered five skills: Cooking, Dancing, Gardening, Logic, and Rocket Science.  She had a total of eighteen traits.

RIP Grace.

Grace collapses in the middle of the garden.

Inside everyone is going about their day.  Rosa finally got someone to play dolls with her.

When everyone realizes something important is happening outside, they all come running.  Including Joanne’s costar, who was over for a visit, apparently.

The mourning sadness begins for everyone that is witnessing the death.

Zane shows up toward the end – he had just gotten home from work and hadn’t gone into the house yet.

Everyone heads to bed to get some sleep.  Zane puts Rosa to bed before heading to bed himself.

Even though everyone is asleep, the guests and the ghosts are still hanging around.

At least one of them is being helpful and repairing broken crap.

No one has a high enough parenting skill to hug away the sadness.

Zane is taking care of the gardens today, and it is slow going without the high gardening skill.

Rosa comes to Matthew and asks him to play with her.  He is too sad and needs a shower so he walks away.

Rosa has literally spent the entire day crying.

Joanne heads to her gig and completes all the scenes with a gold performance.  She only receives two stars today and she has finally been nominated for an acting award.  The ceremony is on Sunday at 7 pm.  And, she was promoted to Seasoned Thespian, level 8.

When Joanne gets home, everyone has good needs so Matthew heads out to continue Grace’s work on the new rocket.  He is going to upgrade until he collapses, from exhaustion.  To sleep, hopefully not in death.

Joanne gives Rosa a bubble bath, still trying to deal with her sadness.  It is temporary and doesn’t work once she is out of the tub.

Rosa heads out to the tent to cry but she is startled by the rain that is getting her wet.

She decides that the tent is not where she wants to be, so she heads inside to sleep.  Hopefully she will sleep away the remainder of the mourning.

Rosa woke up with one minute remaining in her mourning.

Rosa meets Coco’s ghost with a rude introduction but then she pets her nicely.

Zane is the only other sim up at the moment, so Rosa heads in to watch him shower.

She is headed to the dollhouse because she thinks Zane is coming also, but he is going for a jog.  He is still trying to master fitness and needs to spend more time working out.  The minute she realizes Zane isn’t coming to the dollhouse, she decides she doesn’t want to play with the dolls any more.

Instead she goes out to the cemetery, where she mourns for Louis.

Then she goes to mourn for Jake.

She leaves the cemetery with two sad moodlets from remembering those that she has never met in person.

Rosa finally gets someone to play dolls with her.  Joanne is still feeling sad from mourning Grace, but maybe playing dolls will help them both.

Playing dolls puts Joanne in a playful mood, although the sadness is still there.  It doesn’t help Rosa though.

Joanne plays with Rosa to distract her from thinking about being sad.

Finally, Rosa’s moodlets have worn off and she is now just Fine.

Except that she goes to hit the stuffed animal in her Fine mood.

Rosa is playing with the dolls when Zane comes to play with her.  She decides she doesn’t want to play dolls anymore.

Zane puts her down for a nap.

Rosa is allowed to sleep for two hours, and then she gets up.  After eating, she starts trying to go back to bed, but it is too early.  If she goes to bed at this point, she will be up in the middle of the night.  Matthew is trying to keep her awake until it is late enough that she will maybe sleep all night.  They dance…

They wrestle…

Finally, Matthew reads Rosa a story.

Joanne needs to improve her skill in charisma and fitness for several of the gigs that are becoming available.  She practices speech with the mirror for awhile, but she wants to master charisma quicker, so she purchases the Great Kisser trait.  Now she needs Zane to come home from work.

When Zane comes home, they begin kissing their way to higher levels of charisma.  They take a break when they are both at level 8.

Marilyn is out tonight so she fixes the broken plumbing while everyone is getting some sleep.

Matthew wakes up in the middle of the night because he went to bed too early.  So, he makes a sugar skull offering and is rewarded by a Celebrator wandering the neighborhood.  She gives him another skull, so they have four now of the collection.

Back home, Teresa and Marilyn are chatting while Teresa makes a stack of pancakes.

Morning comes and the family has breakfast together for the first time in awhile.

It is Rosa’s birthday and she is excited.

Joanne carries her to the birthday cake while Zane blows a horn in celebration.

Rosa rolls Neat and the Mental aspiration.

Rosa joins the scouts and then settles down to work on her homework.  After that, she chats and makes jokes with Zane for the two social badges.

Matthew is still working on upgrading the new rocket but he continues to take breaks to mourn at the headstones.  He is never going to be happy again if he keeps this up.

Matthew finishes all of the upgrades on the new rocket, so they now have two fully upgraded rockets.

Joanne had another successful audition and landed the part in a movie.  After she takes a shower, she will begin working on her prep tasks – fitness, guitar, and then to develop her friendship with her director.

Rosa begins working on her aspiration and she needs to play three games of chess.  Matthew is her first opponent.

Zane plays the next two games with her.

Harvestfest begins and the gnomes are doing their best to block everyone in the house.

Joanne makes the grand feast of a fish dinner.

Joanne is trying to appease the gnome – begging for forgiveness.  Eventually Zane was able to make the gnome happy because Joanne decided she was done.

Zane read to Rosa for her aspiration, allowing Rosa to move to the next tier.

Everyone comes together for dinner.  The family meals are getting fewer and fewer, but they are still trying.

Joanne invites the director and costars over.  While she is getting to know the director better, Rosa gives away her pictures to work on her charity badge.

When I got distracted and left Rosa to her own devices for five minutes, she begins to make a mess.  Hopefully she won’t be as bad as Joanne was with the mess making.

Joanne begins working on her handiness skill by upgrading the bathroom items.

Jake and Howl are the ghosts out tonight – Jake enjoys watching Howl play.

They have another meal together and are working hard to get back on track with the daily meals again.

Joanne heads to work where she completes her scenes and earns two more stars.  She didn’t earn a promotion though.

Matthew surprises me with his death.  He never received any warnings and MCCC said he still had another week.  Anyways, Matthew completed four aspirations: Fabulously Wealthy, Mansion Baron, Archaeology Scholar, and Nerd Brain.  He mastered four skills: Archaeology, Fitness, Logic, and Rocket Science.  RIP Matthew.

Joanne is the only one home when Matthew collapses.

Rosa comes home while Grim is still reaping Matthew’s soul.  She mourns and then begins making a mess at Grim’s feet.

After she cleans up the first mess, she immediately makes a second one.

She cleans that one up also, and then goes to bed for a nap.

Joanne was thinking about taking the family to Granite Falls to see if they could harvest some plants and catch some insects and fish.  Then she realized it is the end of fall and winter is coming.  They will need to wait until summer to go to Granite Falls for the best chance at the plants.  Since they aren’t taking a vacation this weekend, Joanne checks out her options for her next gig.  She signs up for an audition for something called Tournament of Honor.  She doesn’t know if it is a game or a movie, but as long as it pays well.  Of course, she passes the audition and will be filming on Sunday morning.

Everyone is up and working on their required tasks for the morning.  Joanne helps Rosa focus on her first homework while Zane gets some fitness in.

Once Joanne is done helping Rosa with her homework, she kisses Zane to master charisma.  Zane only needs to have his charisma at level 8, which he has.  So, they are both done intentionally building charisma.

They have a quiet day at home, with everyone working on something related to work or aspiration.  Joanne is also trying to maintain her level of fame, which is a pain in the ass.  That leaves Zane to make dinner, and he chooses a protein plate, which actually looks really good.

That evening, Joanne strengthens the connection to the physical world for everyone that needed it.  Then she made a sugar skull offering and went looking for the Celebrator.

Joanne tracks down Felicity to see about that skull.  Felicity is in a bad mood, though, and refuses to help a girl out.  Also, Felicity is Joanne’s hair and makeup artist.

Eventually Joanne wears her down and she gives her the skull.  Unfortunately, it is a duplicate skull and doesn’t add to the collection.

That night, for the first time this challenge (that I can remember), a vampire comes to visit.  He walked right past all of the garlic at the front door – eight garlic plants and four garlic crafted items.

The garlic did its job though, as he was unable to use his powers on Zane.  Since he couldn’t get a drink, he left.

Sunday brings Zane’s birthday, and he thinks about it in time to make himself a birthday cake.

He blows out his candles and now he is an Adult.

I believe I said earlier that Joanne had passed her audition.  She hadn’t even gone to her audition at that time, but now, she has passed her audition.  It appears that Tournament of Honor is a movie because she is going to star in it.  Her scenes are scheduled to be filmed on Monday.

Rosa masters the mental skill, and yet she still needs to go to school so that she can get more homework, so that she can finish the homework while focused, so that her aspiration can catch up.

Joanne goes to the Starlight Accolades on Sunday evening, hoping that she will win an award.  She didn’t  Her aspiration is stuck at this point, waiting.  With the awards only taking place once a week, she is stuck.

Coming home, she finds a toddler standing out front.  She gives her some milk and then heads inside to bed.

Rosa needs to finish her civic badge but it is hard to find anything to clean up in this house.  So, she makes her own messes, and then cleans them up.  Badge complete.


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