Odyssey: Sports & Entertainment, Chapter 7

The family has entered into a quiet phase.  Joanne is at level 8 in the Acting career, and is expecting a promotion after her gig today.  She should reach the top of the career soon, and then will only be working on her aspiration.  That will take longer because of the stupid award ceremony.

Zane is at level 7 in the Athletic career and is on the last tier of his aspiration.  He needs to master fitness and then maximize his body potential.  Hopefully he can do that without the weights.  If not, at least he will be able to get a weight machine once Joanne reaches the top of her career.

Rosa is still working on her last two badges, plus her aspiration, and trying to improve her grades in school.  She still has eight days to finish up, which shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Joanne heads off to film her scenes.  She takes all of the risky options, and they all work out for her.

Her death scene is the last one to be filmed and she knocks it out of the park.  She earns three fame stars and a whole lot of money.  If she actually needed the cash, it would be great.  But she isn’t complaining.  On top of everything, she earned a promotion to Superstar, level 9, and she gained more fame – she is now a Rising Star.  With her fame points, she picks up two more perks: CelebuSerum and Networking.  Her only quirk so far is still Vain Street.

Joanne helps Rosa with her homework so that she can complete the current aspiration tier and move on to the last tier.  Rosa just needs to earn an A in school and she will have the aspiration completed.  Despite today being Monday, Rosa did not bring home a project.  Possibly that is because the focus was on Joanne on the film set when Rosa came home from school.

Zane earned another promotion and is now a Starter, level 7.  The good thing is he has all of the skills he needs to the rest of his promotions.  Almost.  He just needs to master fitness, and he is getting real close.  Joanne and Zane head into the bedroom for some fun time.  Watching them together, I wish they could have more babies.

Joanne must have stolen her costume from her last gig because she is now wearing it around the house.

Zane masters fitness and now he needs to maximize his body potential.  That requires a mix of weights and aerobic exercise.  I am hoping boxing counts as weights, but he will see.

Marilyn and Howl are out tonight.  Howl is tending to the bonsai bush while Marilyn makes sure he does it correctly.  That is the bush from her generation and it is still doing well.  Probably because it can’t die, I guess.

Another vampire comes to visit.  That makes two in a single generation, and the only two the entire challenge.

Two for two – the garlic doesn’t keep them from entering but it screws up their powers and they can’t perform once they get inside the house.

WTF Lamar?  Lamar is a friend of Joanne but he is acting badly at the moment.  On top of destroying the dollhouse, he was not invited over and not invited inside, yet here he is.

At least he repairs the dollhouse after destroying it.  He still needs to leave, but he follows Joanne around while she tends to the garden.

Joanne has her birthday cake and rejoices in not being forgotten.  She is blowing out her candles alone, but that is okay.  Actually, I didn’t see it until after she finished, but Rosa was standing in the kitchen singing Happy Birthday.

Rosa meets another kid walking by.  He is literally the only other sim she knows outside of family.  They talk for awhile but then it is bedtime and she heads for bed.

Glen invites himself in and then makes a mess.  At least he is responsible enough to clean it up before he leaves.

Winterfest comes and they take turns opening presents.  That is good enough for Joanne and Rosa, but Zane wants the good food also.  He makes a grand feast for breakfast and everyone has gold for the holiday.

Joanne has her audition and heads off to get that done.  While she is gone, Zane and Rosa play dolls together for awhile.

Then Rosa gets back to making messes.  She has to clean them up and find something else to do.

Joanne works through her prep tasks for her next gig.  She gets Zane to help her with two romantic scenes.  Then she needs to do comedy, but someone has died and left her with a two-day mourning moodlet.  She drinks the emotion potions that Rosa made to suppress the sadness and let the playful come out.  It takes several of the potions, but she finally completes all of her prep tasks.  Now she is very playful and needs to calm down before she becomes hysterical.  She asks Zane to woohoo to see if she might become flirty instead.

After the woohoo, Joanne and Zane are very playful – not even a little bit flirty.  Then they head back to bed for more woohoo.  After they are finally done with the woohoo, Joanne heads for a mirror to calm down and Zane heads for the punching bag.

Rosa continues her reign of terror on the floor.  She is instructed to clean it up and then sent to bed.

Father Winter still comes to visit even though the holiday was ended early.  He leaves more presents, so everyone gets up and opens another round and they all head back to bed.

Rosa is up very early and Father Winter is still at the house.  She has something to eat while he watches.

Dammit Rosa.  Her responsibility should be much higher but she keeps sabotaging herself by making messes.

Rosa completes the fitness badge and becomes a Llamacorn Scout.  She needs an A to complete the mental aspiration, but while she waits on that she is going to be working on movement.

Joanne heads off to her gig, and she takes all of the risks.  All of the risks pays off.  She earns the max pay and three fame stars.  Even better, she is promoted to Silver Screen Icon, level 10.  She has completed the tasks for her generation and unlocked the television, cameras, arcade games, and workout machines.  Now if she could just win the performance award on Sunday night.

Taking immediate advantage of the unlocked items, Joanne upgrades the living room furniture and adds a new television.

Zane makes use of the new workout machines.  He trades in the inside punching bag for a treadmill and weight machine.  He still has the second punching bag outside, but that won’t get used very often any more.  Now maybe he can maximize his body potential and complete his aspiration.

Not to be forgotten, Rosa earns her A in school and has completed the mental aspiration.  She switches to social but she doesn’t plan on working on the aspiration specifically.

Finally!  Zane completed his aspiration after just a short stint on the weights.

Joanne signs up for another audition and then she hits to treadmill so she will have the skills required.  She doesn’t need to actually work any more, but she still has to complete her aspiration.  She is hoping that this week will be the one where she wins an award on Sunday evening.

Rosa spent all evening on the monkey bars, and that kept her out of trouble because she didn’t make any messes.  She finally heads inside for bed late that night.

Friday is the holiday, Night on the Town.  As soon as the food stall opens up, Joanne and Zane head over for some curry.  They quickly complete the holiday and it is time to do other things.

Zane has to go to work and Joanne has the day off.  Her audition isn’t until Saturday morning.  Joanne runs into Rosa in the bathroom because no one knocks.

They have a string of holidays to enjoy – Saturday brings New Year’s Eve.  They all make resolutions and that gives them gold for the holiday.  With everyone having gold, they end the holiday early and get ready for the day.  Zane has to go to work and Joanne has her audition.  Rosa will also be going to her scout meeting.

Rosa completes her resolution within a few hours and at the same time Zane completes the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.  He was almost at the top mark of earnings so he didn’t need much,  I have no idea what he did to receive simoleans but he isn’t complaining.  Then I unpaused the game and realized he was selling the harvests from the garden and that is what pushed him over the top.

Damn Rosa – is it your birthday yet?

Thye all come together for a family breakfast Sunday morning.  Sunday morning at 1 AM.

Seriously, Rosa is unstoppable.

Rosa may be a pain in the ass when it comes to making messes, but she has also been improving her skills along the way.  She was just short of mastering motor, so she danced for a few minutes to complete the mastery.  Then she was planted at the piano, where she will remain until she masters creative.

It is also the third holiday in a row.  Now it is the first day of spring and Spring Fling.  They have already completed the eggs collection but they will each collect more eggs until they have the holiday in gold.

Zane tried his best but he couldn’t collect enough eggs to give him a gold holiday.  They didn’t want to wait for the Flower Bunny so they ended the holiday early.  Everyone was happy and Zane wasn’t sad.  Good enough.

Soon after Rosa mastered creativity.  She has level 7 in social and has already unlocked logic.  She will probably be going down the criminal track although it is still a toss up, depending on what trait she rolls as a teen and a young adult.  One of those traits needs to be evil or self-assured.  If she rolls one randomly, that will be the path she takes.  Otherwise, she will make a decision when she becomes a young adult.

Rosa is leveling her skills really fast.  That is probably because she picked up the Scouting Aptitude badge and she has completed one of the childhood aspiration, plus she was a top-notch toddler.  But, she mastered social in a few hours, from level 7 to level 10.  Joanne participated until it was time to go to her gig.  Since she isn’t trying to level anymore, she went alone.  She had already completed her prep tasks, and she automatically works hard, so now she is doing it for the fame points.  She is getting close to becoming a three-star celebrity.

While she waits for her birthday, she begins testing out the remaining aspirations.  She wants to maximize her aspiration points without putting too much effort into the process.  She meets several new sims and now she needs a BFF.

Since Zane is there, she makes him her BFF and moves to the last tier, which requires her to make friends.  So, she pops over to the creativity aspiration and begins drawing pictures on the art table.

Damned if Joanne didn’t have to leave work early.  Apparently they have to stay for the full time if they go alone, which is way more than six hours.  She insisted on going to the award ceremony, so she left early and didn’t get paid for the day.  That being said, as soon as she arrived, they announced her name as a winner of the Best Acting award.  She accepted the award and then she went home.  The last two things she needs to accomplish to complete the aspiration is to become a five-star celebrity and receive a celebrity tile to place.  And she needs gold in a movie acting gig.


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