Odyssey: Sports & Entertainment, Chapter 8

Joanne takes a short vacation to Selvadorada.  She is looking for the last crystal, Alexandrite.  While I was looking at the collections, I realized that even though the fossils are officially complete, they are not technically complete.  The collection registered as complete with the fifteen base game fossils, but they don’t have the five Selvadorada fossils.  So, Joanne is looking for one crystal and five fossils.  For the collections, I am making them collect all items not just the ones that count for the collection in the journal.

She takes the time to master the culture before heading out into the jungle so that she can purchase the secret wares.  She buys extra machetes, which will all come in handy and notices that one of the skulls is available for purchase.  Unfortunately, it is one she already has.

Joanne heads into the jungle and opens every area off the path.  But, she runs out of time before completing the temple.  She picks up one of the missing fossils but not the crystal and then has to head home for her audition.

During her adventure, she received the Curse of Arbitrary Needs, which causes random drops in all of her needs for the next three days unless she can bring her needs to a high state overall.  She makes it back just in time to go to her audition and then comes home exhausted and ready to drop.  She is going to try to repair her needs without using a potion.

Rosa is fast on the draw – the instant she completes her homework she is making another mess.

Thankfully her age bar is bubbling and she can blow out her birthday candles so that the messes will stop.

Rosa becomes a teen and will be getting a makeover momentarily.  She adds Loner to Neat and picks up the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.  She still hasn’t decided which path she will take as a young adult.

After the makeover, Rosa has dinner with Joanne.  Joanne is trying to increase her needs enough to eliminate the curse naturally.  She needs to get social and energy into the green.

Joanne gets some sleep and now her needs are all high green.  The curse is lifted.  Everyone heads back to bed to get ready for the next day.  She now has a Blessing of Self-Care for three days

It Rosa takes the criminal path, she wants to be The Oracle.  That would require learning programming and mischief.  Since they still can’t have a computer in the house, she would need to spend time at the library using their computer.  If she takes the law path, she would become a Diamond Agent.  This would require logic and charisma.  There is a benefit from taking the law path (most of the remaining restrictions are lifted sooner), the criminal path unlocks the computer before the law path.

Joanne needs a gold in a movie for her aspiration, so she heads off to her next movie gig.  She does well and earns three fame stars and max pay for her work.  She was hoping to become a three-star celebrity with this performance, but she is just short.  Soon…

Rosa needs to get one of her skills to level 3 for her school grade.  She begins with logic since she already had some logic skill.  She will also work on handiness and mischief as she gets a chance.  She is hedging her bets and probably won’t make a decision until her birthday.  Since the traits are given randomly, she will wait to see what trait she rolls as a young adult.  If she rolls evil, good, or self-assured, then her decision will be made for her.  Otherwise, she will have to choose.

Joanne begins running space missions to build her celebrity.  After her second mission she earns her next celebrity star and is now considered a B-Lister.  She will continue to run space missions to see how fast it builds.  She still needs to become a Global Superstar.  With her new fame points she picks up two more celebrity perks.  She now has Networking, Noticeable, CelebuSerum, PR Agency, and Established Name.

Zane tries for another sugar skull and when he introduces himself to the celebrator, he picks the enchanting introduction.  Now she is flirty but he stays focused on asking for the skull.  She gives him one that they don’t already have so now they are up to five skulls.

Joanne picks up a second quirk – Emotion Bomb to go with Vain Street.  She doesn’t want the Emotion Bomb so she drinks one of the Quirk-B-Gone potions from her inventory and crosses her finger that she will get something else.  Unfortunately, she is really sad because of someone’s death, so there is a good possibility she will get the same one back again.

She should have kept the quirk but I forgot about the goodness of it.  After a meltdown, all of the sadness is wiped out.  Anyways, she masters gardening.  They really don’t need to money any more, but still they keep up the garden.  Maybe one day they will remove it, but for now it stays.

Joanne needs to research the angry emotion but it is almost impossible to get her to be angry.  She puts on one of the animal hats and finally she gets angry.  Now she has to choose someone to perform mean interactions with – so she goes to look for a stranger.

Joanne runs into Marion, who is also angry.  She practices being mean and once she completes her prep tasks she apologizes to Marion and makes sure they are okay before she heads back home, where she takes off the angry-hat.

Zane switched over to the Super Parent aspiration and needs to discipline his child five times.

Rosa helps him out by shouting bad words and he is able to get two of the five times – but then the next two scoldings don’t count.

Joanne has two days until her next gig, Zane is taking his time getting his promotions but there isn’t anything else he can do to prepare, and Rosa is going to bring home an A today.  So, Joanne heads back to Selvadorada to see if she can find the last crystal.  She tries excavating dig sites to see of there is any crystals to be found that way.

Her celebrity and fame follows her and she is stalked by sims wanting to be near her.

Finally, she heads into the jungle and away from her fans.  She continues on until she loses her machete, at which point she returns to the marketplace to buy some more.  She is hoping to get to the temple this trip.

Joanne makes it into the temple and receives her very own personal sun.  This time she received a blessing instead of a curse.

She has increased her skill in archaeology so that she can now establish excavation sites and get more out of the digs.  But she still doesn’t find the missing crystal.  She does manage to pick up two more of the missing fossils.

When she gets home there is a sim-jam in front of the house – so many sims just standing around.

Zane finally gets the last few scoldings done with Rosa thanks to her potty mouth.

He moves on to the next tier which requires him to help her with her homework and improve his parenting skill.

Joanne takes the time to clean out her inventory and she assembles several of the relics that she brought back.  Of Course, she has not completed them as they are all missing the crystals that are needed to activate them.  But that will come later.

Rosa earned her A at school while Joanne was traveling.  She still has over a week until her birthday so there is time to travel again.  It is also the first day of summer, so they will be going to Granite Falls to look for the plants and insects located there.

Joanne works through the artifacts she picked up on her trips to Selvadorada.  She is just uncovering them and then sending them off to be authenticated.

Then she gets the Emotion Bomb quirk back, and decides she will keep it this time.

Rosa brings home her very first project.  For some reason, she never brought one home as a child.  Zane and Joanne pitch in to help her get it completed.

Zane attempts to get another skull but ends up getting one they are have.  Maybe next time.  They currently have 5/9 of the collection.

Joanne decides to take the rest of the week and head to Granite Falls.  She considered taking Zane and Rosa but decided she could focus better by herself.  Her goal is to collect all of the plants and as many insects as possible on this trip.

After she gets there she realizes it is Lottery Day.  She buys a ticket, because there is never too much money.

Then, I switch control back to Zane so he can buy a ticket.  After that, the holiday is ended early and the focus is back on Joanne.

Joanne is trying to spend her time productively, which means she doesn’t have any time to sleep.  She keeps herself going with some Liquid Rush.  She is also on the edge of another Emotion Bomb.

There comes a time where the Liquid Rush and ready to eat cheese isn’t enough.  Joanne drinks one of the moodlet solvers so that she can stop moping about being lonely.

Random woodpecker hanging out.

Joanne accidentally eats some poison fireleaf while she is trying to identify the plants she has harvested.  It takes awhile for the effects to wear off.

With all of the plants harvested, she spends some time fishing.  Because of the rain, she picks up the Waterproof trait.

Unfortunately, that trait doesn’t prevent lightning from striking her though.

Then it strikes her a second time.  She uses one of the waterfall bottles to clean off the scorch marks.  She is now hypercharged from the second strike. She piddles around collecting insects and doing some fishing until her vacation ends at 48 hours.

When Joanne gets home she greets the stray toddler standing out front.  With all of her traits, Joanne and Simone are instantly good friends.  Then Joanne leaves for Forgotten Hollow to pick up the vampire fruits – Plasma Fruit and Wolfsbane.

Joanne is heading out to visit Sixam to see if the tentacle plant has ever grown.  It hasn’t.  On her way, she slips and falls in a mud puddle, while Zane laughs.

Joanne has regular emotional breakdowns now, but each one will clear any sad moodlets she has hanging around.  Except for lonely, for that she actually has to talk to someone.

While Joanne is taking stock of her collections, she realizes that she needs to plant the magic beans in the magic stump so that she can get a Forbidden Fruit.

Poof, and there is a huge tree in their yard now.

Joanne stays focused on collecting because we are going to complete these collections.  She hangs out in Forgotten Hollow so that the plasma tree will grow.  She is down to just needing the Fang Flower from Sixam and the Bizarre Fruit from StrangerVille to complete all of the plants.

Then, instead of spending time trying to find rare crystals, she clones enough so that at some point, they will be able to complete all of the relics.  And, then I realize she cloned a metal and not a crystal.

Heading back to the cloning machine, this time Joanne makes a bunch of clones of the rare crystal Jet.  Then she sends the cloned crystals off to be refined.  She could do it herself but she would rather go to bed and let someone else do the refining for her.

There are still a few days until Rosa becomes a young adult, so Joanne heads back to Granite Falls to do some fishing.  Her goal is to reduce the number of fish still not caught for the collection.  After 24 hours she heads home.  It is Monday morning and today is Rosa’s birthday.

While Joanne was away, Zane earned another promotion.  He is a MVP, level 9 now.

Rosa spends the time before her birthday cake working out.  Well, she didn’t work out for very long, but she at least pretended for a few minutes.

Rosa decides it is time to blow out the candles.  Her day is winding down and she hasn’t started bubbling, but we got tired of waiting.

And, she rolls Self-Assured which means she will be taking the Law Enforcement path and joining the Secret Agent career.  She gets a position as a Field Agent, level 4 to start off.  She also picked up Good Manners and Responsible traits, plus she bought a handful of traits: Steel Bladder, Entrepreneurial, Shameless, Carefree, Connections, and Thrifty.


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