Off the Grid with Toddlers, Part 1

The typical Rags to Riches starts with a single sim on an empty lot with zero money. The sim might have a pet or a toddler to up the stakes. But this is way beyond that. This is a mash-up of the Rags to Riches and the Toddler Mania challenge. And it is going to be done Off the Grid in Sulani.

Maple Simmer – Rags to Riches 7 Toddlers Challenge

This is insanity, and I can’t believe I am even considering trying this.


  • Build a house with the minimum:
    • Two bedrooms
    • One living room
    • One bathroom with tub, toilet, and sink
    • Bed for each toddler
    • Bed for the caregiver
    • Kitchen with fridge, stove, counter, and a sink
    • Living room with television, stereo, and seating
      • The lot is Off the Grid so it will be necessary to find appropriate replacements
    • Toddler items including blocks, toy box, bookshelf, stuffed animal, and potty chairs
  • All toddler skills must be maxed – These are going to be Top-Notch Toddlers.
  • Must have a minimum of §10,000 in savings


  • The lot must be empty
  • The money must be zero
  • Aging should be either long or off
  • Services can be hired
  • Lots traits and tiny living is allowed
  • Caregiver can do freelance work but cannot take a career requiring her to leave the lot

Oh, and I am going to start this with the toddlers uncontrollable. So this is going to be loads of fun.

The Caregiver and the Toddlers:

Marcella cannot believe that she ended up on this deserted island, with a bunch of toddlers. How did that even happen?

She tries to run away, but the toddlers think they are playing a game and they chase after her.

Although she could outrun them, if only she could get off of this island.

Marcella stops to take a selfie and the toddlers catch up with her. A quick round of pictures with the toddlers and she is now Good Friends with each of them.

Ruby starts off by awkwardly hugging Joselyn. Joselyn responds by babbling at Ruby. Felix and Tobias watch the girls.

Down by the water, Cherish is already playing in the sand, while Lacey and Alice watch.

I take it back. Alice was waiting for Marcella to come along and play with her.

Felix and Lacey also had an awkward hug. He has been hugging everyone.

The toddlers are all entertaining themselves with the sand, except for Alice. She hasn’t left Marcella’s side yet. And she is Fussy not Clingy.

Marcella is taking pictures and selling for quick cash. She has added four toddler beds and one potty so far.

She decides to get Alice on the potty while she takes more pictures.

One thing I have noticed is that the adult doesn’t stay with the toddler during potty training any longer. They put them on the potty and then are free to do other things.

So, she takes more pictures and adds three more potty chairs. Now she can begin working on the initial stage of potty training with multiple toddlers.

The day went pretty well for the most part. They are both upset because he missed the potty while practicing.

I am pretty sure one, if not both, of these girls have used their diapers, because neither has been on the potty yet.

Yep, Ruby and Tobias are the first two to need a diaper change.

There blows Joselyn, almost blowing Cherish right over.

Tobias is the wild one, and he is strips down and goes for a wander. No one noticed.

There are seven toddler beds, so everyone except Marcella has a place to sleep. She decided the toilet was more important at the moment. Keeping in mind, no one has had anything to eat since they arrived on the island at 8am this morning.

Of course, Ruby is the first to play in the toilet.

For which she gets into trouble, making her the first to be scolded.

Marcella is trying so hard to get everyone into bed. But the cryers are waking up the sleepers.

So, the beds are moved. Marcella almost got everyone into bed before someone passed out.

Tobias is the first one to pass out, but she gets him into bed as soon as he wakes up.

Everyone is asleep, so now Marcella needs to come up with money so she can feed them when they start waking up. This has only been the first day.

Once they are all asleep, Marcella has a chance to take more pictures in order to purchase a grill and a tent. She makes grilled fruit and tomato soup and sits them out for the toddlers to find when they begin waking up.

Then she heads into the tent to get whatever sleep possible.

Ruby is first one to wake up and realize there is food to eat.

Yum, but I suppose it would be too much to ask for her to go back to sleep after she eats.

Go back to bed, Ruby.

No, don’t wake up Marcella.

Don’t wake up the other toddlers.

So when Marcella came out to see what Ruby wanted, Ruby went into the tent to sleep.

And the next two are awake. Alice and Felix are both heading for the grilled fruit.

Again, I don’t suppose you two would go back to sleep after eating?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

Alice wakes up Marcella, who had just gone back to sleep.

These are the only three awake, so Marcella has a chance to get them all back to bed.

Once the toddlers are all back in bed, Marcella makes hot dogs for today’s meal. I was going to put out a popcorn machine, but No Power since they are Off the Grid.


Marcus and some other dude come running to the rescue. Of course, all of the toddlers are awake now.

And Marcella is having a nervous breakdown trying to save them all from the fire.

Finally the fire is out, and replacing the grill takes all of the money. Random dude spends a little time talking with some of the toddlers before leaving.

Tobias was caught playing in the toilet and got scolded.

Lacey is the first toddler to master the potty.

Marcella finds a way to get some sleep. Passed out the toddlers can’t wake her up.

The tent is just not working for Marcella. Every time she goes in to get some sleep, there is at least one or as many as three toddlers waking her back up.

In a way it is funny, because when she comes out, two of them go in to take her place.

Sorry Felix. Not yet.

It has rained for the first two days. This is Monday evening, and Marcella just realized she could rinse off in the water and shower in the rain. Neither gets her really clean. She can also collect water from the beach to keep the sink working.


Felix needs some more potty training, and a bath.

Actually at this point, Marcella welcomes passing out since that is the only time the toddlers cannot wake her up. She really needs a bed and a locked door.

Lacey has come to the conclusion that they are all going to die on this island.

Random hugs, several toddlers using the potty, and at least one is sleeping.

Nothing to say, this is just her life at the moment.

The tent was sold and these are the two that were kicked out of the tent. The idea is to get her a real bed in a real room with a locked door.

The kids room has been started and will have all the walls, a door, and a ceiling soon.

Ruby and her sandcastle are about to be invaded. So, I discovered that toddlers can collect shells while they are playing in the sand. I did not know that. Marcella cleaned out all of their inventories and with the pictures she has been taking and selling is how she is paying for everything.

Another picture of Felix. Probably pooping again.

Alice is the second toddler to master the potty. Two down, five to go.

The toddlers’ bedroom is built, but not decorated. But all seven beds are inside, and they are doing better at not crying in there, but finding Marcella so that they can cry at her.

Marcella made more food, and called everyone to eat. The four that were awake are coming.

Marcella finally has her bedroom built, a decent bed, and a locked door. Hopefully the toddlers survive until she wakes up, because they can’t wake her up any more. It is the end of the day on Tuesday – they have survived for three days so far.


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