Off the Grid with Toddlers, Part 2

As we return to the toddlers and Marcella, we make a quick check on their skills.

Felix has level 2 in everything except thinking, which is level 1 at 93%

Tobias is at level 2 across the board.

Joselyn is level 2 on everything except communication, which is level 3

Ruby is level 2 across the board.

Cherish is at level 2 on everything except thinking, which is level 1 at 47%.

Alice has mastered the potty, is level 1 (54%) in thinking, and level 2 in everything else.

Lacey has mastered the potty, is level 3 in imagination, level 1 in thinking (92%), and level 2 in movement and communication.

Marcella is enjoying her first uninterrupted night of sleep since they arrived on the accursed island.

Their choices for fun at the moment are playing in the sand or playing in the toilet.

Joselyn doesn’t even bother going into the bedroom, she just lays down and takes a nap in the sand. Thinking about it, only one toddler has passed out since we started.

Tobias finishes his sand castle and then he destroys Joselyn’s while she sleeps.

This was pretty close to having them all asleep at the same time. Felix really wants to wake up Marcella, but the door is locked.

Oh yeah.

Oh. Oh well.

Cherish tried to figure out a way into Marcella’s bedroom. She walked around the room and then came back to the door to pout.

Cherish just mastered the potty, and that makes three.

They. Are. All. Asleep. And not just napping.

Today the goal is to get a shower for Marcella and a tub for the toddlers. But first she has to clean up the dirty dishes from yesterday and grill something for the toddlers to eat when they start waking up.

Felix is the first one up.

Marcella is taking pictures to pay for the bathroom, and she is getting photo bombed in every picture.

A shower. Marcella is enjoying the shower.

Everyone is awake and I believe they have all eaten, or are currently eating. Marcella will begin giving baths, starting with the three that are potty trained.

Lacey is the first toddler to get a bath. Following her is Cherish and then Alice.

Felix has mastered the potty. That is four.

Ruby is the second one to pass out, and she got out of bed to do so.

Tobias is making a run for the water. He didn’t go very far.


Marcella is trying to get the last three potty trained.

Tobias joins the potty-trained club, making #5. That just leaves Ruby and Joselyn needing to finish mastering the potty. Then they will be looking at the rest of the skills.

This is why no one can sleep. Someone is always crying or pitching a fit.

Dude, you have toys now.

Ruby has mastered the potty now.

That means Joselyn is the last one to get it done. But, all seven toddlers are potty trained.

Cherish passed out as she was on her way to bed.

They are toddlers, easy to please, but quick to flip their emotions.

Alice’s turn on the floor.

Alice and Tobias are having a temper tantrum competition. They both threw back to back tantrums.

It is a miracle, that lasted about 30 minutes.

Ruby and Alice wake up at the same time, and I held my breath that they would just get up and leave the room. And they did.

I would say that I give up, but things are actually going pretty well considering the conditions.

Happy toddlers, for the most part. But I don’t mean Happy Toddlers, just happy toddlers.

Marcella gives fishing a try but she quit to pee without catching anything.

Alice throws a lot of tantrums. Oh yeah, she is fussy.

The house is getting more walls and is getting close to being close in on all sides.

Take. More. Pictures.

Every so often one of the toddlers will get Marcella’s attention long enough for a few minutes playing with the dolls.

The walls have coverings now and the floors are finished. Slowly the house is taking shape.


Morning comes – Sunday morning so it has been a full week.

Ruby was able to stay awake long enough for most of a bath, before passing out on the bathroom floor.

They won’t stay in bed long because they are either hungry, have to pee, or are miserably filthy.

Cherish gets another bath since I think that is what keeps her from sleeping.

At the end of the first week, the toddlers have all mastered the potty, and Joselyn has mastered imagination. For the remaining skills, there are 12 at level 4, 8 at level 3, 5 at level 2, and 2 at level 1. Marcella has mastered photography and is at level 5 in parenting. She has cooking at level 3, fitness at level 2, and fishing is at level 1. She has also completed the first two tiers of the Super Parent aspiration.

The potties are still out on what will become the front porch, once they get to this point.

It looks like Marcella is going to be working on her handiness as she repairs the wind turbine.

Careful, though.

With the turbine running, that means the internet service is working, so Marcella orders a pizza for the toddlers.

She was trying to get to bed, but close enough.

And this is in no way cheating. Nope, not one bit. Marcella chooses the option to “open presents with…” which gets all of the toddlers to take a present. They received two penguin TVs (kept one, sold one), bottle of bubbles (sold), a gnome (sold), a lump of clay (sold), and a second set of building blocks (kept). Oh, and Marcella received an expensive camera (sold).

It took some effort but eventually everyone had a turn at the presents.

She really wants to go to bed, but someone is very hungry. If she is going to sleep for the hours she needs, food needs to be available for the toddlers.

Oh. Well, this is going to be a problem. She made food, and then called them to the meal, never expecting this to be the result.

Every penny she makes goes to either feeding them or trying to shelter them. The foundation was raised and Lacey has a little problem now.

This is the basic footprint of the house. It just needs to be filled in and decorated now.

Just eat your food and go to bed already.

This can either be because they really like each other, or they are just comforting each other that they are going to survive.

Ruby got caught trashing the dollhouse. It is still broken because Marcella hasn’t had the time or energy to repair it.

Oh poor baby Ruby.

I upgraded a few things, spending the last of their savings, and when I went looking for Marcella, she is helping Lacey with her thinking.

The final footprint of the house is done, the roof is on, and they have windows.

The interior without the walls – it meets the bare minimum of the challenge – two bedrooms, one bathroom, equipped kitchen, living room, beds for every household member.

Marcella wanted to purchase the Free Services trait, but she was a little short on points. She needed 1/2 hours reading to her kids, and this did it. There is one that is sleeping, Tobias I believe. Marcella was able to purchase the trait, and you can guaran-damn-tee it that she will have a maid, nanny, and caterer in this house shortly.

It is Tuesday afternoon of the second week (9 days played). Out of the 35 total skills (7 toddlers x 5 skills each), there are 16 mastered, 11 at level 4, 1 at level 3, 6 at level 2, and 1 at level 1. Cherish is lagging on the thinking skill but she will catch up with the others soon enough.

The wind turbine is broken again. This time Marcella hires a free repair person.

Then she hires a maid and a nanny. The caterer is not an option probably because she is Off the Grid and only has power sometimes.

The nanny manages to give two baths and makes one meal. And she tries to clean.

The best part is that Marcella is able to get some sleep.

He wanted a bath, and he asked for a bath, but then he ran off to bed before she could give him the bath.

Oops, Marcella added a door out on the back deck and she forgot to lock it against the toddlers.

If any of the toddlers get snatched away by social services, it will be Cherish. She doesn’t take good food, only spoiled food, which she then won’t eat. She keeps getting notices that she is very hungry, but she won’t take a plate.

They have full power for a little while, so Marcella takes advantage of it to make pancakes.

We are still trying to get Cherish to eat solid food. The only control I have is over Marcella, and Marcella has called her to eat several times. She is finally able to give her a plate of pancakes, which she eats.

Last pass at the pile of presents until Winterfest. This time when it is empty it will be sold.

This is why they are always filthy.

Since the power is not stable, Marcella gets a new, much better, grill. There are a lot more options on the grill than there are on the off-the-grid stoves.



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