Off the Grid with Toddlers, Part 3

Felix destroys the dollhouse and then has immediate regrets.

Marcella found that the nanny was only staying for a few hours and then going home. So she decided to swap the nanny out for a butler. The butler is given a bed in Marcella’s room, which is still locked to the toddlers.

It is time for Marcella to start working on specific skills, so we can get these toddlers ready for their birthday. She is working imagination with any that are awake when she starts the story.

It is time to check their skills again, and I noticed that Ruby and Tobias have both reached Happy Toddler – level 3 in everything.

Felix, on the other hand, has mastered everything except Thinking. So he is well on his way to Top-Notch Toddler. His Thinking is still only level 2 so he still has some work to do.

Cherish is still lagging at level 1 in Thinking but is doing well in the other skills, having mastered communication, imagination, and potty, and it mid-level 4 on movement.

She also overslept and couldn’t get to the potty in time.

The butler reached the end of her day and she went to sleep. Lacey was hoping for a bath first but she settled for some milk.

Marcella corrals four of the toddlers and gets them playing with the shapes on their blocks. It is like herding cats, truthfully.

Felix reached level 3 in thinking and now is a Happy Toddler. He will have to continue working on Thinking though. Marcella needs some sleep and then she needs to focus on one at a time on their thinking. Movement, communication, and imagination will come along as they progress naturally, for the most part.

Dammit Marcella!!

We haven’t seen any firefighters, but each time there has been a fire, two neighbors have come to help.

Yeah, you aren’t getting a replacement any time soon.

Just, go to bed, already.

Cherish calls a foul on trying to sleep in that room with six siblings, and she finds a quiet pile of pillows on the back deck.

I haven’t been following their every movements. They eat, they poop, they play, they sleep, they cry. And along the way, they are picking up skills.

Sometimes they sleep in their bed, sometimes the floor works just as well.

With all of the toddlers having mastered every skill except thinking, it is time for Marcella to have a refreshing drink.

Bite me, Eco-Man.

Eco-Man plays the violin for Marcella. Not really sure why. But whatever.

I believe all of the toddlers are actually getting fat. Not Marcella, she is sticks and twigs.

The butler is doing a good job of keeping the kids in good shape. She plays with them and feeds them and bathes them, and she even puts them to bed.

Alice is caught in a running around loop. She has literally been running in circles for about 6 game hours. Marcella finally called her over to get her to stop and eat.

Breakfast or something.

Something. I think this is mac and cheese. And notice that they now have a stereo. They are producing more power than they are using, so they can use electronics most of the time.

Dance party on the right, flashcards on the left.

And we have our very first Top-Notch Toddler. Felix Lyle has mastered every skill. It only took him 16 days to get it done.

The effects of the moodlet solver are wearing off and Marcella is getting tired. She continues to pop toddlers down with the blocks as she catches them awake and not starving. At this point, she doesn’t even care if they poop their diapers.

She was on her way to bed, but cut it just a little too thin. I am really glad there are no points involved with this.

Alice and Joselyn have some girl chatter after they eat. I believe this is Tuesday night of week 3.

A new day and they continue to focus on Thinking.

By the end of the day, all of the toddlers remaining have thinking at level 4, so they are getting close to completion.

Ruby stays up all night and because Marcella needed to sleep and the butler was sleeping, there was no one to put her to bed. Eventually she found her bed, and then she slept until midday.

It is Harvestfest, which means week 3 of the challenge as I always start in the Spring.

Lacey is the second Top-Notch Toddler.

Tobias races her for the title as they mastered thinking at about the same time. Lacey gets the nose though as her notification was before his.

Ruby makes the fourth top-notch toddler in the household. Three more to go. Poor Felix in the background is sad because he isn’t getting the attention. He was the first one to reach top-notch toddler so he has been free to be whatever. So he has chosen to be Sad.

Marcella tries to give Felix some attention with a story but the butler comes in and swoops him away to bed. Oh well.

Dammit Felix!

Dammit Alice!

Alice is getting into the destruction while Tobias and Ruby watch.

The problem with having them all in one room, is something you just need to be alone.

No matter where it is, just for a little sleep.

Felix must have gotten his needs tended because he is much happier for the moment.

Another one. I am just happy these are not penalties.

Down to the last three, and two of them are working on their blocks.

Felix is down for the count.

Alice has mastered thinking and becomes Top-Notch Toddler #6.

You have to celebrate the little things. 7 toddlers, 1 caregiver, and 1 butler. You can only control the caregiver. They are all asleep at the same time.

Joselyn masters thinking and become the sixth Top-Notch Toddler. There is only one toddler remaining.


Marcella is coming up to the finish line, this is no time for negative moodlets.

Of course, the butler gets to Cherish first so Marcella is waiting for the bath to be finished.

There is a line forming for baths today.

Marcella snags Cherish and they keep at it until they are done.

Well, there was one potty break. And a weird “neighbor” who was the original nanny before the butler was hired.

And it is done. And it is fitting that Cherish masters thinking on the number 7.

The household funds are just over §12,000 – they needed to be at least §10,000. The house is complete, the toddlers are top-notch. Marcella is going to begin bringing them to the cake one at a time. Of course.

Joselyn wants to go first, but Felix gets that honor.








After the last birthday, their toddlers beds are swapped out for bigger beds. Then they all get makeovers. And when I say makeovers, I just mean I took off the hats and glasses and earrings, and swapped out a couple of hairstyles, because several of them grew into the same one.

Felix Lyle: Child of the Islands

Joselyn Connelly: Kleptomaniac

Lacey Spivey: Mean

Alice Spear: Cheerful

Tobias Landis: Green Fiend

Ruby Wallis: Gloomy

Cherish Guidry: Cheerful

This challenge was completed in 20 days, 16 hours, and 15 minutes


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