Olive Evergreen

Olive Evergreen


  • Athletic
  • Loves the Outdoors
  • Kleptomaniac
  • Lucky
  • Party Animal

Lifetime Wish

  • Become a Superstar Athlete


  • Professional Sports

Super Max Skill

  • Athletics
    • Body Builder
    • Fitness Nut
    • Marathon Runner

Other Max Skills

  • None


  • Llama Memorial Stadium


  • Barnacle Community Pool

Lifetime Rewards

  • Fast Metabolism
  • Body Sculptor
  • Vacationer

Best Friends

  • Shantel Martin
  • Carlo Dowling
  • Curtis Pollard
  • Consuelo Gallegos
  • Javier Orr
  • Humberto Quiroz


  • The Right Way to Riot
  • Hawking the Foam Finger
  • Bounce the Crowd
  • Kicking the Cramps
  • Push It!
  • Ticket Counting


  • Toddler
  • Child
  • Teen
  • Young Adult
  • Adult
  • Elder


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