One Sim, One Year: Getting Started

I haven’t played Sims in awhile and I still have several challenges that are live but not moving. In order to ease back into the game, I am going to try this challenge. It is very slow – you play one in-game sims day every real life day, and then you post one picture from the day to the thread in the EA forums. The challenge was created by Karababy52. Of course, I have to make several changes. This is a daily play and post challenge, but each play session is only for one sim day. That means the updates posted will be shorter than normal for me, but I will try to make sure they have some substance.

My Rules

  • One photo per real life day, posted to the challenge thread on the EA forums
  • One in-game day played per real life day
  • Complete all aspirations on a world-by-world basis
    • Base game aspirations will be completed after world specific ones
  • Aspiration hopping is allowed
  • Play with aging off, age up manually
  • Sims will be aged up when they have completed set tasks, and will try to fall on a month by month basis
  • MCCC will be installed and active
  • Each time the household is split, the nonactive household will be set to “unplayed”
    • I am still deciding if unplayed households will be allowed to age
    • At this point, Jake is still marked as “played” so he won’t auto age
  • Gameplay options (everything is enabled that can be enabled)
    • Normal lifespan
    • Auto Age (Played Sims: No
    • Auto Age (Unplayed Sims): Yes (under consideration)
    • Seasons – 7 days
    • NPC Voting is Disabled

Getting Started

  • Create household in CAS: Emily, Skye, Jake, Mia
  • Move to small house in Willow Creek – Jake’s house
    • Rindle Rose
  • Move Emily, Skye, and Mia to nice house – Emily’s house
    • Parkshore

It feels weird to be cheating these guys to where they are for the beginning of the story, but in the end, Mia is the focus of the challenge, so no cheating with her. The rest are fair game.

Emily Patina – adult, single mom to Skye

Babies have always come early to their family.  Until recently, they were also getting married young, but Emily refused to marry when she found out she was pregnant.  Of course, it really wasn’t an option since the pregnancy was the result of a one-night stand in a city on the other side of the country.  She had gone for a concert and came home a mom.  She was fortunate that her parents were supportive, even if they were disappointed.  They helped her get on her feet and were there when she needed help.  They both passed way too soon so Skye never had the chance to know her grandparents and Emily didn’t have any siblings.  She is an excellent cook and has quickly moved up in the culinary world, and currently she working as a Sous Chef and helping Skye to take care of Mia, who is now a toddler.

  • Music Lover, Creative, Foodie
  • Master Chef (aspiration)
  • Culinary, Chef (career) – Sous Chef (level 8)
  • Lifestyle: Health Food Nut

Skye Patina – young adult, single mom to Mia

Skye was young, a teen herself, when she discovered that she was going to become a mom.  This was becoming a family tradition as her mom had also been young when she was born, and so it had been for many generations – young marriages and young pregnancies. But times change and Skye was not expected to marry the baby’s daddy.  She likes him well enough, but she wasn’t in love with him.  Sims are going to judge her decision but that does not bother her.  She is thankful her mom is there to give her support, both emotionally and financially.  Jake is still around also, although he has made it clear that he has ambitions that don’t include a young family.

  • Childish, Romantic, Self-Absorbed
  • World Famous Celebrity (aspiration)
  • Actress (career) – Commercial Spokesperson (level 3)
  • Lifestyle: Coffee Fanatic

Jake Jackson – young adult, dad to Mia

Jake could not believe it when he found out about the baby.  It was not like they had woohoo more than a couple of times, but apparently that is all it took.  He has plans to become a famous professional athlete and was relieved to hear that Skye did not want to get married.  He did not tell her that though.  He still wants to be a part of Mia’s life but has no interest in becoming a husband just yet. These days it is enough for Skye and Jake to co-parent Mia and remain friends with benefits.

  • Active, Bro, Ambitious
  • Bodybuilding (aspiration)
  • Professional Athlete (career) – Minor Leaguer (level 5)
  • Lifestyle: Energetic

Mia Patina – toddler

Mia was born as Skye was finishing up high school and becoming a young adult. Jake lives nearby but not in the same neighborhood so he is around fairly often to play with Mia. Emily, Skye, and Jake are doing what they can to make sure Mia is a Top-Notch Toddler.

  • Charmer

May 2021

May will be spent working with Mia on her toddler skills and then completing the childhood aspirations and mastering the child skills as they move their way through Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and Newcrest. There are 31 days in May so the plan is 5 days as a toddler, then as a child, she will spend 13 days in Oasis Springs and 13 days in Newcrest.

  • Toddler and Child – Willow Creek, Oasis Spring, Newcrest
    • Willow Creek – Top Notch Toddler
  • Age Mia to Child
    • Elementary school “A”
  • Move Skye and Mia to Oasis Spring
    • Oasis Spring – social and motor child skills and aspirations
  • Move Skye and Mia to Newcrest – Skye’s house
    • Newcrest – mental and creative skills and aspirations


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