One Sim, One Year: Week 1, Monday

The good thing about their work schedules is that Emily works late evening and Skye’s gigs are normally in the morning and early afternoon. That means there is generally always someone in the house to take care of Mia. And of course, Jake comes by to see Mia regularly.

Emily is there to make Mia a healthy breakfast of egg white omelets while Skye is off for her audition.

Skye gets the gig, of course. She heads off to her room to practice her acting and charisma so she will be ready for tomorrow.

Mia has plenty to do and generally does well entertaining herself. Although she loves to play dolls with someone, today she plays alone.

Once Skye feels she is prepared for her gig, she heads down and out to check on Mia. Mia is playing on the slide so Skye takes a picture and posts it to her Simstagram. She has to keep relevant or she will lose what little fame she has at the moment. She can’t let that happen.

As the day winds down, Emily heads off for her next shift while Skye reads Mia a story before bedtime. Monday ends much as Sunday did – Skye and Mia are both asleep when Emily comes home at 2am. And another day has been a good day. Mia is at level 3 in three skills, level 2 in potty, and level 1 in thinking. Thinking is always the last to level up.


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