One Sim, One Year: Week 1, Saturday

Saturday is a busy day, starting off with a birthday cake for Mia. Before she can blow out her candles, she needs to get cleaned up and dressed.

Emily made the special birthday cake from the gourmet cookbook so that she could improve her gourmet cooking skill to the level needed for her last promotion. That she will have to get on her own since Skye and Mia are moving out.

Skye rolls Outgoing and takes the Artistic Prodigy aspiration. They are getting ready to leave, but have to have that last meal of Emily’s before moving out.

Skye gets a downloaded house from the gallery, and it is a little more than she can afford. But she isn’t the challenge sim, so we’ll just say that she has an image to uphold as a celebrity. The house was uploaded by RockTheHitman.

It is really a simple house, but it has nice things in it. Skye is not going to look that gift horse in the mouth.

Skye likes knowing that this is her house. Although she won’t live here forever, it is a nice place to start. Really nice.

Mia joins the scouts because that is the thing to do here, and then she works on her homework. She doesn’t have to go to her scouts meeting today, so it is a free day to get settled.

Skye loves her new computer. It is really high tech and runs very nicely. She took the laptop when she moved out of Emily’s house, and she doesn’t even need it. She begins working on her social media and doing what she can to improve her fame rating. She would really love to make it to the next level soon.

Since Mia is working on the creativity aspiration, she gets an art table and sets it up next to Skye. I have to remember she has 13 days in this house so there is no rush to get things completed. Not really.

The welcoming committee shows up at about the same time as Jake. Skye and Jake slip off for some fun activities while her guests chill in the living room.

Finally the welcoming event is over and everyone has left including Jake but excluding Brytani Cho, a local celebrity that never did introduce herself. Skye never did get her contact information. After the event, Skye and Mia got ready for bed and called it a night. Their first night in their new house. And the last night it was just the two of them as Skye has gone into labor.


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