One Sim, One Year: Week 1, Sunday

Emily loved her new house, it had taken her a long time to earn the simoleons to pay for it, but she had been able to purchase it outright and avoid the mortgage.  It is definitely bigger than she will need for herself, and soon it will be just herself.  Skye has already started talking about finding a place for her and Mia to move as soon as she has enough saved up.  Skye and Mia haven’t moved out yet, so the house still feels full.  She enjoys spending time in the kitchen, cooking and baking and even mixing drinks.  There is something so satisfying about creating new meals and finding the best way to make them tasty.  And even more important is having a refrigerator full of leftovers so that it is easy to feed Mia quickly when she gets hungry.  Toddlers aren’t known for their patience, and even though Mia is a charmer, she is still a toddler.

Skye has always wanted to be a celebrity, and becoming an actress seemed to be the best way to find fame and fortune.  She had started off as an extra right after she graduated high school and Mia was born.  Working in the background doesn’t pay well, but it was a start.  Skye was one of the lucky ones and she was chosen to speak a line in one shoot.  They liked her enough to offer her a commercial, and then another commercial.  She feels comfortable saying that she is a Commercial Spokesperson now.  Of course, she has an agency, Everyday Extras Talent Agency, and is generally able to stay busy.  She needs to try to keep the jobs scheduled back to back so that she can save up enough to move out.  It has been good to have support from Emily, but Mia is growing up and it is time for Skye to become “the adult”.  Her goal is to have enough saved so that they can move out when it is time for Mia to begin school.  Willow Creek is a great place, but Skye has been interested in moving to Oasis Springs for some time.  Something about getting away from the winter snow appeals to Skye.  Skye’s next audition is Monday morning for a gig on Tuesday. Today is all about getting settled into the new house and making sure Mia is adjusting well.

Mia loves to play, and she loves to play with anyone that will play with her.  She is excited when she figures out how to go up and down the stairs and now there isn’t anywhere in the house that is safe from her exploration.  Skye spends some time teaching Mia how to use the potty, although Mia still gets more pee on the floor than in the potty. There is time before dinner for a quick story and a short nap.

By the time Mia goes to bed, she has made a good start on learning what she needs to know as a toddler. Skye watches a movie before taking herself to bed. The house is quiet when Emily comes home at 2am. She had a good shift at work but it ready to find her new bed and call it a day.


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