One Sim, One Year: Week 10, Tuesday

Mia catches up on her homework for her classes while Chat catches up on her sleep.

The house is getting dusty but Mia has time to run the vacuum before class.

Hmm, now what? Mia decides to knock off some of the easier items for all the aspirations. Her focus is to complete Academic, but she can complete many of the initial tiers for a lot of the other aspirations, which she does.

She also makes sure she has time to play with Chat. She is a lazy cat but the call of the laser pointer is strong.

It is really a quiet day. Mia also updates her social media and uploads a picture of Chat to Simstagram.

And then she reads a book. Classes don’t start until 11am today and Mia barely needs any sleep so she has a lot of time on her hands.

Finally, Mia has left for class. The mailman and the NAP Inspector show up at the same time. Thankfully the house is in full compliance with whatever the Neighborhood Action Plans are at the moment.

Mia completes two classes and takes in a guest lecture. When she gets home Ren is waiting to see her.

Of course she is ready for some fun and then she joins her team for a video game. After that she works on her homework while Ren heads back to wherever he is living.


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