One Sim, One Year: Week 11, Friday

Mia heads over to the sprites garden where she makes her offerings and checks in with the sprites.

She can’t actually go into the ruins, as it is out of bounds.

The garden is near the ruins, not actually in the ruins.

She still has a few hours until her first class of the day, so she stops at the nearby bar where she makes several new acquaintances.

She heads home for a few hours before classes start – it is still early, early morning, or even late night. Her classes start at 8am today and she has 4-5 hours remaining. She doesn’t sleep much. She also invites a couple of the guys to come back with her. She needs to do the serial romantic aspiration before she marries Ren, so here we go. She is only kissing, no woohooing with these guys. Apparently the sprites made her really, really flirty. This one is Ali Ichmawin.

And this one is Masaru Ota.

Then she calls Ren over for a brief interlude – that gives her all three of her first kisses and 3/10 total kisses. She still needs five more boyfriends, and seven more kisses, and then three gold dates. We are going to consider this her “wild oats” year.

The tasks for serial romantic…

And she is off to class. These are the last classes for this semester, only one more semester to go.

After she finishes for the day, we decide to install the Lost Gardens of Healing in Newcrest. She wants to make some wishes and needs the wishing well to be on a community lot. Although she decides to wait for her wishes because §5,000 is a lot to spend right now. She was considering asking for romance but apparently, being engaged, means that option is not available. Which is fine, since her traits make is really easy to become romantically interested in another sim.

Randomly, I had Mia dig this up.

Then she accepted the change to be on the Motive Games.

Then she invited Rory Tilley over for a kiss and a promise.

She has her first secret society event this evening so she fills her tummy in advance. She also is waiting on her grades to come so she can register for the last semester.

Woo! Mia is excited to see that she received A+ in every class and is still rocking that A+ GPA. She signs up for three more core classes and one last elective – Visualizing Wellness. These are her last four classes. Even better, she still has enough scholarship money to cover her tuition. This semester will be opposite of the last semester. She only has one class on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and a final exam. The other three classes are on Tuesday-Thursday and will require two term papers and one presentation.

Wait, what? How did she end up on the soccer team?

No, no, no, no. Mia calls to quit the team because, uh, no!?! Ahh, when Mia called they said she would lose her scholarship if she quits the team. Apparently she applied last semester for the athletic scholarship, which she was awarded, but it came with the requirement that she play soccer. She quits anyway because she has so many other scholarships.

After straightening out the soccer thing, Mia gets some sleep before heading out for the Sprite Celebration Ritual.

The secret society is a small one, and they stood around talking and occasionally making an offering to the sprite. Mia figured out how to improve her performance and is close to moving up to the next rank.


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