One Sim, One Year: Week 11, Saturday

Mia starts off Saturday early by working on all of her homework. She has to write one term paper and create two presentations once she finishes the actual homework.

And it is Spooky Day, because that was another holiday I added to the calendar at the beginning of the challenge.

Mia wants to run out to the secret garden to see if she can improve her ranking with the society outside of the actual celebration rituals. She also needs to kiss six more sims so that she can move the aspiration along. And that feels like a waste of time since nothing she did increased her performance and moved her closer to a promotion.

Back home, she is trying to get kiss #5 but Zoe keeps butting into the conversation.

Payton rejects her attempt, most likely because Zoe is still standing there.

Finally, Zoe leaves and Mia invites Payton inside where she finally gets the fifth kiss. That took way too much time and energy.

Mia gets to work on her first presentation. She only has one board and two presentations so she will probably need to purchase a second board. Nope, I read it backwards. Two term papers and one presentation. She is fine.

The trick-or-treaters are starting to trickle by. Mia gives them each a treat. No tricks happening this year.

She also decides to carve a pumpkin and finally decides that she has had a good holiday.

One last trick-or-treater and the holiday is over.

She sets out the white cat pumpkin on the porch where it will stay until it rots.

She cleans up the house, missing that one pile of cat hair, and then she heads to bed. Another day done and gone. She still needs to write both term papers, which she will start as soon as she wakes up tomorrow.


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