One Sim, One Year: Week 11, Sunday

It is Sunday and the beginning of Mia’s second semester in school. She has leftovers for breakfast and then plans out her day.

She only has one term paper to write and no presentations. She begins working on her term paper really early in the morning with the hopes of having it completed before lunch. Sims Sessions is today and she really wants to go to the festival.

The paper has been completed and submitted and the festival starts in less than an hour. She still has homework to do but she will get that done tonight.

She makes it to the park as they are setting up. This is so exciting and Mia can’t wait for the performances to begin.

She browses at the booths and tables and finds an interesting statue that I have never seen before. Of course, she has to buy it.

Then she buys a Summer of Sims T-shirt and some shorts and changes into something a little more comfortable.

The concert has begun, finally. Joy Oladokun is the first one to come out.

Mia is having a great time watching, listening, and dancing. Happiness overload!

Joy finishes her set and waves to the crowd.

After Joy comes Dave Bayley of the Glass Animals.

The largest group of Young Adults I have seen at one time that is not on a college campus.

I missed getting Dave’s picture while he was waving to the crowd.

Mia spends the time between the musicians working on her homework. She is able to get everything done so when she gets home she can actually sleep.

Bebe Rexha comes out for her set, the final one of the night.

Mia takes pictures of Bebe and even manages a selfie of herself standing in front of the stage and catching Bebe at the piano.

Finally, the night is over. Everyone begins to head home, or elsewhere. The concert was great, a great way to end the weekend.


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