One Sim, One Year: Week 11, Thursday

This second semester is passing quickly. Mia takes her excellent oatmean cookies and heads back to campus. One more time.

This time she gets the correct moodlet so we will see what happens next.

She spends the next few hours researching and then contributing information to move her aspiration along. She just needs one more level in Research & Debate, to earn a degree, and then to get a job related to her degree. I don’t think she will need to do any more homework for this semester. She heads home since her class today is not until 3pm this afternoon.

With the day to herself, she decides to spend it with Chat. Because cat, of course.

Then she remembers it is Harvestfest. She still decides to spend it at home, just her and Chat. And the gnomes.

She appeases the gnomes and then makes a grand breakfast feast. That will give her leftovers for several days.

She decorates a bit and is satisfied it has been a good holiday.

She has time to send out several cards to her family, thanking them for being so supportive.

Finally, she is off to her Thursday class.

That night, the secret society finally comes to visit. She accepts their invitation, because of course she does.

The shower her in glitter and she is a member of the society. She has assignments to do as a member of the secret club. She has to offer food, a metal, and a harvestable at the ritual altar. There there are three events she will have to attend – on Friday, Sunday, and Wednesday.

She is starting off as a New Member and then there are three ranks to earn. She has to complete this before she graduates.

She hangs around the house in her new robes for a bit, and then she decides to go investigate the secret area of Gibbs Hill. Wherever that may be.

While Mia is getting ready to go, Jake is hanging around outside.


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