One Sim, One Year: Week 11, Tuesday

Mia’s only class on Tuesday is not until 3pm, so she will be working on homework in the morning.

Uh oh, Chat is looking a little sick. Mia really doesn’t have time to make a trip to the vet today.

She decides to try the Wellness treats she picked up when Chat was spayed. She heard that they work to cure illnesses, so fingers crossed.

And Chat is doing much better. That gives Mia time to finish all her homework for tomorrow’s classes and the verify her scholarships that are still active.

She lost the sports scholarship but there is definitely plenty remaining that will cover her costs.

Ren comes over to help out with her last need and they have so much fun they do it all again.

Then Mia asks him to have a date for the serial romantic aspiration. She still has a few hours until class starts.

My very first autonomous proposal. I am only controlling Mia, so Ren made this move on his own.

And Mia accepted it. Again, not my decision, not my control. I guess Mia and Ren will be staying together after all.

These two are killing me now.

This also throws the plans into disarray somewhat as Mia still needs to complete Serial Romantic, and her next task is to have more kisses with other sims.

Finally she gives me control back. She caresses Ren’s cheek and earns gold on their date. Then it is time for school.

After her class she heads to the campus for tutoring. She is going to try to complete the remaining two sessions tonight. Who needs sleep?


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