One Sim, One Year: Week 12, Tuesday

Mia has three classes today but thankfully they are stacked in the morning. She will have time to work on her homework in the afternoon, although today she has to give her presentation as soon as she finishes class.

While Mia is in class the NAP inspector comes by again. She is still in compliance and will see a reduction of her bills.

After her classes and presentation, Mia decides to do some of her homework on the bench overlooking the river. It is a nice place to relax, although it is a little bit cold.

Christie calls and they chat for awhile. Mia is so close to finishing college and then she will need to decide what to do next.

With a few hours remaining and not feeling like finishing her homework, she invites over the remaining romantic interests. She makes it through the list but there are three that agree to cool their relationship but still have a sliver of pink showing. And she doesn’t have the option to ask them to just be friends, so she will have to consider this the cost of her actions.

With the boys mostly taken care of, Mia settles down to finish her homework. And the house is showing the neglect once again.


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