One Sim, One Year: Week 13, Saturday

Mia is up early, cleaning the house as usual, and trying to decide what to do this weekend. She has reached the top of her career and is ready to move to the city.

Lexi gets up and follows Mia around wondering what they are going to do today also.

Mia calls Ren and they decide to take Lexi to the beach for the day. Ren was actually available today so no clue where he was or what he was doing yesterday.

Lexi spends some time playing in the water. I was trying to figure out why it is so dark when I realized it is only 4am.

Lexi is allowed to do her thing and she joins another sim in building a sand castle.

Not only is it dark but apparently, it is cold also.

Mia tries to reassure Lexi that the sun will come up soon and then it will warm up.

The sun is out finally but the temperature is not warming up. Apparently, on this last day of spring, they are having a cold snap.

Lexi puts on her clothes and plays in the sand while Mia and Ren layout on towels that do not belong to them.

Ren wakes up and helps Lexi with another sand castle.

Finally giving up because it is still too cold, Mia takes Lexi into the city to look at apartments. She leaves Ren at the beach.

First they check out the only house in the city. It is cute but Mia doesn’t have enough money to buy it.

Then they check out a couple of penthouses and finally find an apartment that they should be able to afford.

The family currently living in the apartment has twin toddlers and will be moving to a larger place. The apartment has two bedrooms and will be just right for Mia and Lexi, and possibly Ren.

Back home, Mia snuggles with Chat as she begins to make plans for the rest of the day.

Lexi is off taking a nap so Mia makes Chat a special homecooked meal.

Chat things it is a weird looking fish but she eats the entire thing.

While Chat is eating her special meal, Mia makes a birthday cake for Lexi.

Lexi is ready to blow out some candles.

Lexi gave me some grief with her traits. She was an Angelic toddler and tried to roll Evil for her childhood trait. I considered that and then decided that was too much of a turnaround and we compromised on Kleptomaniac. She is not Evil but she does like to steal things.

Lexi gets down to business and gets her homework done.

Mia gives Chat some attention and gets her ready for the move.

Mia checks around on some jobs but has to wait seven days to receive another signing bonus. I think that will be tomorrow.

Apparently someone died. No one she knew very well, I think, someone from Batuu?!?

Lexi takes a nap. She doesn’t fit into the toddler bed anymore so she will need to share with Mia until they move to the new apartment.

Another phone call.

Oh. She invited Ren over.

And she asked him to move to the new apartment with them. Ren is still homeless so he will only be bringing some money with him when they move.

Ren literally came into the household with nothing. No house, no job, nothing in inventory. He wants to be a Master Mixologist, so he calls around and finds a level 1 position in the field.


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