One Sim, One Year: Week 13, Thursday

Mia starts the day working on her followers. As expected she didn’t reach the magical number fast enough. Lexi wakes up stinky and needing to potty. Chat escorts her to the bathroom.

Mia needs to be playful but she would not stay in the tub. Finally she gave Lexi a bath and that worked out.

Once Lexi was bathed, then Mia was able to take her bubble bath and become playful.

Lexi is in a good mood – she is really a cheerful toddler, which is due to the Angelic trait.

Mia has to go uptown again, so while she is getting ready, Lexi goes out to play on her new slide.

While Mia is trying to get confident, Lexi watches a musician play the guitar. This doesn’t count as watching, it is only listening.

Downstairs, Mia has tried everything to get into a confident mood. Finally she gives in and drinks a potion.

I did not realize toddlers could talk to themselves in the mirrors. Lexi has no concept of personal space though.

Mia finally is confident enough to give a confident speech, and there is no greater confidence than doing so in a towel.

Lexi comes over to watch Mia’s speech.

Mia didn’t convince anyone of whatever she was speaking about, and she finally put her clothes back on.

Back home, Mia is able to reach the threshold of followers to allow her the last promotion in the morning.

Ren stopped by to play with Lexi.

Lexi is level 4 in movement and level 3 in thinking. Mia puts her to bed and they are done for the day.


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