One Sim, One Year: Week 13, Tuesday

Mia is up early to work on her work requirements and daily assignments. In the background it appears that Chat is got a little problem.

Mia gives her another wellness treat, which clears up the problem immediately.

Lexi is up and grabs a plate of breakfast. Mia has to go uptown today and they are trying to get ready.

So, the game crashed when it was trying to load to the city, and when I restarted it, they are back at the beginning of the day. Chat is not sick this time, but her food is empty. Lexi gets up before she should to come watch Mia work.

This time around, Mia’s assignments do not require going anywhere, so she spends the day on social media and Lexi masters communication and potty.

Mia puts Lexi to bed early and then she cleans up, eats dinner, and heads to bed herself.

Skye came over, took a showed, and forgot to get dressed. Then she left.


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