One Sim, One Year: Week 13, Wednesday

The week is going by fast, although they still have five days remaining. Maybe it is because I am about to head out on vacation and am trying to play ahead to cover the days I am gone. And then I decided to finish playing July so that I can really relax while I am gone.

Mia works on getting the house clean before Lexi wakes up and then she settles down for another day of working from home.

Lexi gets up eventually and heads to the potty.

Mia has been working so hard that she receives a promotion to Vice President of Public Relations, level 9.

She takes a break when Lexi is up, spending time together while she eats.

She is even able to Swindle §100 from Lexi. That has got to be a bug.

Then she reads to Lexi.

And she plays with Lexi.

Then she loves on Chat.

Of course, Lexi takes advantage of the lack of attention to make a mess. Mia needed to scold her five times, so she continued to make messes with Mia scolding her until that was done. Then Mia went back to work.

And Lexi continued to make messes. I hate the messes but it is the fastest way for a toddler to master imagination on their own.

Lexi has mastered imagination now, just leaving movement and thinking.

Mia needed to write a trending blog post for her daily assignment, and it took six tries but finally she got it done. Now she needs to head uptown to get to know three sims. This is the same task the game froze on my earlier, so this time I am saving before they try to leave.

This time they make it safely there, although Lexi is not happy about being dragged out in the middle of the night.

She leaves Mia to her work and heads off to find a place to sleep.

Thankfully there are chairs nearby where she can sleep until Mia is done with whatever it is she is doing.

Back home, Mia puts Lexi back to bed and then spends several more hours on social media.

She was hoping to have enough followers to get her last promotion in the morning, but she still needs about 1,500 more so she won’t receive that last promotion until Monday, most likely.


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