One Sim, One Year: Week 14, Sunday

With Ren moving in, they need to make the move to the city now. They are able to get the penthouse apartment Mia was looking at. Fully furnished. The first thing they do is sell all the extra tubs, especially the ones sitting in front of the window.

The bottom floor of the penthouse has an indoor swimming pool. They take out another tub and replace it with a bar for Ren to use to practice his drink mixing.

They also removed the extra fridge because you just know they will come downstairs to fix food that they then have to carry back upstairs. In fact, the counters will probably be removed also.

The kitchen is cute and just mildly-weirdly shaped. It is located on the main floor just around the corner from the front door.

Upstairs with the walls down. Lexi will have the pink room and Mia and Ren will take the back room. Beds for Chat have been placed in both rooms.

I would call this the master bath, but I believe it is the only bathroom on the top floor.

Everyone comes in and claims a bed and lays down for a few hours. The morning will be here soon enough.

Lexi has an interesting view of the city, I think.

I will just state, for the record and any new readers, that I hate living in the apartments because it makes the camera do screwy, stupid things. We are only in an apartment until Mia completes the aspiration. Also, they moved into the penthouse at the Spire Apartments. So they don’t have any neighbors and the apartment comes with the Great View lot trait. Another thing is that the patch just dropped so I am loading into the game with a lot of changes. And apparently Lexi had to pee when I closed the game because she just peed herself as the game loaded.

While Lexi takes a bath, Ren has the pleasure of cleaning up her mess.

Just like a cat. Chat decides to sleep at the bottom of the stairs.

Lexi took the Creative aspiration so she gets an art table and begins working on that. Since she isn’t aging until I want her to become a teen, she will probably complete all four aspirations the same as Mia.

Ren works on his mixology skill for both his aspiration and his job. This is his favorite drink.

Since today is Summerfest, Mia and Ren take turns grilling food and drinking wine.

Lexi only wants to play in the water and shoot off fireworks, so the family will be heading out to the park or beach shortly.

They started to head out to find a place for their water fun, and then I remembered that they have their very own pool.

They are all swimming laps.

Mia is a beast. She has lapped Ren and Lexi three times already.

With the grilling and drinking and swimming, Ren and Mia are happy with the holiday. Lexi can only swim and play with sparklers since she is too young to grill.

But the sparklers allow her to have a happy holiday also.

Mia is finally able to change jobs and receive the signing bonus. She is now at level 7 Charity Organizer.

She invites over her parents to see the new apartment and to ask them for donations for her new cause. Whatever it is – Simoleons for Everyone, I believe. She needs §5,000 in donations for the next promotion and Skye and Jake each give §1,000. Emily also stopped by and gave §1,000.

Christie gave another thousand and had fun in the pool.

Mia gives Christie a key so she can come by any time.

The last thousand comes from Dylan. After Mia confirms she has enough, everyone goes home and she and Ren go to bed. Lexi went to bed hours ago. And that is the end of July.


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