One Sim, One Year: Week 2, Monday

Monday is going to be an interesting day. Skye doesn’t head off for her movie shoot until 7pm tonight. And the other hand, it is Mia’s first day in elementary school. She has a lot to do over the next few weeks, including getting her grades up to an A. Skye does not have the neat trait and yet she keeps going out to mop the grass. Maybe there is a mess there that is not visible.

This house is much better because it is not so dark and makes picture taking much easier. Mia needs some social interaction before school so she tells Skye several jokes and then heads off to do the thing.

Skye is home alone with Eli, and feeling sassy, so she heads outside to perform a musical scene for tips.

She doesn’t get any tips though, even after performing the scene twice.

She realizes that she can hear Eli crying so she runs inside to cuddle him. He actually wants to eat and for someone to get the stinky diaper off.

When Mia comes home from school, of course she has a project. It is Monday after all. She also has homework to complete. Skye is taking a nap before work so Mia calls Jake to come over and help her get everything completed. They literally got finished with the project and her homework three minutes before Skye leaves.

I tagged along with Skye for the only time, and mostly because I was hoping to help her get her second fame star. There will be a time when Mia is doing this for the challenge and then we will get to see everything.

Skye finishes her preliminary tasks and tells the director she is ready.

They are finished, and she did great. She is officially bumped up to Guest Star and gains her second star – she is now a Rising Star. She is going to love these perks – she already had Noticeable and now has CelebuSerum and Corporate Partnership. Yep, she has decided to start uploading videos. One quirk she has developed is somehow her cell number was leaked and now she has a Public Number. She randomly receives texts from her fans now.


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